Texas Wildflowers

List of Texas species featured in Texas Wildflowers by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller. For two decades and counting, Texans have relied on Texas Wildflowers to identify the common and rare flowers we see along the roadsides and in the pastures, fields and forests of our state. Compiled by naturalists Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller, with a major update in 2018 by editor Joe Marcus, Texas Wildflowers is an authoritative field guide with a personal touch. Get this book from our Store.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Abronia ameliae Amelia's Sand-verbena, Heart's Delight Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Achillea millefolium Common Yarrow, Western Yarrow, Yarrow, Milfoil Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Acourtia wrightii Brownfoot, Pink Perezia Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Aesculus pavia Scarlet Buckeye , Red Buckeye, Firecracker Plant Perennial Shrub, Tree Part-shade Moist
Agalinis purpurea Purple False Foxglove, Purple Gerardia, Gerardia Annual Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Agave lechuguilla Lechuguilla, Tula Ixtle Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Agave parryi ssp. parryi Century Plant, Mescal, Parry's Agave, Rough Agave Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Aletris aurea Golden Colicroot, Colicroot, Star Grass, Yellow Colic Root Perennial Herb
Allionia incarnata Trailing Windmills, Trailing Four O'Clock, Pink Windmills, Trailing Allionia Perennial Herb
Allium canadense var. canadense Canada Onion, Meadow Garlic, Wild Onion Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Allium canadense var. mobilense Meadow Garlic, Wild Onion Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Alophia drummondii Propeller Flower, Purple Pleat-leaf, Pinewoods Lily, Prairie Iris, Pleatleaf Iris Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Aloysia gratissima Whitebrush, Bee-brush, White-brush, Common Bee-brush, Beebrush, Privet Lippia Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Amblyolepis setigera Huisache Daisy, Butterfly Daisy, Honey Daisy Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Amsonia ciliata Fringed Bluestar, Bluestar, Texas Bluestar Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Anemone berlandieri Tenpetal Anemone, Tenpetal Thimbleweed, Windflower, Southern Anemone, Granny's Nightcap Perennial Herb Part-shade
Aphanostephus skirrhobasis Lazy Daisy, Arkansas Lazy Daisy, Arkansas Doze-daisy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Arbutus xalapensis Texas Madrone, Madrone, Texas Arbutus, Manzanita, Xoxocote, Amazaquitl Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Argemone albiflora Bluestem Pricklypoppy, White Pricklypoppy, White Prickly Poppy Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Argemone chisosensis Chisos Mountain Prickly Poppy, Pink Prickly Poppy Biennial Herb Sun Dry
Argemone mexicana Mexican Prickly Poppy, Mexican Prickly Poppy, Yellow Prickly Poppy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Arisaema dracontium Green Dragon, Dragonroot, Greendragon Perennial Herb Sun, Shade Moist
Arisaema triphyllum ssp. quinatum Five-leaved Jack-in-the-pulpit, Jack In The Pulpit, Indian Turnip Perennial Herb Shade Moist
Asclepias asperula Antelope-horns, Spider Milkweed, Green-flowered Milkweed, Spider Antelope-horns, Antelope Horns Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Asclepias latifolia Broadleaf Milkweed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Asclepias tuberosa Butterflyweed, Butterfly Weed, Butterfly Milkweed, Orange Milkweed, Pleurisy Root, Chigger Flower Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Astragalus giganteus Giant Milkvetch Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Astragalus mollissimus Woolly Locoweed, Purple Locoweed, Woolly Loco, Woolly Milkvetch, Wooly Loco, Wooly Locoweed Perennial Herb
Aureolaria grandiflora False Foxglove, Largeflower Yellow False Foxglove Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Baileya multiradiata Desert Marigold, Showy Desert Marigold, Paper Daisy, Desert Baileya Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Baptisia bracteata var. leucophaea Longbract Wild Indigo, Cream False Indigo, Plains Wild Indigo, Cream Wild Indigo, Large-bracted Wild Indigo Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Baptisia sphaerocarpa Bush Pea, Green Wild Indigo, Yellow Wild Indigo, Yellow Wisteria Perennial Herb
Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Daisy, Chocolate Flower, Lyreleaf Greeneyes, Green-eyed Lyre Leaf Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Bignonia capreolata Crossvine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Boerhavia linearifolia Narrowleaf Spiderling Perennial Subshrub
Bouvardia ternifolia Scarlet Bouvardia, Firecracker Bush, Trompetilla, Clavillo Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Callicarpa americana American Beautyberry , French Mulberry Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Callirhoe digitata Finger Poppy-mallow, Poppy Mallow, Standing Winecup, Wine Cup, Winecup Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Calochortus kennedyi Desert Mariposa Lily, Desert Mariposa, Red Mariposa-lily, Flame Mariposa Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Calopogon tuberosus Tuberous Grasspink, Grass Pink Perennial Herb
