California-Southern Recommended

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Scientific Name Common Name Duration Habit Sun Water
Abies concolor White Fir, Balsam Fir, Colorado Fir, Concolor Fir, Silver Fir, White Balsam, Oyamel De California Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade
Abies magnifica California Red Fir, Red Fir Perennial Tree Sun Moist
Abronia villosa Desert Sand Verbena, Desert Sand-verbena, Desert Sandverbena Annual Herb Sun Dry
Acer macrophyllum Bigleaf Maple, Big-leaf Maple Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Achnatherum hymenoides Indian Ricegrass, Indian Millet, Sandgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Adenostoma fasciculatum Chamise, Common Chamise, Greasewood Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Adenostoma sparsifolium Redshank, Ribbon Bush, Ribbonwood Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Aesculus californica California Buckeye Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Amelanchier alnifolia Saskatoon Serviceberry, Western Serviceberry, Juneberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Amorpha fruticosa Indigo Bush, False Indigo Bush, False Indigo, Desert False Indigo Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Antennaria alpina Alpine Everlasting, Alpine Pussytoes Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Aquilegia eximia Van Houtte's Columbine, Serpentine Columbine Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Aquilegia formosa Western Columbine, Crimson Columbine, Scarlet Columbine, Red Columbine Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Arbutus menziesii Pacific Madrone, Oregon Laurel, Laurelwood Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Arctostaphylos edmundsii Little Sur Manzanita Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Arctostaphylos hookeri Hooker's Manzanita, Monterey Manzanita Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Arctostaphylos manzanita Whiteleaf Manzanita, Big Manzanita, Manzanita Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Arctostaphylos nevadensis Pinemat Manzanita Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Arctostaphylos patula Greenleaf Manzanita, Green-leaf Manzanita Perennial Shrub Sun Moist
Artemisia pycnocephala Beach Sagebrush, Beach Wormwood, Sand Hill Sage Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Artemisia tridentata Big Sagebrush, Great Basin Sagebrush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Atriplex canescens Chamiso, Four-wing Saltbush, Wing-scale Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Atriplex confertifolia Shadscale, Spiny Saltbush, Shadscale Saltbush, Hop Sage Perennial Subshrub Sun Dry
Atriplex lentiformis Big Saltbush, Quailbush, Saltbush, Coastal Quail Bush Perennial Subshrub Sun Moist
Baileya multiradiata Desert Marigold, Showy Desert Marigold, Paper Daisy, Desert Baileya Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Arrow-leaf Balsamroot Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Calocedrus decurrens Incense Cedar, Incense-cedar Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Calycanthus occidentalis Western Sweetshrub, California Sweet Shrub, Spice Bush, Western Spicebush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Carpenteria californica Bush Anemone, Tree Anemone, Tree-anemone Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Castilleja angustifolia Northwestern Indian Paintbrush Perennial Subshrub Shade
Castilleja exserta ssp. exserta Purple Owl's Clover, Owl's Clover, Exserted Indian Paintbrush Annual Herb Sun
Castilleja linariifolia Wyoming Indian Paintbrush, Wyoming Indian-paintbrush Perennial Herb Part-shade
Ceanothus cordulatus Mountain Whitethorn, Snow Bush, Whitethorn Ceanothus Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Ceanothus cuneatus Buckbrush Perennial Shrub Sun
Ceanothus impressus Santa Barbara Ceanothus, Santa Barbara Buckbrush Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Ceanothus integerrimus Deerbrush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade
Ceanothus leucodermis Chaparral Whitethorn, Jackbrush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Ceanothus megacarpus Big-pod Buckbrush, Big-pod Ceanothus, Bigpod Ceanothus Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Ceanothus velutinus Snowbrush, Snowbrush Ceanothus, Tobacco-brush, Mountain Balm, Buckbrush Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Cercis canadensis var. texensis Texas Redbud Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade Dry
Cercocarpus ledifolius Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany, Curl-leaf Mountain-mahogany Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Cercocarpus montanus var. glaber Smooth Mountain Mahogany, Birchleaf Mountain Mahogany, True Mountain Mahogany, Hard Tack Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Cercocarpus montanus var. minutiflorus Smooth Mountain Mahogany, San Diego Mountain-mahogany Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Chamerion angustifolium ssp. angustifolium Fireweed, Narrow-leaf Fireweed, Willow Herb Perennial Herb Sun Moist
Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow, Flowering Willow, Willow-leaved Catalpa, Willowleaf Catalpa, Bow Willow, Flor De Mimbre, Mimbre Perennial Tree Sun Moist, Dry
Chrysolepis sempervirens Bush Chinquapin, Sierra Chinquapin, Sierran Chinkapin Perennial Shrub Sun
Clarkia unguiculata Elegant Clarkia, Elegant Fairyfan, Mountain Garland Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Cleome isomeris Bladderpod Spiderflower, Bladderpod Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Collinsia heterophylla Purple Chinese Houses, Harlequin Blue-eyed Mary, Chinese Houses Annual Herb Part-shade
Collomia grandiflora Grand Collomia, Large-flower Mountain-trumpet, Collomia Annual Herb Part-shade Dry
Collomia linearis Tiny Trumpet, Narrow-leaf Mountain-trumpet, Collomia Annual Herb Part-shade
Comarostaphylis diversifolia Summer Holly, Summer-blooming Manzanita, Mock Arbutus, Mock Arbute Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Coreopsis calliopsidea Leaf-stem Tickseed, Leafstem Tickseed, Leafy Stem Coreopsis Annual Herb Sun
Coreopsis douglasii Douglas' Tickseed Annual Herb Sun
Cornus nuttallii Pacific Dogwood, Pacific Flowering Dogwood, Mountain Dogwood Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Cornus sericea ssp. sericea Redosier Dogwood, Red Osier Dogwood Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade
Hesperocyparis forbesii Tecate Cypress Perennial Tree Sun
Hesperocyparis macrocarpa Monterey Cypress Perennial Tree Sun
Danthonia californica California Oatgrass, California Wild Oat Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Danthonia unispicata Few-flower Wild Oat Grass, Onespike Danthonia, Onespike Oatgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Dasiphora fruticosa ssp. floribunda Shrubby Cinquefoil, Golden Hardhack, Potentilla Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Delphinium californicum California Coast Larkspur, California Larkspur Perennial Herb Part-shade Moist
Delphinium cardinale Scarlet Larkspur Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Delphinium glaucum Sierra Larkspur, Tower Larkspur Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet, Moist
Dendromecon rigida Tree Poppy, Bush Poppy Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Diplacus longiflorus Southern Bush Monkeyflower Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Diplacus puniceus Red Bush Monkeyflower, Mission Diplacus Perennial Shrub Part-shade
Elymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulus Slender Wheatgrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun
Encelia californica California Brittlebush, Coast Sunflower Perennial Shrub Sun
Encelia farinosa Brittlebush, Goldhills, Incienso Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Epilobium obcordatum Rockfringe Perennial Herb Sun
Epilobium rigidum Siskiyou Rock Fringe, Stiff Willowherb Perennial Herb Sun
Ericameria nauseosa ssp. nauseosa Chamisa, Rabbitbrush, Rubber Rabbitbrush Perennial Shrub Sun
Eriogonum fasciculatum Eastern Mojave Buckwheat, Eastern Mojave Wild Buckwheat, California Buckwheat, Flattop Buckwheat Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Erodium texanum Texas Stork's Bill, Stork's Bill, Pine Needle, Fillaree Annual, Biennial Herb Sun Dry
