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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention


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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Abutilon hypoleucumRio Grande abutilon
White-leaf indian-mallow
Whiteleaf Indian mallow
Abutilon incanumPelotazo
Indian mallow
Shrubby Indian mallow
Abutilon trisulcatumAnglestem Indian Mallow
Acaciella angustissimaPrairie Acacia
Fern Acacia
Whiteball Acacia
Prairie Wattle
Acaciella angustissima var. chisosianaChisos Prairie Acacia
Acalypha californicaCalifornia copperleaf
Acer circinatumOregon vine maple
Vine maple
Acer glabrum var. glabrumRocky Mountain Maple
Western Mountain Maple
Dwarf Maple
Acer grandidentatumBigtooth maple
Big-toothed maple
Uvalde bigtooth maple
Southwestern bigtooth maple
Canyon maple
Sabinal maple
Western sugar maple
Adenostoma fasciculatumChamise
Common chamise
Adolphia infestaJunco
Adenostoma sparsifoliumRedshank
Ribbon bush
Adelia vaseyiVasey's Wild-lime
Aesculus californicaCalifornia buckeye
Aesculus paviaScarlet Buckeye
Red buckeye
Firecracker plant
Aesculus parvifloraBottlebrush buckeye
Aesculus pavia var. flavescensTexas yellow buckeye
Yellow woolly buckeye
Pale buckeye
Plateau yellow buckeye
Aesculus pavia var. paviaScarlet buckeye
Red buckeye
Southern buckeye
Firecracker plant
Aesculus sylvaticaPainted buckeye
Ageratina altissima var. roanensisAppalachian White Snakeroot
Appalachian Tall Boneset
Ageratina aromaticaLesser Snakeroot
Small-leaf Snakeroot
Small-leaved Snakeroot
Small White Snakeroot
Aromatic Snakeroot
Fragrant Snakeroot
Aromatic Thoroughwort
Fragrant Thoroughwort
Ageratina aromatica var. aromaticaLesser Snakeroot
Small-leaf Snakeroot
Small-leaved Snakeroot
Small White Snakeroot
Aromatic Snakeroot
Fragrant Snakeroot
Aromatic Thoroughwort
Fragrant Thoroughwort
Agave glomerulifloraChisos Agave
Chisos Mountains Century Plant
Ageratina havanensisShrubby boneset
White mistflower
White shrub mistflower
Havana snakeroot
Agave neglectaWild Century Plant
Small's Agave
Agarista populifoliaFlorida hobblebush
Tall fetterbush
Florida leucothoe
Ageratina wrightiiWhite mistflower
Wright's snakeroot
White boneset
White ageratum
Aloysia gratissimaWhitebrush
Common bee-brush
Privet lippia
Allowissadula holosericeaChisos Mountain false Indianmallow
Chisos Mtn. False Indian-mallow
Velvet-leaf Mallow
Alnus incanaGray alder
Speckled alder
Allowissadula lozaniiLozano's False Indianmallow
Alnus maritimaSeaside alder
Aloysia macrostachyaRio Grande beebrush
Woolly Bee-brush
Alnus serrulataSmooth alder
Hazel alder
Brookside alder
Tag alder
Common alder
Black alder
Alnus viridis ssp. crispaGreen alder
Mountain alder
Sitka alder
Alnus viridis ssp. sinuataSitka alder
Mountain alder
Amelanchier alnifoliaSaskatoon serviceberry
Western serviceberry
Amelanchier arborea var. alabamensisAlabama Serviceberry
Amorpha canescensLeadplant
Leadplant amorpha
Prairie shoestring
Ambrosia deltoideaTriangle bur ragweed
Bur sage
Triangle Bursage
Amorpha fruticosaIndigo bush
False indigo bush
False indigo
Desert false indigo
Amorpha georgiana var. confusa Georgia False Indigo
Amorpha glabraMountain False Indigo
Amorpha herbaceaClusterspike false indigo
Cluster-spike Indigobush
Amorpha herbacea var. herbaceaDwarf Indigo Bush
Clusterspike False Indigo
Amelanchier humilisLow serviceberry
Low shadblow
