California Pollinator Plant List

Recommended native plants that are highly attractive to pollinators such as native bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds. Visit Pollinator Conservation Resources California Region for additional information. This information provided by the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Arctostaphylos densiflora Vine Hill Manzanita Perennial Subshrub, Shrub Sun, Part-shade
Asclepias fascicularis Mexican Whorled Milkweed, Narrowleaf Milkweed Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Cercis orbiculata California Redbud, Western Redbud, Arizona Redbud, Pata De Vaca Perennial Tree
Clarkia unguiculata Elegant Clarkia, Elegant Fairyfan, Mountain Garland Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Epilobium canum Hummingbird Trumpet, California Fuchsia, Zauschneria Perennial Subshrub
Eriogonum fasciculatum Eastern Mojave Buckwheat, Eastern Mojave Wild Buckwheat, California Buckwheat, Flattop Buckwheat, Flat-top Buckwheat Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Eschscholzia californica California Poppy, California Gold Poppy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Frangula californica California Buckthorn, California Coffeeberry Perennial Tree
Fremontodendron californicum California Flannelbush, Northern Flannelbush, Northern Fremontia, California Slippery Elm Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Gilia capitata Blue Gilia, Blue-head Gily-flower, Bluehead Gilia, Globe Gilia Annual Herb Sun
Grindelia camporum Great Valley Gumweed Perennial Subshrub
Helianthus annuus Common Sunflower Annual Herb Sun Dry
Layia platyglossa Coastal Tidytips Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus albifrons Silver Lupine, White-leaf Bush Lupine, Evergreen Lupine Perennial Herb Sun
Lupinus formosus Summer Lupine Perennial Herb
Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue Eyes, Menzies Baby Blue Eyes Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Penstemon heterophyllus Bunchleaf Penstemon, Bunchleaf Beardtongue, Foothill Penstemon, Foothill Beardtongue Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia, Lacy Scorpion-weed Annual Herb Sun Dry
Salvia clevelandii Fragrant Sage, Blue Sage, Cleveland Sage Perennial Shrub Sun
Solidago californica California Goldenrod, Northern California Goldenrod Perennial Herb Sun
Symphyotrichum chilense Common California Aster, Pacific Aster Perennial Herb