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The Research Literature database was created and funded by the Florida Wildflower Foundation. Use the search features below to find scientific articles on native wildflowers that are commercially available or used in restoration projects.

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Dragma Hippomanicum X: Astragali (Leguminosae) Nevadenses Novi Criticive, Singulo Peruviano Adjecto

Author(s): Barneby, Rupert C.

Month: 4
Year: 1984

Publication Type: Journal article
Journal: Brittonia
Volume: 36
Issue: 2
Pages: 167-173

Article Topic(s): Astragalus,Fabaceae,floristics,legumes,systematics,Nevada,Peru
Location: Nevada, Peru

Species Referenced: (), (), (), (), (),


One new species, Astragalus tiehmii, and two new varieties, A. convallarius var. margaretae and A. oophorus var. lavinii, are described from Nevada; the relationships of each are discussed and the first is illustrated. Two new combinations, A. eurylobus (Barneby) Barneby and A. serenoi var. shockleyi (M. E. Jones) Barneby are proposed and defended. A new species, A. bryogenes, is described from high Andean Peru (Junín).

Suggested Citation

Barneby, Rupert C. “Dragma Hippomanicum X: Astragali (Leguminosae) Nevadenses Novi Criticive, Singulo Peruviano Adjecto.” Brittonia, vol. 36, no. 2, 1984, pp. 167–173. JSTOR, Accessed 23 Sept. 2020.Available at:
Last Updated: 2020-09-23
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