Guest Information 

Do party guests need to present tickets for entry? 

No, party guests only need to let the kiosk know they are there for a birthday party. They will receive a map of the Wildflower Center and directions on how to get to the party area. 

If there are multiple adults attending with one child, do all adults excluding the one included in the birthday package have to buy admissions? 

As long as the attendance count for each age group does not exceed their respective limits, no additional admissions need to be purchased. 

What if the amount of guests at the party is more than the party capacity limit on the reservation? 

Since party attendance numbers can change often and up to the last second, even with RSVPs, a staff member will take a tally of attendance during the party and let you know if any additional admissions need to be purchased.  

Additional party guests that exceed the party capacity limit will be charged regular general admission rates: $15 per adult and $8 per child (ages 5-17).  

  • If additional admissions do need to be purchased, a staff member will have a device opened to a secure online payment portal available after the party has ended. 
  • If you have a Wildflower Membership, please be prepared with your email and password to sign in so that your member discount is applied to the purchase of additional admissions tickets. 
  • Memberships and other discounts belonging to individual party guests do not apply towards additional admissions. 


Party Logistics

Can food be delivered to the Wildflower Center? 

Yes, as long as someone from the party meets the delivery to bring the food to the party area. If the party is in the family garden, the delivery can be picked up at the entrance; If the party is in the Arboretum, the delivery can be picked up at the cul de sac gate at the end of La Crosse Ave.  

For tablecloths, what dimensions are the tables? 

The smallest tables measure 2.5ft x 5.5ft and the largest tables measure 2.5ft x 8ft. 

Are additional chairs or tables allowed to be brought in? 

Yes. The staff member leading your party will help you transport any chairs or tables you bring to the party area along with the rest of your party materials.