Eschscholzia caespitosa Tufted Poppy, Tufted-poppy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Eschscholzia californica California Poppy, California Gold Poppy Annual Herb Sun Dry
Fallugia paradoxa Apache Plume, Ponil Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Festuca californica California Fescue Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Festuca occidentalis Western Fescue Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Forestiera pubescens var. pubescens Stretchberry, Elbowbush, Stretch-berry, Downy Forestiera, Desert Olive, Elbow-bush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Frangula californica ssp. californica California Buckthorn, Coffeeberry Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Fraxinus velutina Arizona Ash, Velvet Ash, Desert Ash, Leatherleaf Ash, Smooth Ash, Modesto Ash, Toumey Ash, Standley Ash Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Fremontodendron californicum California Flannelbush, Northern Flannelbush, Northern Fremontia, California Slippery Elm Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Fremontodendron mexicanum Mexican Flannelbush, Southern Flannelbush, Southern Fremontia, Mexican Fremontia Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Garrya elliptica Wavyleaf Silktassel, Wavy-leaf Silktassel, Silk-tassel Bush, Coastal Silktassel Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade
Gaultheria shallon Salal Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Wet, Moist, Dry
Gilia achilleifolia California Gilia, California Gily-flower, Showy Gilia Annual Herb Sun
Gilia tricolor Bird's-eye Gilia, Bird's-eyes Annual Herb Sun
Hesperoyucca whipplei Our Lord's Candle, Chaparral Yucca, Foothill Yucca, Quixote Yucca Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Heteromeles arbutifolia Toyon, California Christmasberry, Christmasberry, California Holly, Hollywood Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Dry
Holodiscus discolor Ocean Spray, Hillside Ocean-spray, Cream Bush, Mountain Spray Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist
Ipomopsis aggregata Scarlet Gilia, Scarlet Standing-cypress, Skyrocket, Skunkflower Biennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Iris missouriensis Rocky Mountain Iris, Western Blue Flag Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Juglans californica California Black Walnut, Southern California Walnut Perennial Tree Part-shade
Juniperus californica California Juniper, Desert White Cedar Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Juniperus occidentalis Western Juniper Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Kallstroemia grandiflora Arizona Poppy, Desert Poppy, Orange Caltrop, Summer Poppy Annual Herb Sun
Koeleria macrantha Prairie Junegrass, Junegrass, Prairie Koeler's Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Larrea tridentata Creosote Bush, Greasewood, Hediondilla, Governadora, Guamis Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Lasthenia glabrata Yellowray Goldfields, Yellow-ray Goldfields, California Sunshine Annual Herb Sun
Layia glandulosa White-daisy Tidytips, White Tidytips Annual Herb Sun
Layia platyglossa Coastal Tidytips Annual Herb Sun Dry
Leptosiphon grandiflorus Large-flower Desert-trumpets, Largeflower Linanthus, Mountain Phlox Annual Herb Sun
Leucothoe davisiae Sierra Laurel, Sierran Doghobble, Western Leucothoe Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Leymus triticoides Beardless Lyme Grass, Beardless Wildrye, Creeping Wildrye Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Linanthus dianthiflorus Fringed Desert-trumpets, Fringed Linanthus, Ground Linanthus, Ground-pink Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus arboreus Yellow Bush Lupine, Bush Lupine, Tree Lupine Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Lupinus densiflorus var. aureus Golden Lupine, Whitewhorl Lupine Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus grayi Sierra Lupine Perennial Subshrub
Lupinus nanus Ocean-blue Lupine, Sky Lupine Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus polyphyllus Bigleaf Lupine, Blue-pod Lupine, Meadow Lupine, Bog Lupine Perennial Herb Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Lupinus sparsiflorus Mojave Lupine, Sand Lupine Annual Herb
