Wildflower Center Spring Native Plant Sale

The Wildflower Centerís Spring Native Plant Sale is the perfect opportunity to get unique plants for your landscape. The list below is updated often leading up to the sale. Some species are available only in limited quantities and sizes. More information about our plant sales can be found at our plant sale page.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Allium canadense Meadow Garlic, Wild Garlic, Wild Onion Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Andropogon glomeratus Bushy Bluestem, Brushy Bluestem Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Wet, Moist
Asclepias incarnata Swamp Milkweed, Pink Milkweed Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Baileya multiradiata Desert Marigold, Showy Desert Marigold, Paper Daisy, Desert Baileya Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Carex blanda Eastern Woodland Sedge, Creek Sedge, Common Wood Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Carex cherokeensis Cherokee Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Wet, Moist
Carex emoryi Emory Sedge, Emory's Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Wet
Carex perdentata Sand Sedge, Meadow Sedge Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Datura wrightii Jimsonweed, Sacred Thorn-apple, Thorn-apple, Angel Trumpet, Sacred Datura Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Eleocharis rostellata Beaked Spikerush, Leap Frog Spike Rush Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Wet
Elymus canadensis Canada Wild Rye, Canadian Wildrye, Prairie Wildrye, Nodding Wildrye Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist
Elymus virginicus Virginia Wild Rye, Virginia Wildrye Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Marsilea macropoda Bigfoot Water-clover, Water-clover, Clover-fern, Largefoot Pepperwort Perennial Herb, Fern Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet
Melampodium leucanthum Blackfoot Daisy, Rock Daisy, Plains Blackfoot, Arnica Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Melica nitens Three-flower Melic, Tall Melicgrass, Threeflower Melicgrass, Melicgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist, Dry
Muhlenbergia lindheimeri Lindheimer's Muhly, Lindheimer Muhly, Big Muhly, Blue Muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist, Dry
Muhlenbergia rigens Deergrass, Meadow Muhly, Deer Muhly Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Moist
Opuntia ellisiana Spineless Prickly Pear, Tigertongue, South Texas Pricklypear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Packera obovata Golden Groundsel, Roundleaf Groundsel, Roundleaf Ragwort Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Panicum virgatum Switchgrass, Wand Panic Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Pascopyrum smithii Western Wheatgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist
Poa arachnifera Texas Bluegrass, Texas Blue Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist
Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto, Bush Palmetto, Palmetto Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Tripsacum dactyloides Eastern Gamagrass, Fakahatchee Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Ulmus crassifolia Cedar Elm, Fall Elm, Basket Elm, Scrub Elm, Lime Elm, Texas Elm, Southern Rock Elm, Olmo Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist