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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Ask Mr. Smarty Plants is a free service provided by the staff and volunteers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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Is a yucca going to have a stalk from Sylvania OH
March 15, 2012
Hi, I was wondering if the stalk on a yucca plant grows back every year after it is cut off? How to tell if it is going to have a stalk because some of my yucca's do not have one? Thank you for your ...
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Non-native hylocereus undatus for Austin
February 24, 2012
Can we plant Hylocereus (Dragon Fruit) here in Austin, TX? We are going to have a large xeriscape bed and want to know what all we can put in it. We are new to Texas so we have no clue what grows here...
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Container plants for Arlington TX
February 10, 2012
Mr. Smarty Plants, I just moved to Arlington, TX. I am trying to create a container garden on my apartment balcony. What flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit combinations can I put together that wil...
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Yucca filamentosa suffering from damp feet in Houston
February 09, 2012
Last year, I planted three enormous and gorgeous Yucca Filamentosa in my backyard. Two are thriving but the third started turning yellow then brown from the bottom up after a few weeks of rains. S...
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Wholesale dry yucca trunks and branches from California
January 29, 2012
Where can I buy wholesale dry yucca trunks and branches? I have spent the last hour looking for them and can only find nurseries and decorative branches.
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Speeding up growth of Hesperaloe parviflora (red yucca)
January 12, 2012
I have germinated Hesperaloe parviflora, Red Yucca, for our Caddo Native plant sale. I have kept in the cool greenhouse for 2 months and they are about 2 inches. A friend put one outside and they froz...
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When should cochineal bugs be on prickly pear cactus?
January 05, 2012
I am a fibers artist that would like to harvest the cochineal bugs from the prickly pear cactus. I would like to know what time of year should I expect to find the cochineal bugs around the Austin ar...
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Can Joshua Tree yucca be grown in Denham Springs LA
December 31, 2011
If planted in a patch of raised and well-drained soil and covered during heavy rains, would it be possible to grow a Joshua Tree yucca in eastern Louisiana?
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Need help with yucca palm in New York City, NY.
November 10, 2011
I have had my yucca palm plant for almost 10 years. The bark has started to peel off although leaves seem fine. The second smaller separate yucca plant has half its bark and trunk gone. I can't see a...
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Winterizing non-native sedum in Saskatchewan CA
October 31, 2011
What should be done to winterize a autumn joy (sedum)?
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Growing Conditions for Yucca cernua
October 22, 2011
Nodding Yucca or Yucca cernua: I bought many lovely plants at the Wildflower Center sale on Friday, among them, a Nodding Yucca or Yucca cernua. 24 of the 25 plants I bought are already in the grou...
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Sun loving plants for flower bed by the pool in Weatherford Texas
October 03, 2011
We have a 40' long x 2 1/2' wide flowerbed along our pool. It is in full sun with the pool deck across the front and a 6' privacy fence across back. Also, the level of the bed is 18" below the l...
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Container plants for cool weather in Cypress TX
October 02, 2011
I am a novice gardener and I am looking for some ideas on potted plants for the fall/winter. They would be covered by a roof, but still susceptible to the elements. What can be planted now that will...
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What variety of Opuntia is best for eating in Boerne, TX.
September 26, 2011
Which variety of Opuntia, is best for eating the pads and which are the ones best eaten for fruit?
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Worms in non-native snake plant from Hillsborough NC
September 17, 2011
I purchased a snake plant this summer for my screened in porch. I did not repot it and left it in the plastic pot in came it. I was about to repot the plant to bring it in and noticed there are worm...
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Transplanting young Nolina texana plants
August 05, 2011
Mr. SP, I am looking for information relating to transplanting some young Nolina texana. Esp. the best time of the year and whether to replant directly in the ground or .. Thanks,
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Native Plant Suggestions for Dripping Springs
August 02, 2011
I have a very dry commercial property in Dripping Springs TX where the dry sand/dust isn't a good rain conductor (whenever we get rain). What can we plant there? We have no irrigation and use a rai...
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How to remove plume from Yucca elephantipes in NJ?
August 02, 2011
In Manahawkin, NJ, how do we cut plume (2" diameter) off 10' Yucca elephantipes?
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Controlling Cochineal Insects on Cholla Cactus
July 07, 2011
We have cochineal insects on a cholla cactus. Will they kill the plant? What should we do to get rid of them if water spraying them won't work?
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Replacement for Spanish Dagger from Georgetown TX
June 22, 2011
I have a Spanish Dagger plant in my garden which appears to be dying. Where can I purchase a replacement for this plant? The Spanish Dagger I have is close to 10 feet tall. What is the best way t...