Calylophus serrulatus Yellow Sundrops, Yellow Evening Primrose, Plains Evening Primrose Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper, Trumpet Vine, Common Trumpet Creeper, Cow Vine, Foxglove Vine, Hellvine, Devil's Shoestring Perennial Vine Sun Moist, Dry
Castilleja indivisa Texas Indian Paintbrush, Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush, Texas Paintbrush, Indian Paintbrush, Scarlet Paintbrush Annual Herb Sun Dry
Castilleja integra Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush, Squawfeather Perennial Herb Sun
Castilleja sessiliflora Downy Painted Cup, Downy Paintbrush, Great Plains Paintbrush, Great Plains Indian-paintbrush Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Catalpa bignonioides Southern Catalpa, Cigar Tree, Indian Bean Perennial Tree Part-shade Wet
Centaurea americana American Basket-flower, American Star-thistle, Basket-flower, Star Thistle, Shaving Brush, Basket Flower Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Centaurium calycosum Arizona Centaury, Shortflower Centaury, Rosita, Buckley Centaury Annual Herb
Cephalanthus occidentalis Common Buttonbush, Buttonbush, Button Willow, Honey Bells, Honeybells, Honey Balls, Honeyballs Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Cercis canadensis Eastern Redbud, Redbud Perennial Tree Shade, Part-shade Moist
Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculata Partridge Pea, Showy Partridge-pea, Beeflower Annual Herb Sun
Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow, Flowering Willow, Willow-leaved Catalpa, Willowleaf Catalpa, Bow Willow, Flor De Mimbre, Mimbre Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Chionanthus virginicus White Fringetree, Fringe Tree, Snowflower Tree, Flowering Ash, Old Man's Beard, Grandfather Graybeard, Grancy Graybeard Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Chrysactinia mexicana Damianita Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Cirsium texanum Texas Thistle Biennial Herb Sun Dry
Clematis crispa Swamp Leatherflower, Curly Clematis, Blue-jasmine, Curlflower, Curly Virgin's Bower, Marsh Clematis Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Clematis drummondii Old Man's Beard, Drummond's Clematis, Texas Virgin's Bower, Goat's Beard Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Clematis pitcheri Purple Leatherflower, Purple Clematis, Leatherflower, Bluebill, Bellflower Clematis, Pitcher's Clematis Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Cnidoscolus texanus Texas Bullnettle, Bull Nettle, Tread-softly, Spurge Nettle Perennial Herb
Commelina erecta Dayflower, Widow's Tears, White-mouth Dayflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Conoclinium coelestinum Blue Mistflower, Wild Ageratum, Blue Boneset Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Cooperia pedunculata Hill Country Rain Lily, Prairie Lily, Rain Lily, Flor De Mayo Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Corallorhiza wisteriana Spring Coral-root, Spring Coral Root, Early Southern Coral-root, Wister's Coral-root, Yellow Coral-root, Arousing Coral-root Perennial Herb
Coreopsis lanceolata Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Lanceleaf Tickseed, Sand Coreopsis Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Coreopsis tinctoria Plains Coreopsis, Golden Tickseed, Goldenwave, Calliopsis Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood, Virginia Dogwood, Florida Dogwood, White Cornel, Arrowwood, American Boxwood, False Box, St. Peter's Crown, Corona De San Pedro Perennial Tree Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Corydalis curvisiliqua Curvepod, Curvepod Fumewort, Golden Smoke, Scrambled Eggs Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Cosmos parviflorus Southwestern Cosmos, Southwest Cosmos Annual Herb Sun Dry
Crinum americanum American Crinum Lily, Seven Sisters, Swamp Lily, Southern Swamp Lily, String Lily, Crinum Lily Perennial Shrub Part-shade Wet
Cryptantha palmeri Palmer's Cryptantha Perennial Subshrub
Cucurbita foetidissima Stinking Gourd, Buffalo Gourd, Missouri Gourd, Stink Gourd, Wild Gourd Perennial Herb Sun
Cylindropuntia imbricata var. imbricata Cane Cactus, Cholla, Teddy-bear Cholla, Tree Cholla, Walkingstick Cholla Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Cylindropuntia leptocaulis Tasajillo, Christmas Cactus, Pencil Cactus, Christmas Cholla, Desert Christmas Cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Cypripedium parviflorum Yellow Lady's-slipper Orchid, Lesser Yellow Lady's Slipper Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet, Moist
Dalea formosa Featherplume, Feather Dalea Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Dalea frutescens Black Dalea, Black Prairie Clover Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Dalea greggii Gregg Dalea, Gregg's Prairie Clover, Trailing Indigo Bush, Indigo Bush Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Dasylirion leiophyllum Green Sotol, Smooth-leaved Sotol, Smooth-leaf Sotol, Sotol, Desert Candle Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Datura wrightii Jimsonweed, Sacred Thorn-apple, Thorn-apple, Angel Trumpet, Sacred Datura Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Delphinium carolinianum Prairie Larkspur, Carolina Larkspur, Blue Larkspur Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Desmodium psilophyllum Beggar's Ticks, Simpleleaf Ticktrefoil, Sticktights, Wright's Tickclover Perennial Herb