Lupinus succulentus Hollowleaf Annual Lupine, Hollow-leaf Annual Lupine, Arroyo Lupine, Succulent Lupine Annual Herb Sun Dry
Lupinus vallicola Open Lupine Annual Herb
Mahonia nervosa Cascade Barberry, Cascade Oregon-grape, Dwarf Oregon-grape Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Mahonia nevinii Nevin's Barberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Mahonia repens Creeping Barberry, Creeping Oregon-grape Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist, Dry
Malosma laurina Laurel Sumac, Laurel-leaf Sumac Perennial Tree Sun
Melica imperfecta Smallflower Melic Grass, Coast Range Melic Grass, Smallflower Melic, Coast Range Melic, Oniongrass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Dry
Mentzelia laevicaulis Smoothstem Blazingstar, Giant Blazingstar, Evening Star, Stick Leaf Biennial Herb Sun
Mentzelia lindleyi Lindley's Blazingstar, Evening Star Annual Herb Sun Dry
Mimulus bicolor Yellow-and-white Monkeyflower Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Mimulus guttatus Yellow Monkeyflower, Golden Monkeyflower, Seep Monkeyflower, Common Monkeyflower Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Mimulus kelloggii Kellogg's Monkeyflower Annual Herb Part-shade Wet
Mimulus lewisii Purple Monkeyflower, Great Purple Monkeyflower, Lewis Monkeyflower, Lewis's Monkeyflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Mimulus primuloides Primrose Monkeyflower, Yellow Creeping Monkeyflower, Creeping Yellow Monkeyflower Perennial Herb Part-shade Wet
Morella californica Pacific Wax Myrtle, California Wax Myrtle, Pacific Bayberry, California Bayberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade
Nemophila maculata Fivespot Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Nemophila menziesii Baby Blue Eyes, Menzies Baby Blue Eyes Annual Herb Part-shade Moist
Nolina parryi Parry's Beargrass, Bigelow Nolina Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Notholithocarpus densiflorus Tan Oak Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Oenothera caespitosa Tufted Evening Primrose, Gumbo Evening Primrose, Gumbo Lily, Fragrant Evening Primrose Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Oenothera deltoides Birdcage Evening-primrose, Fragrant Primrose, Desert Evening-primrose, Birdcage Primrose Annual Herb Sun
Oenothera elata ssp. hookeri Hooker's Evening-primrose, Giant Evening-primrose Biennial Herb Sun Moist
Oenothera pallida Pale Evening-primrose Biennial Herb Sun
Parkinsonia florida Blue Paloverde Perennial Tree
Penstemon centranthifolius Scarlet Bugler Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Penstemon clevelandii Cleveland's Penstemon, Cleveland's Beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Penstemon eatonii Firecracker Penstemon, Firecracker Beardtongue, Eaton's Penstemon, Eaton's Beardtongue Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Penstemon heterophyllus Bunchleaf Penstemon, Bunchleaf Beardtongue, Foothill Penstemon, Foothill Beardtongue Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Penstemon palmeri Palmer's Penstemon, Palmer's Beardtongue, Scented Penstemon, Scented Beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Penstemon spectabilis Showy Penstemon, Showy Beardtongue, Royal Penstemon, Royal Beardtongue Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Phacelia campanularia Desert Bells, Desert Canterbury Bells, Desert Bluebells, Bluebells Annual Herb Sun Dry
Phacelia minor Wild Canterbury Bells, California Bells Annual Herb Sun Dry
Phacelia parryi Parry's Phacelia Annual Herb
Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia, Lacy Scorpion-weed Annual Herb Sun Dry
Philadelphus lewisii Lewis' Mock Orange, Mock Orange, California Mock Orange Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade
Pholistoma racemosum Racemed Fiesta-flower, Racemed Fiestaflower Annual Herb Shade
Pinus coulteri Coulter Pine Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Pinus jeffreyi Jeffrey Pine Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Pinus lambertiana Sugar Pine Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa Pine, Western Yellow Pine, Pino Blanco Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Pinus radiata Monterey Pine Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Platystemon californicus California Creamcups, Creamcups Annual Herb Sun Moist