Amyris madrensisMountain torchwood
Shrub Amyris
Amorpha nanaDwarf false indigo
Fragrant indigo-bush
Fragrant false indigo
Dwarf wild indigo
Amelanchier obovalisCoastal juneberry
Coastal service-berry
Coastal serviceberry
Amorpha paniculataPanicled False Indigo
Amelanchier pumilaDwarf Serviceberry
Dwarf Shadbush
Amorpha roemerianaRoemer's false indigo
Amelanchier sanguineaRoundleaf serviceberry
Red-twig serviceberry
Amorpha schweriniiPiedmont Indigo Bush
Schwerin's False Indigo
Amelanchier stoloniferaRunning serviceberry
Amyris texanaChapotillo
Texas torchwood
Anisacanthus linearisBig Bend Anisacanthus
Narrowleaf Desert Honeysuckle
Dwarf Anisacanthus
Chisos Anisacanthus
Andromeda polifoliaBog rosemary
Andromeda polifolia var. glaucophyllaBog rosemary
Anisacanthus puberulusDwarf desert honeysuckle
Pinky Anisacanthus
Pinkie Anisacanth
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightiiFlame acanthus
Hummingbird bush
Wright's desert honeysuckle
Wright acanthus
Mexican flame
Wright's Mexican flame
Anisacanthus thurberiThurber's desert honeysuckle
Desert honeysuckle
Arctostaphylos alpinaAlpine bearberry
Aronia arbutifoliaRed Chokeberry
Red Chokecherry
Artemisia arbusculaLittle Sagebrush
Low Sagebrush
Artemisia arbuscula ssp. arbuscula Little Sagebrush
Low Sagebrush
Arctostaphylos bakeriBaker's manzanita
Artemisia californicaCoastal sagebrush
California sagebrush
Artemisia canaSilver sagebrush
Coaltown sagebrush
Dwarf sagebrush
Hoary sagebrush
Silvery sagebrush
Arceuthobium campylopodumWestern Dwarf Mistletoe
Arctostaphylos canescensHoary manzanita
Arctostaphylos columbianaHairy manzanita
Arceuthobium cyanocarpumLimber Pine Dwarf Mistletoe
Arctostaphylos densifloraVine Hill manzanita
Arctostaphylos edmundsiiLittle Sur manzanita
Ardisia escallonioidesIsland marlberry
Arctostaphylos glandulosaEastwood's manzanita
Arctostaphylos glaucaBigberry manzanita
Blue manzanita
Argusia gnaphalodesSea Lavender
Bay Lavender
Sea Rosemary
Beach Heliotrope
Arctostaphylos hookeriHooker's manzanita
Monterey manzanita
Argyroxiphium kauenseMauna Loa Silversword
Kau Silversword
Arctostaphylos manzanitaWhiteleaf manzanita
Big manzanita
Arctostaphylos nevadensisPinemat manzanita
Arctostaphylos pajaroensisPajaro manzanita
Arctostaphylos patulaGreenleaf manzanita
Green-leaf manzanita
Arctostaphylos pringleiPringle manzanita
Pinkbract manzanita
Arctostaphylos pungensPointleaf manzanita
Mexican Manzanita
Arctostaphylos rubraRed fruit bearberry
Alpine bearberry
Arctic bearberry
Red manzanita
Argyroxiphium sandwicenseHawai'i silversword
Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. sandwicense Mauna Kea Silversword
Hawaiian Silversword
Artemisia tridentataBig sagebrush
Great Basin sagebrush
Artemisia tripartitaThreetip Sagebrush
Three-tipped Sagebrush
Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata Basin Big Sagebrush
Great Basin Sagebrush
Big Sage
Arctostaphylos uva-ursiKinnikinnick
Red bearberry
Asimina angustifoliaSlimleaf Pawpaw
Asimina obovataBigflower pawpaw
Florida dogwood
Scrub Pawpaw
Flag pawpaw
Asimina parvifloraSmallflower pawpaw
Small-flower pawpaw
Dwarf pawpaw
Asimina pygmeaDwarf pawpaw
Asimina reticulataNetted pawpaw
Woolly pawpaw
Hairy pawpaw
Asimina tetrameraFour-petal Pawpaw
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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982 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page