Drosera brevifolia Dwarf Sundew, Spatulate-leaved Sundew Perennial Herb
Dyschoriste linearis Snake Herb, Polkadots, Narrowleaf Dyschoriste Perennial Herb Sun Wet, Moist
Echeandia flavescens Torrey's Craglily, Crag Lily Perennial Herb
Echinacea sanguinea Sanguine Purple Coneflower Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Echinocactus texensis Horse Crippler, Horse Crippler Cactus, Devil's Head, Chisos Hedgehog Cactus, Chisos Hedgehog Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus chisoensis Chisos Hedgehog Cactus, Chisos Mountain Hedgehog Cactus, Chisos Hedgehog, Chisos Mountain Hedgehog Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Texas Rainbow Cactus, Spiny Hedgehog Cactus, Spiny Hedgehog, Golden Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus, Golden Rainbow Hedgehog, Yellow Pitaya Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus enneacanthus Pitaya, Strawberry Cactus, Banana Cactus, Cob Cactus, Purple Pitaya, Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus, Prostrate Hedgehog Cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus reichenbachii Lace Hedgehog Cactus, Lace Cactus, Lace Hedgehog, Purple Candle Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus russanthus Brownspine Hedgehog Cactus, Rusty Hedgehog Cactus, Brownspine Hedgehog, Rusty Hedgehog Perennial Cactus/Succulent
Echinocereus stramineus Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus, Pitaya Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus triglochidiatus Claret Cup, Claret Cup Cactus, Hedgehog Cactus, Kingcup Cactus, Mojave Mound, Mohave Mound Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Echinocereus viridiflorus var. cylindricus Green-flowered Hedgehog Cactus, Green-flowered Hedgehog, Nylon Hedgehog Cactus, Nylon Hedgehog Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Engelmannia peristenia Engelmann's Daisy, Engelmann Daisy, Cutleaf Daisy Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Erigeron philadelphicus Philadelphia Fleabane, Fleabane Daisy Biennial Herb Part-shade
Eriogonum wrightii Wright's Buckwheat, Bastard-sage, Wild Buckwheat, Perennial Buckwheat, Shrubby Buckwheat, Shrubby Bastard-sage Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Erodium texanum Texas Stork's Bill, Stork's Bill, Pine Needle, Fillaree Annual, Biennial Herb Sun Dry
Eryngium heterophyllum Mexican Thistle, Wright's Eryngo Perennial Herb
Eryngium leavenworthii Leavenworth's Eryngo, Eryngo, False Purple Thistle Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Erythrina herbacea Coralbean, Cherokee Bean, Red Cardinal Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Erythronium rostratum Yellow Troutlily, Dog-tooth Violet, Yellow Fawnlily, Beaked Troutlily Perennial Herb
Eschscholzia californica ssp. mexicana Mexican Gold Poppy, California Poppy Annual Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Eucnide bartonioides Yellow Rocknettle, Rocknettle, Yellow Stingbush Annual Herb Sun Dry
Euphorbia antisyphilitica Candelilla, Wax Plant Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Euphorbia bicolor Snow On The Prairie, Snow-on-the-prairie Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade
Eustoma exaltatum Catchfly Prairie Gentian, Bluebell Gentian, Western Blue Gentian, Blue Marsh Lily, Small Bluebell, Catchfly Gentian, Seaside Gentian Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Fallugia paradoxa Apache Plume, Ponil Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Ferocactus hamatacanthus Turk's Head, Turk's Head Cactus, Texas Barrel Cactus, Giant Fishhook Cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Ferocactus wislizeni Candy Barrel, Candy Barrel Cactus, Fishhook Barrel Cactus, Southwestern Barrel Cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Fouquieria splendens Ocotillo, Devil's Walking Stick, Candlewood Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Froelichia gracilis Slender Snakecotton, Snake-cotton Annual Herb
Gaillardia aestivalis Lanceleaf Blanketflower, Winkler Gaillardia Perennial Herb
Gaillardia multiceps Onion Blanketflower, Gyp Indian Blanket Perennial Herb
Gaillardia pulchella Indian Blanket, Firewheel, Girasol Rojo Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Gelsemium sempervirens Carolina Jessamine, Yellow Jessamine, Evening Trumpetflower, Poor Man's Rope Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Giliastrum acerosum Bluebowls, Prickleleaf Gilia Annual Subshrub
Glandularia bipinnatifida Prairie Verbena, Purple Prairie Verbena, Dakota Vervain, Dakota Mock Vervain, Moradilla, Alfombrilla Perennial Herb, Subshrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Grindelia papposa Spanish Gold, Clasping-leaved Haplopappus, Saw-leaf Daisy Annual Herb
