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Looking for a way to connect your kids or grandkids with nature? We have ideas here.

Leaves on the Ground! Leaves on the Ground!
Finding things to do in nature with the children in your life can create lasting memories. For instance, what adult can forget learning to make a leaf rubbing as a child?
All Hail the King All Hail the King
Talk to the children in your life about the monarch butterfly’s migration season and why the butterfly is in trouble.
Keeping Connected Keeping Connected
Ways to keep kids plugged in to nature once back in school
Flashy Flyers Flashy Flyers
Observe the wonder of ‘lightning bugs’ and spark children’s curiosity about nature
Daylight Time Daylight Time
Sundials can help you pass the time
Sun Followers Sun Followers
Sunflowers follow the sun
Worm Charmers Worm Charmers
Make the worms dance!
Spring Safari Spring Safari
Take your family on a hike
Rain Garden Rain Garden
Build a rain garden with your family
Fun with a Burlese Funnel Fun with a Burlese Funnel
Take a close look at winter with a young loved one
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
Help your child understand a holiday tradition
Creativity Unleashed Creativity Unleashed
Channel your child's creativity
Dirty science Dirty science
You can create rich soil in your own backyard!
The best offense The best offense
Plants go on defense too!
Not-so-creepy crawlers Not-so-creepy crawlers
What animal has eight eyes and legs, hairy body parts and piercing fangs? You might imagine a weird creature that you have never seen before. Would you believe that this is an animal that lives in your very own backyard, maybe even inside your house?
Insect mimicry Insect mimicry
Have you ever seen an insect disguised as a leaf?
Making Scents of Spring Making Scents of Spring
The smells of spring are in the air! Learn why plants produce many different scents.
Making Sense of Butterflies Making Sense of Butterflies
Have you ever wondered how butterflies know which flower to visit for nectar? Did you know that butterflies use their antennae to smell and feet to taste? Like us, butterflies use basic senses of touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell to explore their wor
The Buzz on Pollination The Buzz on Pollination
Learn the ways different bees pollinate, then go see for yourself
Outdoor Gardening Outdoor Gardening
Gardening with your children is rewarding, encouraging discovery, and nurturing nature. Consider container gardening if space is limited or if it's the wrong season for outdoor gardening. Here's how to start.
A Berlese Funnel A Berlese Funnel
Teach a child about what's really going on in nature during winter when all appears to be dead
Pinecone Bird Feeder Pinecone Bird Feeder
Teach a child about wildlife by helping attract these winter visitors to your yard with a pinecone bird feeder.

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