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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Ask Mr. Smarty Plants is a free service provided by the staff and volunteers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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Growing Conditions for Yucca cernua
October 22, 2011
Nodding Yucca or Yucca cernua: I bought many lovely plants at the Wildflower Center sale on Friday, among them, a Nodding Yucca or Yucca cernua. 24 of the 25 plants I bought are already in the grou...
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Information on what Texas wildflowers are disappearing
August 02, 2011
I was shocked to find that Texas Bluebells were vanishing. What other Texas wildflowers are vanishing? There is an endangered species list but I want to help before my wildflower neighbors before t...
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Texas madrone trimmings for a wedding
July 26, 2011
Looking for Texas madrone tree trimmings needed for a special wedding.
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Wide appearance of Texas Bluebells in Hillsboro TX
July 07, 2011
I thought Texas Bluebells were rare, endangered and liked wet places. So why, after at least a dozen years of not seeing any and during this horrible drought am I seeing them where I have never seen t...
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Looking for Texas endangered trees to plant
May 14, 2011
I have 2 acres of good soil that does not have any trees. I would love to give life to native Texas endangered trees but I can not purchase them anywhere. Do you have any suggestions?
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Transplanting trilliums
April 28, 2010
What's the best time to transplant white trillium on my property on the shore of Lake Michigan?
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Is crow's foot endangered from Delta PA
November 29, 2009
I, too, used crows foot in Christmas Wreaths. I have recently heard that is endangered and you could be fined picking it and using it. Wondering if this is a true statement. There is still lots in ...
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How rare is the Devil's Cigar Fungus (Chorioactis geaster)?
November 08, 2009
I have found a fungus called devil's cigar in the woods behind my house in Westlake Hills Texas. I read that it is rare. Is it considered rare even to Central Texas? If so, do I need to let someone k...
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Location of Agalinis acuta, sandplain gerardia.
September 12, 2009
Where can the sandplain gerardia be found?
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Conservation status of Lathyrus venosus (Veiny pea)
May 30, 2009
The Wild Pea (Lathyrus Venosus Muhl) 1) What's being done to preserve them 2) When were they placed on the endangered species list 3) How many are left
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38 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page