Grusonia grahamii Graham's Pricklypear, Graham Dog Cactus, Graham's Club Cholla Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Guaiacum angustifolium Texas Lignum-vitae, Soapbush, Guayacan Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Gutierrezia microcephala Threadleaf Snakeweed, Threadleaf Broomweed, Smallhead Snakeweed, Littlehead Snakeweed Perennial Subshrub
Gymnosperma glutinosum Gumhead, Tatalencho Perennial Herb
Halesia diptera Two-wing Silverbell, Two-winged Silverbell, Silverbell, American Snowdrop Tree, Snowdrop Tree, Snowbell, Cowlicks Perennial Shrub, Tree Part-shade Dry
Helenium amarum var. badium Yellowdicks, Brown Bitterweed, Basin Sneezeweed Annual Herb
Helenium drummondii Fringed Sneezeweed Perennial Herb
Helianthus annuus Common Sunflower Annual Herb Sun Dry
Helianthus maximiliani Maximilian Sunflower, Max Sunflower Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Helianthus mollis Ashy Sunflower, Downy Sunflower Perennial Herb
Hesperaloe parviflora Red Yucca, Coral Yucca, Red-flowered False Yucca, Redflower False Yucca, Yellow Yucca, Hummingbird Yucca, Samandoque Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Hibiscus denudatus Paleface, Rock Hibiscus Perennial Shrub Part-shade
Hibiscus laevis Halberdleaf Rosemallow, Halberdleaf Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Halberd-leaved Hibiscus, Halberd-leaved Rose-mallow Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Hibiscus lasiocarpos Woolly Rose-mallow, Woolly Mallow, Rose-mallow, False Cotton Perennial Shrub Sun Wet
Houstonia pusilla Tiny Bluets, Small Bluets, Star Violet Annual Herb
Hydrocotyle bonariensis Largeleaf Pennywort, Salt Pennywort Perennial Herb
Hydrolea ovata Blue Waterleaf, Ovate False Fiddleleaf, Hairy Hydrolea Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Hymenocallis liriosme Texas Spiderlily, Spring Spiderlily, Spiderlily, Louisiana Spiderlily, Western Marsh Spiderlily Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Hymenopappus artemisiifolius Oldplainsman, Woolly-white, Old Plainsman Biennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Ibervillea lindheimeri Balsam Gourd, Lindheimer's Globeberry, Globe Berry, Snake-apple, Balsam-apple Perennial Vine Sun Moist
Ipomoea cordatotriloba var. cordatotriloba Tievine, Sharp-pod Morning Glory, Purple Bindweed, Tie Vine Perennial Vine Part-shade
Ipomoea cristulata Transpecos Morning-glory, Scarlet Creeper Annual Vine
Ipomoea sagittata Saltmarsh Morning-glory, Salt-marsh Morning Glory Perennial Vine
Ipomopsis longiflora Flaxflowered Ipomopsis, Pale Trumpets, Paleflower Gilia, White-flower Skyrocket, White-flowered Gilia Annual Herb Sun Dry
Ipomopsis rubra Standing Cypress, Texas Plume, Red Texas Star, Red Gilia Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Iris giganticaerulea Giant Blue Iris, Blue Flag Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Jatropha dioica var. graminea Leatherstem, Bloodroot, Sangre De Drago Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Kallstroemia grandiflora Arizona Poppy, Desert Poppy, Orange Caltrop, Summer Poppy Annual Herb Sun
Krameria grayi White Ratany, Crimson Beak, Chacati, Cosahui Perennial Subshrub
Krameria lanceolata Trailing Krameria, Ratany, Crameria, Prairie Sandbur, Trailing Ratany Perennial Herb Part-shade
Lantana urticoides Texas Lantana, Calico Bush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Larrea tridentata Creosote Bush, Greasewood, Hediondilla, Governadora, Guamis Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Lepidium montanum Mountain Peppergrass, Western Peppergrass, Mountain Pepperweed, Mountain Pepperwort, Montana Pepperweed Biennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Lesquerella fendleri Fendler's Bladderpod, Popweed Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Leucophyllum frutescens Cenizo, Purple Sage, Texas Ranger, Texas Barometer Bush, Texas Silverleaf, Texas Sage, Silverleaf Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Liatris elegans Pink-scale Blazing Star, Pink-scale Gayfeather, Pink-scale Liatris Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Lindheimera texana Texas Yellowstar, Texas Star, Texas Yellow-star, Lindheimer Daisy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Linum lewisii Wild Blue Flax, Prairie Flax, Lewis Flax, Lewis's Flax Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Linum rigidum Stiffstem Flax, Large-flower Yellow Flax, Yellow Flax Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lithospermum incisum Fringed Puccoon, Golden Puccoon, Narrowleaf Puccoon, Narrow-leaved Puccoon, Puccoon, Narrowleaf Gromwell, Fringed Gromwell, Narrowleaf Stoneseed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Lithospermum multiflorum Manyflowered Stoneseed Perennial Herb
Lobelia appendiculata Pale Lobelia Annual Herb
Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Lonicera albiflora Western White Honeysuckle, White Shrub Honeysuckle, White Bush Honeysuckle, White Limestone Honeysuckle, Texas Honeysuckle, White Honeysuckle Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Lonicera sempervirens Coral Honeysuckle, Trumpet Honeysuckle, Woodbine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist
Lotus plebeius New Mexico Bird's-foot Trefoil, Pine Deervetch, Longbract Bird's-foot Trefoil Perennial Herb
Lupinus havardii Big Bend Bluebonnet, Big Bend Lupine, Havard Bluebonnet, Chisos Bluebonnet Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus texensis Texas Bluebonnet, Bluebonnet, Texas Lupine, Buffalo Clover, Wolf Flower Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lygodesmia texana Texas Skeleton Plant, Texas Skeleton Weed, Skeleton-plant, Purple Dandelion, Flowering Straw Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Lythrum californicum California Loosestrife Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Machaeranthera gracilis Slender Goldenweed, Grass-leaf Tansy-aster, Yellow Spiny Daisy Annual Herb
Machaeranthera tanacetifolia Tahoka Daisy, Tansy-aster, Tansey-leaf Tansy-aster Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Magnolia ashei Ashe's Magnolia, Ashe Magnolia, Deciduous Magnolia Perennial Tree Part-shade
Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia, Evergreen Magnolia, Loblolly Magnolia, Great Laurel Magnolia, Big Laurel, Bull Bay Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay, Sweetbay Magnolia, Southern Sweetbay, Swampbay, Swamp Magnolia, Sweet Magnolia, Small Magnolia, Laurel Magnolia, White Bay, White Laurel, Swamp Laurel, Beaver Tree Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Mahonia trifoliolata Agarita, Agarito, Algerita, Laredo Mahonia, Laredo Oregon-grape, Trifoliate Barberry, Wild Currant Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii Turk's Cap, Drummond's Turk's Cap, Drummond Turk's Cap, Wax Mallow, Drummond's Wax Mallow, Drummond Wax Mallow, Red Mallow, Texas Mallow, Mexican Apple, Sleeping Hibiscus, Bleeding Hearts, Manzanita Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Melampodium leucanthum Blackfoot Daisy, Rock Daisy, Plains Blackfoot, Arnica Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Menodora longiflora Showy Menodora, Twinpod Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Mentzelia multiflora Adonis Blazingstar, Prairie Stickleaf, Blazingstar Biennial Herb
Mimosa borealis Fragrant Mimosa, Pink Mimosa Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mimosa dysocarpa Velvetpod Mimosa, Velvet-pod Mimosa, Gatuno Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mimosa microphylla Littleleaf Sensitive Briar, Little-leaf Mimosa, Catclaw Sensitive Briar, Smooth-leaf Sensitive Briar, Pink Sensitive Briar, Shame Vine Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Minuartia drummondii Drummond's Stitchwort, Sandwort Annual Herb
Mirabilis longiflora Sweet Four O'Clock, Long-flowered Four O'Clock Perennial Herb
Monarda citriodora Lemon Beebalm, Purple Horsemint, Lemon Mint, Plains Horsemint, Lemon Horsemint, Horsemint, Purple Lemon Mint Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot, Beebalm Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Monarda punctata Spotted Beebalm, Spotted Horsemint, Horsemint Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Nama hispidum Sand Bells, Bristly Nama, Sand-bell Annual Herb
Nemophila phacelioides Texas Baby Blue Eyes, Large-flower Baby-blue-eyes, Baby Blue-eyes, Flannel Breeches Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Neolloydia conoidea Chihuahuan Beehive Cactus, Chihuahuan Beehive, Cone Cactus Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Nothoscordum bivalve Crow Poison, Crowpoison, False Garlic Perennial Herb Sun
Nuttallanthus texanus Texas Toadflax, Texas Toad-flax, Toadflax Annual Herb Sun Moist
Nymphaea odorata American White Water-lily, Fragrant White Water-lily, Fragrant Water-lily, White Water-lily, Sweet-scented White Water-lily, Sweet-scented Water-lily, Beaver Root Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet
Oenothera laciniata Cutleaf Evening-primrose, Cut-leaved Evening Primrose Annual Herb Part-shade
Oenothera rhombipetala Diamond Petal Primrose, Four-point Evening Primrose, Fourpoint Evening-primrose, Greater Four-point Evening-primrose Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Oenothera speciosa Pink Evening Primrose, Showy Evening Primrose, Mexican Evening Primrose, Showy Primrose, Pink Ladies, Buttercups, Pink Buttercups Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Oenothera suffrutescens Scarlet Beeblossom, Scarlet Gaura Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Oenothera suffulta Kisses, Wild Honeysuckle, Beeblossom, Roadside Gaura Annual Shrub Sun Moist
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii Cactus Apple, Prickly Pear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeri Texas Prickly Pear, Lindheimer's Prickly Pear, Lindheimer Prickly Pear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Opuntia humifusa Low Prickly Pear, Smooth Prickly Pear, Devil's Tongue Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Opuntia macrocentra var. macrocentra Purple Pricklypear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Opuntia phaeacantha Tulip Prickly Pear, Brownspine Prickly Pear Cactus, Purple-fruited Prickly Pear, Brown-spined Prickly Pear, New Mexico Prickly Pear, Desert Prickly Pear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Part-shade Dry
Opuntia rufida Blind Prickly Pear, Blind Pricklypear Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun, Part-shade Dry
