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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Capsule - A dry fruit that splits open along three or more lines.

Lyrate - A pinnately divided leaf with an enlarged terminal lobe.

Halophyte - A plant which tolerates a salty environment.

Shoot - A stem or branch and its leaves.

Denticulate - Finely toothed.

AGCP - Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain - NWPL Region

Cork - Bark tissue that is harvested for commercial use.

Perennial - A plant or plant species with a normal life cycle exceeding two years.

Cuneate - Leaf shape narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base.

Anemophilous - Wind pollinated.

Bilateral symmetry - Usually referencing flower structure, descripes a plant part or parts that may be divided along a single plane forming two mirror-image halves; zygomorphic, irregular flower.

Spine - A sharp-pointed structure commonly related to a leaf in origin.

Petal - Unit of the corolla.

Prickle - A sharp process on the surface of a twig or leaf, an outgrowth.

Vine - Plants that climb by twining, tendrils, or clinging.