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Pyle, Lynn

Lynn Pyle first began to study wildflowers at the age of eight when she received her first Golden Field Guide books and discovered that all the beautiful flowers she loved had official names.

After graduating from Panola Community College with a Vocational Nursing diploma, Lynn spent most of her free time exploring the Ark-La-Tex area and discovering many of the beautiful wildflowers in that region, many times dragging her pre-teen son along with her. He once played a prank on her when they were on their way to a meeting in Leakey, Texas by urging her to stop and look at the “Glowing Mysterium” he had seen along the roadside.

During her son’s high school years, Lynn was invited to be a guest lecturer by the Carthage High School Biology department and led field trips throughout Panola and neighboring counties to assist the students with their annual wildflower collection and identification projects. She also taught a continuing education Wildflower Appreciation course at Panola Community College and led that class on field trips as well.

While her son was in high school, Lynn returned to college and earned a degree in nursing, becoming a registered nurse after 25 years of nursing at the vocational level. Lynn’s career took her to the Dallas area and later to the Texas Hill Country, contracting as an occupational health nurse for Dell Computer Corporation in Round Rock, Texas.

Upon her retirement, Lynn and her husband took a one-year road trip surveying the natural wonders of the United States. They explored everything from swamps to mountain tops. Returning to Texas, they settled permanently on the lower Gulf Coast area. There Lynn has discovered a whole new world of wildflowers and other natural phenomena, exploring and recording her findings almost every day.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Abronia ameliaeAmelia's Sand-verbena
Heart's Delight
Acanthocereus tetragonusTriangle Cactus
Barbed-wire Cactus
Ageratina altissimaWhite Snakeroot
Agalinis fasciculataBeach False Foxglove
Allium cernuumNodding Onion
Anemone berlandieriTenpetal Anemone
Tenpetal Thimbleweed
Southern Anemone
Granny's Nightcap
Aphanostephus skirrhobasis var. thalassiusArkansas Dozedaisy
Arkansas Lazydaisy
Coastal Lazy Daisy
Argemone albiflora ssp. texanaTexas Bluestem Pricklypoppy
Bluestem Pricklypoppy
White Pricklypoppy
White Prickly Poppy
Argemone sanguineaRed Pricklypoppy
Rose Prickly Poppy
Red Prickly Poppy
Asclepias viridisGreen Milkweed
Spider Milkweed
Asclepias viridisGreen Milkweed
Spider Milkweed
Bidens aristosaBearded Beggarticks
Tickseed Sunflower
Borrichia frutescensBushy Seaside Tansy
Ox-eye Daisy
Sea Daisy
Sea Ox-eye
Campanulastrum americanumAmerican Bellflower
Tall Bellflower
Castilleja angustifolia var. dubiaShowy Northwestern Indian-paintbrush
Desert Paintbrush
Calochortus eurycarpusWhite Mariposa Lily
Castilleja indivisaTexas Indian Paintbrush
Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush
Texas Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush
Scarlet Paintbrush
Castilleja miniataGiant Red Indian Paintbrush
Meadow Paintbrush
Castilleja miniata ssp. miniataGiant Red Indian Paintbrush
Carphephorus paniculatusHairy Chaffhead
Castilleja purpurea var. citrinaLemon Paintbrush
Yellow Paintbrush
Yellow Prairie Paintbrush
Citron Paintbrush
Prairie Paintbrush
Prairie Indian Paintbrush
Campsis radicansTrumpet Creeper
Trumpet Vine
Common Trumpet Creeper
Cow Vine
Foxglove Vine
Devil's Shoestring
Campsis radicansTrumpet Creeper
Trumpet Vine
Common Trumpet Creeper
Cow Vine
Foxglove Vine
Devil's Shoestring
Camissonia tanacetifoliaTansyleaf Evening-primrose
Tansy-leaf Evening-primrose
Camissonia tanacetifolia ssp. tanacetifoliaTansyleaf Evening-primrose
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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155 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page