Oxalis drummondii Drummond's Wood-sorrel, Large-leaf Wood-sorrel, Drummond's Woodsorrel Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Oxalis stricta Common Yellow Oxalis, Yellow Wood-sorrel, Upright Yellow Wood-sorrel, Yellow Woodsorrel Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Oxalis violacea Violet Woodsorrel, Violet Wood-sorrel Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Packera glabella Butterweed, Cress-leaf Groundsel, Yellowtop Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Packera tampicana Yellowtop, Great Plains Ragwort, Butterweed Annual Herb
Palafoxia hookeriana Sand Palafox, Showy Palafox, Hooker Palafoxia, Sand Palafoxia, Hooker's Palafoxia Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Parkinsonia aculeata Retama, Paloverde, Mexican Paloverde, Jerusalem Thorn, Horsebean, Lluvia De Oro Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Passiflora incarnata Maypop, Purple Passionflower, Purple Passion Vine, Apricot Vine Perennial Vine Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Passiflora lutea Yellow Passionflower, Yellow Passion Vine, Yellow Passion-flower Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Pavonia lasiopetala Rock Rose, Rose Pavonia, Rose Mallow, Pavonia Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Pectis angustifolia Limoncillo, Lemonscent, Crownseed Pectis, Lemon-scented Pectis, Lemonscent Pectis, Lemonweed, Chinchweed, Fetid Marigold Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Penstemon barbatus Scarlet Bugler, Beard-lip Penstemon, Beard-lip Beardtongue, Red Penstemon, Red Beardtongue, Goldenbeard Penstemon, Goldenbeard Beardtongue, Saint Joseph's Staff, Varita De San Jose Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Penstemon cobaea Prairie Penstemon, Prairie Beardtongue, Foxglove Penstemon, Foxglove Beardtongue, False Foxglove, Large-flowered Penstemon, Large-flowered Beardtongue, Cobaea Penstemon, Cobaea Beardtongue, Wild Foxglove Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Penstemon murrayanus Scarlet Penstemon, Scarlet Beardtongue, Red Penstemon, Red Beardtongue, Cupleaf Penstemon, Cupleaf Beardtongue Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Pericome caudata Mountain Tail-leaf, Tail-leaf Pericome Perennial Herb
Phacelia congesta Blue Curls, Caterpillars, Fiddleneck Annual, Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Phemeranthus aurantiacus Orange Flameflower, Flameflower, Fameflower, Talinum Perennial Subshrub Part-shade Dry
Phlox drummondii Annual Phlox, Drummond Phlox, Pride-of-Texas, Texas Pride Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Phlox roemeriana Goldeneye Phlox, Golden-eye Phlox Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Physostegia digitalis False Dragonhead, Finger False Dragonhead Perennial Herb Part-shade
Physostegia intermedia Spring Obedient Plant, Marsh Obedient Plant, Slender False Dragonhead, Intermediate False Dragonhead Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Physostegia virginiana ssp. praemorsa Fall Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead, Lionheart, Obedient Plant Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Phytolacca americana American Pokeweed, Great Pokeweed, Pokeweed, Pokeberry, Red Ink Plant, Pigeonberry Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Pinaropappus roseus White Rocklettuce, White Dandelion, Pink Dandelion Perennial Herb
Pinguicula pumila Small Butterwort, Bog Violet, Dwarf Butterwort Annual Herb Sun Moist
Platanthera ciliaris Orange Fringed Orchid, Yellow Fringed Orchid, Orange Plume, Bobwhite's-mocassin, Owl's-head Perennial Herb
Platanthera nivea Snowy Orchid, Frog Spear, Bog Torch, White Frog Arrow, White Rein Orchid Perennial Herb
Pluchea odorata var. odorata Sweetscent, Marsh Fleabane, Southern Marsh Fleabane Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple, Indian Apple, Wild Mandrake, Pomme De Mai, Podophylle Pelt Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Pogonia ophioglossoides Rose Pogonia, Snake-mouth Orchid, Beard Flower Perennial Herb Sun Wet, Moist
Polanisia uniglandulosa Mexican Clammyweed, Clammyweed Annual Herb
Polygala alba White Milkwort Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Polygala cruciata Drumheads, Candy Root, Crossleaf Milkwort, Cross-leaved Milkwort Annual Herb
Polygala nana Candyroot, Bachelor's Buttons, Bachelor's Button Annual Herb
Polygala obscura Velvetseed Milkwort Perennial Subshrub
Polygala polygama Racemed Milkwort, Pink Milkwort Biennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Polygala ramosa Low Pinebarren Milkwort, Yellow Savanna Milkwort Annual Herb
Polygonum punctatum Dotted Smartweed Annual Herb Sun
Polytaenia nuttallii Nuttall's Prairie Parsley, Prairie Parsley, Wild Dill, Prairie Parsnip Biennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Pontederia cordata Pickerelweed, Pickerel Rush Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Proboscidea louisianica ssp. louisianica Ram's Horn, Devil's Claw, Unicorn Plant, Ram's Horn Annual Herb
Psilostrophe tagetina Woolly Paperflower, Paperflower Biennial, Perennial Herb, Subshrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Carolina Desert-chicory, Texas Dandelion, False Dandelion Annual Herb