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Obtaining Agave parryi in Cherryville NC
May 11, 2011
I live in western North Carolina and I had a friend that had a Agave parryi that bloomed about 1 year ago and of course it died. Since i saw the beautiful agave I have wanted one, but no one in my are...
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Agave with large stem growing
May 01, 2011
It is a large stem growing from my agave plant in the middle of it. It looks scary and ugly, what is it? Is it poisonous? Is it rare? It gets taller and taller everyday, what to cut it.
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Blue agave with freeze damage in Lockhart TX
March 16, 2011
I recently planted a blue agave plant, and 4 days after I planted it the temperature dropped to 20 degrees at night. The plants are still alive but 75% of the outer limbs turned brown. What do I do wi...
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Need advice about an agave that didn't survive the winter in Myrtle Beach, NC.
March 09, 2011
I live in Myrtle Beach, S.C. bought an agave big last summer and it died in the winter. Some green is showing on the bottom should I cut it all down because the whole top is dead. Thank you
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Loss of agaves to freezing weather in Austin
March 04, 2011
Dear Mr. Smarty Plants: I live in Austin and lost all my agaves in the subfreezing weather this winter. Around town, I've noticed some agaves that seemed to tolerate the cold just fine and other tha...
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Freeze damage on Barrel Cactus in Llano TX
March 04, 2011
I believe my barrel cactus has freeze damage. The flesh turned yellow and is now turning dark. The base is still green. If I cut off the damaged top portion, leaving the green base, should it survive?...
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Growing Variegated Century Plants in Portugal
February 09, 2011
Hello Mr. Smarty Plants, I am contacting you from Portugal, because of century plant(Agave americana). I had one of that plants and I collected the seeds, which I planted, but I am quite disappointed ...
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Scale on Agave attenuata from Melbourne, Australia
January 27, 2011
I have an agave attenuata in a pot. It has been attacked by scales. I have been spraying it every 3-4 days at night with a chemical sold to me by the local gardening store. It's not helping and I am...
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Lesions on Agave Leaves in Spring Branch, Texas
January 14, 2011
I have a giant Agave americana that was beautiful until recently. Several of the leaves have lesions, some of them quite drastic, on the last third of the leaf. What is causing this?
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Reasons to leave a century plant in place in Florida
November 01, 2010
Can you please list ALL the reasons to leave a century plant (as opposed to cutting it way back or removing it) in the wilds of the sand dunes on the coast of Florida, other than its prominent beauty?
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Mulching Spring Bulbs in Upstate NY
October 25, 2010
Just planted tulip bulbs for Spring. The Parks Department then put 4 inches of mulch on top. Will the tulips be able to get through and bloom come Spring? Is mulch a good winterizer for them? Indoor c...
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Dead leaves on yucca in Georgetown TX
October 18, 2010
We have 2 6ft and 3 smaller soft leaf yuccas out back in a kidney shaped area with a wax myrtle and a mountain laurel. The yuccas have done great but now two of them have a large number of dead leaves...
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Damage to yucca in San Marcos TX
October 18, 2010
Dear Mr. Smarty Plants, thank you for helping me with my buffalo grass is San Marcos TX back in the spring, my lawn is gorgeous thanks to you! I really need your help as someone sabotaged my beauti...
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Nightflowering plants native to Northern Illinois
October 12, 2010
Looking for any/all info on night flowering plants that are native to Northern Illinois.
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Are Agave Seed Pods Poisonous
September 27, 2010
Are the seed pods, found in clusters, hanging from century plants(agave) poisonous to kids or dogs? They are large, light green, and shaped like fat bananas.
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Century plants spread through offshots from Rye TX
September 20, 2010
How do century plants spread? Are the little ones the babies?
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Prickly cactus in Williamson County, Texas
September 12, 2010
Dear Mr. Smarty Plants, Can you tell me what species of prickly pear cactus we have here in Williamson County? I see two listed as being here in Texas. One is the Plains variety and the other is ...
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Transplanting yucca pups from Dallas
September 01, 2010
Can I transplant Pup Yucca plants off of the main yucca and how do I cut them off?
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Specimen evergreen for sun in Central Texas
August 28, 2010
I'm soliciting suggestions for a specimen plant for a new garden we're building. It will be planted in a 3' square raised (18") Limestone bed. It will be full sun, Western exposure, and relative...
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Branches of yucca being blown down in Torrance CA
August 19, 2010
I have a Yucca tree about 30 ft tall. Lately when the wind picks up in Torrance we have had about 3 branches fall out of the tree. Can you help me with this. I don't want to cut all of the branches...
