Sunlight Gardens

Sunlight Gardens specializes in nursery propagated plants, mostly herbaceous, that are native to the eastern United States. With almost 30 years of propagating and growing experience, we list several hundred species for just about any landscape situation. Our web site is full of information and ideas to help you be successful. We sell mail order as well as retail and wholesale.

Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Achillea millefolium Common Yarrow, Western Yarrow, Yarrow, Milfoil Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Dry
Actaea pachypoda White Baneberry, Dolls Eyes Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist
Actaea racemosa var. racemosa Black Cohosh, Black Bugbane, Bugbane, Black Snakeroot, Fairy Candles Perennial Herb Shade, Part-shade Moist
Adiantum pedatum Northern Maidenhair Fern, Maidenhair Fern Perennial Fern Shade, Part-shade Moist