Quincula lobata Purple Groundcherry, Chinese Lantern Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Ranunculus hispidus var. nitidus Bristly Buttercup, Buttercup Perennial Herb
Ranunculus macranthus Large Buttercup Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Ratibida columnifera Mexican Hat, Red-spike Mexican Hat, Upright Prairie Coneflower, Prairie Coneflower, Long-headed Coneflower, Thimbleflower Perennial Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Rhexia lutea Yellow Meadow Beauty Perennial Herb
Rhexia virginica Handsome-harry, Virginia Meadow Beauty Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Rhododendron canescens Mountain Azalea, Wild Azalea, Honeysuckle Azalea, Piedmont Azalea, Sweet Azalea, Hoary Azalea, Southern Pinxterflower Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Rhododendron viscosum Swamp Azalea, Clammy Azalea, Cory Azalea, Hammock Sweet Azalea Perennial Shrub Part-shade Wet
Rhus glabra Smooth Sumac Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Rhus virens Evergreen Sumac, Tobacco Sumac, Lambrisco, Lentrisco Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Rivina humilis Pigeonberry, Rouge Plant, Baby-peppers, Bloodberry Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Robinia hispida Bristly Locust, Standing Sweet Pea Perennial Shrub Sun
Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust, Honey Locust Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Rosa setigera Climbing Prairie Rose, Climbing Rose, Prairie Rose Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rudbeckia grandiflora Rough Coneflower, Tall Coneflower, Largeflower Coneflower Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan, Common Black-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Blackeyed Susan Annual Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina Wild Petunia Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Ruellia nudiflora Violet Ruellia, Common Wild Petunia, Violet Wild Petunia, Wild Petunia, Hierba De La Calentura Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rumex hymenosepalus Canaigre Dock, Canaigre, Desert Rhubarb Perennial Herb
Sabatia angularis Rosepink, Rose-pink Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Sabatia campestris Texas Star, Rose Gentian, Meadow Pink, Prairie Rose-gentian, Prairie Sabatia Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Sagittaria lancifolia ssp. media Bulltongue Arrowhead, Scythe-fruit Arrowhead Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Salvia coccinea Scarlet Sage, Tropical Sage, Blood Sage, Red Sage, Indian Fire Annual, Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia farinacea Mealy Blue Sage, Mealy Sage, Mealycup Sage Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Salvia greggii Autumn Sage, Cherry Sage, Gregg Salvia Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Salvia lycioides Canyon Sage Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Salvia lyrata Lyreleaf Sage, Cancer Weed Perennial Herb Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Salvia regla Mountain Sage, Royal Sage Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Dry
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis Common Elderberry, Black Elder, Mexican Elderberry, Common Elder, Elderberry, Tapiro, Sauco Perennial Shrub Part-shade Wet
Sarracenia alata Yellow Trumpets, Yellow Pitcher Plant, Yellow Trumpet, Flycatcher, Trumpet Pitcher Plant Perennial Herb Wet
Schoenocrambe linearifolia Slimleaf Plainsmustard, Mountain Mustard, Hesper Mustard Perennial Herb
Scutellaria drummondii Drummond's Skullcap Annual Herb Sun Dry
Scutellaria integrifolia Helmet-flower, Rough Skullcap, Common Large Skullcap, Tall Skullcap Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Senecio ampullaceus Texas Ragwort, Texas Groundsel, Texas Butterweed Annual Herb
Senegalia berlandieri Guajillo, Berlandier Acacia, Berlandier's Acacia, Round-flowered Catclaw, Roundflower Catclaw, Mimosa Catclaw, Thornless Catclaw, Huajilla Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Senna lindheimeriana Lindheimer's Senna, Velvet Leaf Senna, Velvetleaf Senna, Velvet-leaf Wild Sensitive-plant, Puppy-dog Ears Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Senna roemeriana Twoleaf Senna, Two Leaved Senna Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Sesbania drummondii Rattlebush, Rattlebox, Poisonbean Perennial Shrub
Silene laciniata Cardinal Catchfly, Southern Indian Pink, Mexican Campion, Catchfly Perennial Herb Part-shade
Silene subciliata Prairie-fire Pink, Louisiana Catchfly, Catchfly Perennial Herb
Sisyrinchium sagittiferum Spearbract Blue-eyed Grass, Blue-eyed Grass Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Solanum elaeagnifolium Silverleaf Nightshade, Silver-leaf Nightshade, White Horse Nettle, Trompillo, Tomato Weed Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Sophora secundiflora Texas Mountain Laurel, Mountain Laurel, Mescal Bean, Mescal Bean Sophora, Frijolillo, Frijolito Perennial Shrub, Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Sphaeralcea angustifolia Narrowleaf Globemallow, Copper Globemallow, Copper Mallow Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Spigelia marilandica Woodland Pinkroot, Pinkroot, Indian Pink Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Spiranthes cernua Nodding Ladies'-tresses, Ladies'-tresses, Nodding Lady's Tresses Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Stenaria nigricans var. nigricans Diamondflowers, Narrowleaf Bluets, Baby's Breath, Bluets, Fine-leaf Bluets Perennial Herb Sun