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Cutting bloom stalk of century plant in San Diego CA
June 25, 2010
My 28 yr old century plant will bloom soon. I understand it will die. Will this 30 ft stalk then likely fall? Will I need to call someone to cut the dead stalk? The base is nearly 7 ft by 6ft - n...
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Dealing with beetles feeding on cholla cactus
June 20, 2010
Hi Mr. Smarty Pants, I bought a Cylindropuntia imbricata from the Wildflower center and it was growing like crazy. I recently noticed a lot of beetles feeding on it. Some are black and some are gra...
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Flying insects attacking yucca flacida in Wilmington NC
June 11, 2010
How do I treat flying insects from eating the flowers on my Yucca Flaccida shrub.
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Succulents, wildflowers and grasses for Austin
June 09, 2010
I live on a bluff over Lake Travis and am replanting two beds in front of my driveway with Mexican Feathergrass and Agave. What other grasses or wildflowers could I mix in with the Mexican Feathergra...
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When may I remove seed heads from yuccas?
June 07, 2010
Soft tip yuccas dominate my home's landscape. When is the best time to remove the heavy seed heads after flowering? In addition to being difficult to work around, the pods seem to attract infestatio...
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Should an agave bloom stalk be cut as soon as it flowers from Corpus Christi TX
May 18, 2010
My agave plant is flowering, with a stalk approaching 12 feet tall. Should that stalk be cut once it flowers? I am concerned about wind catching it and pulling the whole plant out of the ground. I ...
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Does cutting off the budding agave bloom save the plant from Sunrise FL
April 30, 2010
I have an Agave(century plant) just starting its long flower stalk. I have read the mother plant will die after flowering. Can I cut off the stalk before it flowers to save the plant? If not, how do i...
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Can I save my century plant by cutting the flowering stalk in Austin, TX? Probably not.
April 28, 2010
Our century plant is starting to sprout it's flower (four feet). If we cut it down can we save the plant? Thank you.
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How can I eradicate 20 acres of cactus?
April 28, 2010
Cactus eradication. I have about 20 acres that are covered to the point that it is not safe to walk on the property. What can I do? Are there classes out there for eradication?
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Yucca with halticotoma valida bugs in Burleson TX
April 18, 2010
I have had Yucca plants in my yard for 10 years, but this year is the first time I have seen halticotoma valda, and there are thousands of them. How do I get rid of them? are they harmful to the plan...
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Spanish Dagger plant interfering with walkway in Ingram TX
April 09, 2010
I have a Spanish Dagger that is now 8 feet tall and about to fall over in a walkway. Due to the danger of these very sharp tips I need to either cut down the plant or try to root in and replant. If ...
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Trimming freeze-damaged Agave Americana in Alvarado TX
April 08, 2010
What is the best way to trim Agave Americana cactus? The freeze this winter when it snowed has caused the leaves to die towards the bottom of the plant.
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Eradicating cactus in Palo Pinto County, TX
March 30, 2010
I live on a ranch in Palo Pinto County and would like to know how can I get rid of wild cactus.
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What to do about cold damage to spineless prickly pear?
March 05, 2010
In Austin, Texas our 'spineless' prickly pear cactus is about 6' wide by 4' tall. In the last severe freeze, the top half flattened out and has remained that way. Should I cut the flattened pads o...
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Central Texas plant to grow in cavity in cedar (Juniperus ashei)
February 27, 2010
Is there a CenTX native that would be happy in a one-gallon cavity in a Cedar tree? I'd like to disguise an amputated limb. I'd consider a Bromeliad or Staghorn fern, but would prefer a native.
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Replanting a blue agave in Rio Rancho NM
January 11, 2010
I have acquired a Blue Agave, approximately 4-5 ft high. It still appears quite healthy. It was used over the holiday season for display purposes in a liquor store. Unfortunately, the root ball has be...
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Potted crown of thorns cactus cold tolerance in Marble Falls, TX
December 02, 2009
I have a large potted crown-of-thorns cactus. Can it remain outside this winter in the Texas Hill Country?
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Does the tip of the agave contain poison from Denham Spring LA
December 02, 2009
I bent over to pick something up and got stabbed in the head with the point of a agave plant. It is about 15 years old and I measured the point-it is right at an inch long. My head did bleed and it bu...
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Problems with Agave americana in Comfort TX
November 09, 2009
We have lost a huge agave americana and are not able to find out what to do for our others. The one we lost was rotted or eaten (beetles?) at the base and the whole thing just fell over. We have a l...
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Will a cut back yucca grow back in Lockbourne OH?
October 28, 2009
I live in Ohio and recently I cut back all my plants to prepare for winter. I am wondering if my Yuccas will grow back. I cut them to ground level so only a little bit of the leaf is showing. I was...
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Removal of pups from Century Plant after blooming in Prairieville LA
October 03, 2009
Will the main part of the century plant always die after it grows a stalk? I have babies coming off the base and need to know if I should separate them to keep them alive.
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Transplanting agave in Austin
September 22, 2009
I have an 8 foot tall agave (americana?) planted in my front yard. It has been there quite happily for over 20 years. How would I go about transplanting this to another location? Thanks!
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Moving Century plants in Norwalk CA
September 15, 2009
I have two large Century plants that are each 10 1/2 years old. One is 4'x5' tall and wide with about 8-10 small shoots. The smaller in about 3 1/2'x 5' with about 6 shoots. They've grown too l...
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Plants for erosion control in Pittsburgh, PA
August 22, 2009
I have a terraced high side lot(front of house). I currently have Yuccas growing, but they are too invasive. Can you suggest plants, shrubs, or ground covers that are not as invasive and will still ...
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How to prune Opuntia ellisiana in Decatur, GA.
August 20, 2009
Hi Mr SP--How do I go about pruning an Opuntia ellisiana? I have saws, newspaper, heavy leather gloves, goggles, etc. But my question is more about what section of the plant to cut. The base has de...
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Native plants for a New York, NY apartment?
August 14, 2009
Dear Mr. Smarty Plants, What are some native Mid-Atlantic/New England plants that can be grown well indoors? I live in an apartment in New York City and have recently realised that the plants I'v...
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Why is my Agave suffering in Mesa, Arizona?
August 06, 2009
I live in Mesa AZ, and have an agave that we planted 7 years ago. It grew like crazy with hardly any care whatsoever, until I cut off some of the bottom leaves and 'pups' about a month ago. Recently...
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Agave in a vase of water in Tacoma WA
July 19, 2009
I have a agave plant that is in a vase of water only. It was given to me about 3 years ago, still growing but rotting inside of the water. Is it suppose to be in dirt? How to I transfer into a pot ...
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Transplanting Agave havardiana in Stella NC
July 10, 2009
We have a havard century plant in a large pot outside that has a couple of "baby" plants starting to emerge on the outer perimeter of the plant. Can we sucessfully transplant these babies elsewhere ...
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Will the blooming stalk of my century plant eventually tip over? Yes
June 24, 2009
I have a century plant in bloom. Will the stalk eventually tip over? Would appreciate any Internet references on the subject.
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Getting rid of Adams needle (Yucca filamentosa)
June 24, 2009
My friend is changing her flower beds around and is wanting to eliminate an Adam's needle that has been there for several years. She has already dug it up and now is trying to get rid of all the new...
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Dividing and planting Yucca and pups in New Mexico
June 23, 2009
I bought a Yucca plant and had 7 plants in one planter 1 large and 6 small. We wanted to split up the plants so we carefully separated them and planted them. My soil is very sandy (Rio Rancho) but I...
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Why are the leaves of my century plants yellowing?
June 22, 2009
I am taking care of the Agaves (century plants) for my condo community here in Austin. They are planted in 18" or 20" pots. A couple of the plants have leaves that are yellowing around the bottom....
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Life span of the century plant (Agave spp.)
June 17, 2009
I have a beautiful century plant that is blooming. what will happen once the bloom is done? What is the life span of the plant?
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Agave americana/Century Plant care and life cycle.
June 10, 2009
How often do century plants bloom? Do you have info on how to care for them?
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Topmost leaves on yucca are brown
June 08, 2009
I live in the Lansing, Michigan area, in the lower peninsula and have a couple yuccas whose topmost leaves are brown emerging from winter. Do I prune those, or has the plant died? Thank you.
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Cleaning up Adams Needle yucca in Vancouver Island BC
May 19, 2009
We have Adam's needle yucca's in our the flower bed of our newly purchased home here on Vancouver Island BC. They thrive and produce impressive flowers. How do I clean them up in the spring time ...
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Getting rid of yucca plants in Blanco, TX
May 12, 2009
How does a person get rid of Yucca plants? We have four fig trees that do not bear figs, what do we need to do? We live in SE Blanco County, Texas.
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Which cactus grow in the Eagle Pass, Texas area?
May 11, 2009
I would like to know which types of cacti grow in my area since I can't seem to find any websites that may give me a way to identify them. The type I seek is the round type of cacti not nopal types. ...
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Can I trim back my 20 ft Yucca plant?
May 11, 2009
I have a yucca tree which is about 20 ft. tall, has four main trunks. I would like to prune it to approx. 10 ft. but wonder if that will kill it or if new shoots will come out up near the cut.
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Winter damage to yucca in Winona MN
April 23, 2009
This past winter was hard on my established yucca plant and most of the foliage has discolored and it is not very pleasing to look at. What should I do about the discolored portion? Should I remove ...
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Eliminating agave roots in Tonto Basin AZ
April 22, 2009
Greetings Mr. Smarty Plants, from Tonto Basin, AZ! We have numerous mature (huge!) Agave Americana plants here, and have, until recently, enjoyed them. However, we are now ready for a drastic landscap...
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Survival of yucca plant mowed down in Oklahoma
April 15, 2009
I have a yucca plant that came from a very old plant of my late father, and had transplanted it 6 years ago and it came back every year and bloomed. This morning I went outside and noticed my husband...
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Native plants for full sun in Austin
April 03, 2009
I am looking for a tough, native TX plant to put in full sun location between the sidewalk and street. I would love for it to flower all summer. There is some irrigation but not much. I don't want ...
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Can I have success planting Adams Needle in Calgary, Alberta? Maybe.
March 23, 2009
I live in Calgary, Alberta and am wondering if I could have success planting Adams Needle in this climate (lots of chinook winds in the winter with large fluctuations in temperatures).
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Should I remove the flowering stalk from my Dasylirion leioiphyllum?
March 23, 2009
We transplanted a plant that is new to us but going through your photos on your website, it appears that we have a Dasylirion Leiophy. My question is this.. Are we supposed to cut the 6' stem that f...
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Plants for planting in gourds
March 15, 2009
I enjoy painting dried gourds. This spring I got the idea to paint a gourd and cut holes in the side and plant some small blooming flowers. I have seen "hen and chickens" growing out of holes in the...
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Non-blooming of an apparent yucca in Ohio
March 09, 2009
I have what looks like a yucca plant in my flower bed. but in the 3 years we have lived here it has never bloomed. It did get a little bigger and has always been green. If it is a yucca, is there any ...
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Yuccas and prickly pears for Warren MI
February 11, 2009
What type of yuccas and prickly pears will survive in the Detroit, Michigan area? Also, can I grow Santa Rita prickly pear in a pot?
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Trimming damaged leaves on agaves
February 05, 2009
Some of the leaves on my agaves are damaged. Can I cut them off? If yes, how can I prevent the wound from becoming infected? Thanks.
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Transplanting blue agave pups in Arizona
February 03, 2009
I have a blue Agave with lots of pups, how do I transplant a few pups into planters. What kind of soil and how much water will they need?
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Fertilization of recently-transplanted yucca
January 26, 2009
I planted a soft tip yucca a week ago, the spineless type. I was doing a landscaping job, it was dug up, left for a week without any dirt around the roots, and when the customer did not want it, I pl...
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Strange form of Dasylirion sp. (sotol)
December 27, 2008
Mr. Smarty: I have a client with a huge (2 ft. diameter trunk), multi-headed dasylirion. On one or more of the heads, the leaves arch inward instead of outward. Someone said this is because of an inju...
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Trimming of dead foliage on trunks of yucca in California
December 21, 2008
There is a Yucca plant in the back yard. I want to know how to get the old foliage that has died off of the trunks, it looks kind of ragged. The foliage is about three feet from the green. Can you ...
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Use of Century Plant bloom as indoor decoration
December 09, 2008
Mr. Smarty Pants, After living in Arizona and now San Antonio, I am in search of a Century Plant Bloom. I cannot have an evergreen because my cats climb them. I would shellac the stalk and blooms a...
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Is a Texas Mountain Laurel too messy for swimming pool area?
November 24, 2008
Our landscaper has recommended a Texas Mountain Laurel to plant beside our swimming pool. We recently removed Cherry Laurels from the same location because of the mess they made in the pool (especiall...
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Cactus failing to thrive in New York City
November 21, 2008
My cactus seems to be either weak or dying. Its long stems are bending and softer than the rest. What is happening to it?
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Cochineal bugs on cactus
November 18, 2008
Mr. Smarty plants. I have purple prickly pear cactus that are developing small white flake like spots, mostly where the thorns would be. Why is this happening and how can I cure it?
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Are century plants (Agave spp.) poisonous?
September 24, 2008
About 2 weeks ago, I was poked in the arm by a Century Plant, which caused a pretty big bruise to form. I didn't think much of it at first, but now, 2 weeks later, the bruise hasn't healed at all. S...
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Damage to Agave in New Braunfels, TX
August 21, 2008
In a flower box, I have an Agave on which the leaves have been damaged. It looks as if a deer rubbed his antlers on it. Is there any animal in south central Texas that would try to eat an agave?
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