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Courtyard Courtyard -

Courtyard As the central gathering place at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the Courtyard has seen live music, first dances, grand galas, family activities and the quieter daily comings and goings of visitors. Around its perimeter guests find the gift shop, Wildflower Café, the Great Hall, restrooms and water fountains. At its center is […]

Wetland Pond Wetland Pond -

Courtyard This unique garden showcases native Texas aquatic plants that can only grow in water or in soil that is permanently saturated with water. In the tradition of garden ponds, it is a tranquil place to sit and reflect. What You’ll See In This Garden Look for red-eared sliders, gulf toads and ribbon snakes (non-poisonous) […]

Entrance Garden Entrance Garden -

Entrance Garden As visitors enter the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, they encounter arching aqueducts, established oak trees, fluttering pollinators and birds of many different feathers. The Wildflower Center is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.   What You’ll See In This Garden The entry cistern, which holds 12,000 gallons and is just one […]

Robb's Roost Green Roof Robb’s Roost -

Robb’s Roost Robb’s Roost is a seating and observation area featuring a green roof that is easier to view than most. Visitors can reach it via the Observation Tower stairs, and a 4-foot grated metal walkway takes them right over the roof garden to lime green tables and chairs under a steel-and-wood pergola. Bring a picnic […]

Theme Gardens at sunset Theme Gardens -

Theme Gardens Passing through a gateway in a limestone wall, visitors find an al fresco foyer opening onto the Theme Gardens, the most extensive exhibit of native plants at the Wildflower Center. Twenty-three separate theme beds demonstrate just a few of the infinite varieties, uses and adaptations of plants native to Texas. The various beds, […]

Bush palmetto Dry Creek Bed -

Dry Creek Bed The conditions in this garden are characteristic of seasonal streams found throughout Central Texas. Also called a “rain garden,” when there is rain at the Wildflower Center, water runoff will flow and soak into this low depression alongside the Administration building. Rain gardens absorb and filter storm water runoff from impervious structures […]

Agave and Mexican feather grass West Texas Mountain Collection -

West Texas Mountain Collection The mountains of West Texas are home to a wide variety of unique and spectacular drought-tolerant plants, and this garden features a small sampling of what would occur in that arid environment. Some species, such as the blackfoot daisy, have a range extending into the Texas Hill Country. Others will not […]

Fritillary butterfly on grass Ann and O.J. Weber Pollinator Habitat Garden -

Ann and O.J. Weber Pollinator Habitat Garden This vivacious garden demonstrates the codependent relationship of plants and insects and the critical role of pollinators in sustaining biodiversity. Unlike enclosed butterfly houses, this garden is an open-air pollinator habitat. It is designed to attract and sustain many kinds of pollinators by using a diverse range of […]

A garden with yellow flowers and pink grasses bursts with blooms in front of a grey metal seed silo Seed Silo Garden -

Seed Silo Garden Pink evening primrose and bright orange Texas lantana give the garden at the base of the seed silo a cheerful appeal during showy flowering seasons. Meadow and prairie species (such as purple coneflower and prairie goldenrod) soften the transition from surrounding gardens to the hard lines and metal of the silo and adjacent buildings. […]

Woodland Stream Woodland Garden -

Woodland Garden As visitors sit or stroll along the shaded pathways, they will find a perfect place to ponder all the subtleties of a peaceful, nature-inspired garden. A small stream flows through the garden, just one of the many shapes and textures among the medley of vines, trees and shrubs. The Woodland Garden features Hill […]


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