Stewartia malacodendron Silky Camellia, Virginia Stewartia, Round-fruited Stewartia Perennial Shrub Shade
Streptanthus platycarpus Broadpod Jewelflower, Broadpod Twistflower Annual Herb
Symphyotrichum cordifolium Broad-leaved Aster, Common Blue Wood Aster, Heartleaf Aster Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Symphyotrichum patens var. patens Spreading Aster, Late Purple Aster, Spread-leaf Aster, Sky-drop Aster Perennial Herb Shade
Tecoma stans Yellow Bells, Yellowbells, Esperanza, Yellow Trumpetbush, Yellow Trumpetflower, Trumpetbush, Trumpetflower, Yellow Elder Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Tetraneuris linearifolia Fineleaf Fournerved Daisy, Slender-leaf Hymenoxys, Bitterweed Annual Herb
Tetraneuris scaposa Four-nerve Daisy, Hymenoxys, Stemmy Four-nerve Daisy, Yellow Daisy, Bitterweed Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Thelesperma flavodiscum East Texas Greenthread, Greenthread Annual Herb
Thelesperma simplicifolium Slender Greenthread, Navajo Tea, Cota Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Thelypodium wrightii Wright's Thelypody, Wright Thelypody Biennial Herb
Thymophylla acerosa Prickly-leaf Dogweed, Texas Dogweed, Shrubby Dogweed, Prickleleaf Dogweed, Prickleaf Dogweed, Fetid Marigold, Scrubby Dogweed Perennial Herb
Thymophylla pentachaeta var. pentachaeta Parralena, Fiveneedle Pricklyleaf, Dogweed, Dyssodia Perennial Subshrub Sun
Trillium sessile Toadshade, Red Trillium, Red Wake-robin, Sessile Trillium, Sessile Wake-robin, Yellow Trillium, Yellow Wake-robin Perennial Herb Shade Moist
Triodanis perfoliata Clasping Venus's Looking-glass Annual Herb Shade Dry
Ungnadia speciosa Mexican Buckeye, Monilla Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Utricularia inflata Swollen Bladderwort, Floating Bladderwort Perennial Herb
Vachellia farnesiana Huisache, Texas Huisache, Sweet Acacia, Perfume Acacia, Mealy Acacia, Mealy Wattle, Cassie Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Vachellia rigidula Blackbrush Acacia, Blackbrush, Chaparro Prieto, Gavia Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Verbena halei Texas Vervain, Slender Verbena, Texas Verbena, Slender Vervain Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Verbesina encelioides Cowpen Daisy, Golden Crownbeard, Butter Daisy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Verbesina nana Dwarf Crownbeard Perennial Herb
Vernonia baldwinii Western Ironweed, Baldwin's Ironweed, Ironweed Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Viguiera cordifolia Heartleaf Goldeneye Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Viguiera stenoloba Skeleton-leaf Goldeneye, Resinbush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Viola bicolor Field Pansy, Wild Pansy Annual Herb
Viola pedata Birdfoot Violet, Bird's-foot Violet, Bird-foot Violet Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Dry
Viola sororia Missouri Violet, Common Blue Violet, Hooded Blue Violet, Florida Violet, Meadow Violet, Confederate Violet, Dooryard Violet, Purple Violet, Woolly Blue Violet, Wood Violet, Hooded Violet Annual Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist
Viola ×palmata Early Blue Hybrid Violet, Trilobed Hybrid Violet, Palmateleaf Hybrid Violet Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Wislizenia refracta Jackass Clover, Spectacle Fruit Annual Herb
Wisteria frutescens American Wisteria, Texas Wisteria, Kentucky Wisteria Perennial Vine Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Xanthisma texanum Texas Sleepy Daisy, Yellow Sleepy Daisy, Star Of Texas Annual Herb Part-shade
Xanthocephalum gymnospermoides Gummy Broomweed, San Pedro Matchweed, Gummy Snakeweed Annual Herb
Xylorhiza wrightii Big Bend Woodyaster, Terlingua Aster, Gyp Daisy, Gypsum Daisy, Big Bend Aster Perennial Herb
Yucca faxoniana Faxon Yucca, Carneros Yucca, Eve's Needle, Spanish Bayonet, Spanish Dagger, Giant Dagger, Palm Samandoca, Palm Barreta, Palmilla, Palma Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Yucca thompsoniana Thompson's Yucca, Thompson Yucca, Beaked Yucca, Big Bend Yucca, Soyate, Palmita, Trans-Pecos Yucca Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Yucca torreyi Torrey Yucca, Torrey's Yucca, Spanish Bayonet, Spanish Dagger, Old Shag, Palma Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Zigadenus glaberrimus Sandbog Deathcamas, Camas, Large-flowered Zigadenus Perennial Herb
Zigadenus nuttallii Nuttall's Death Camas, Death Camas, Poison-onion Perennial Herb Part-shade
Zinnia acerosa Desert Zinnia, Dwarf Zinnia, Dwarf White Zinnia, Shrubby Zinnia, Southern Zinnia Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Zinnia grandiflora Plains Zinnia, Rocky Mountain Zinnia, Prairie Zinnia, Little Golden Zinnia, Yellow Zinnia Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Zizia aurea Golden Zizia, Golden Alexanders Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist