A Vibrant Spring!

March 11 – May 28

Shou Ping paper irises art exhibit

Shou Ping’s Paper Irises

Shou Ping creates unique three-dimensional paper sculptures that express her love of nature. She transforms ordinary sheets of watercolor paper into extraordinary flowers and animals. Each detail, every petal of a flower or feather of a bird, is individually drawn, painted, cut and sculpted. The works are so realistic, viewers will swell with desire to reach out and touch them (please don’t). Even if visitors cannot physically feel the watercolor sculptures, they will likely leave with the feeling of having been touched by the art. Shou Ping’s work is rarely shown and the Wildflower Center is delighted to showcase her nature-inspired works.

“Nature is my inspiration… I do not just see a hummingbird; I see every detail of its tiny feathers and the movement of its body. I study the entirety of my subject and break it into individual components; then I put the pieces back together like a puzzle.”

– Shou Ping

See her show at the McDermott Learning Center through May 28.


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