Pleuraphis rigida Big Galleta Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun
Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosa Honey Mesquite Perennial Tree
Prosopis velutina Velvet Mesquite Perennial Tree
Prunus ilicifolia Hollyleaf Cherry Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Pseudoroegneria spicata ssp. spicata Bluebunch Wheatgrass, Bluebunch-wheat Grass Perennial Grass/Grass-like Sun Dry
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa Big-cone Douglas-fir, Big-cone Spruce, Bigcone Douglas-fir Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas Fir, Blue Douglas Fir Perennial Tree Part-shade Dry
Psilostrophe tagetina Woolly Paperflower, Paperflower Biennial, Perennial Herb, Subshrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Purshia mexicana Mexican Cliffrose, Chinacates, Chivatillo, Romerillo Cimarrã³N, Romero, Romero Cedro Perennial Tree
Purshia tridentata Antelope Bitterbrush, Bitterbrush, Antelope Brush Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Quercus agrifolia California Live Oak, Coast Live Oak, Encino Verde Perennial Tree Sun, Part-shade
Quercus chrysolepis Canyon Live Oak Perennial Shrub, Tree Sun Moist
Quercus douglasii Blue Oak Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Quercus dumosa Coastal Sage Scrub Oak, Nuttall's Scrub Oak Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Quercus engelmannii Engelmann Oak, Engelmann's Oak Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Quercus kelloggii California Black Oak Perennial Tree Sun
Quercus lobata Valley Oak Perennial Tree Sun
Quercus wislizeni Interior Live Oak Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Rhododendron macrophyllum Pacific Rhododendron, California Rhododendron, California Rosebay, Red Rhododendron Perennial Shrub Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Rhododendron occidentale Western Azalea Perennial Shrub Part-shade Moist
Rhus ovata Sugar Sumac, Sugarbush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Rhus trilobata Skunkbush, Skunkbush Sumac, Fragrant Sumac, Aromatic Sumac, Scented Sumac, Ill-scented Sumac, Basketbush, Squawbush Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Ribes aureum Golden Currant Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Romneya coulteri Coulter's Matilija Poppy, Matilija Poppy, Fried-egg Flower Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed Susan, Common Black-eyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Blackeyed Susan Annual Herb Sun Moist, Dry
Salvia apiana White Sage, California White Sage Perennial Shrub Sun
Salvia clevelandii Fragrant Sage, Blue Sage, Cleveland Sage Perennial Shrub Sun
Salvia columbariae California Sage, Chia Sage, Golden Chia, Desert Chia, Chia Annual Herb Sun Dry
Salvia leucophylla San Luis Purple Sage, Purple Sage Perennial Subshrub
Salvia mellifera Black Sage, California Black Sage Perennial Shrub Sun
Salvia sonomensis Creeping Sage Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis Common Elderberry, Black Elder, Mexican Elderberry, Common Elder, Elderberry, Tapiro, Sauco Perennial Shrub Part-shade Wet
Senegalia greggii Gregg Acacia, Gregg's Acacia, Gregg Catclaw Acacia, Gregg's Catclaw Acacia, Gregg Catclaw, Gregg's Catclaw, Texas Catclaw Acacia, Texas Catclaw, Long-flowered Catclaw Acacia, Longflower Catclaw Acacia, Long-flowered Catclaw, Longflower Catclaw, Catclaw Acacia, Catclaw, Devil's Claw, Uña De Gato Perennial Tree Sun Dry
Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood, California Redwood, Redwood Perennial Tree Sun Moist
Shepherdia argentea Silver Buffaloberry, Buffaloberry Perennial Shrub Sun Moist, Dry
Silene californica Indian Pink, Indian-pink Perennial Herb Part-shade Dry
Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba, Goatnut, Quinine Plant, Coffeeberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Part-shade Dry
Sisyrinchium bellum Western Blue-eyed Grass, California Blue-eyed-grass Perennial Herb Part-shade
Sisyrinchium californicum Golden Blue-eyed Grass Perennial Herb Sun Wet
Sphaeralcea ambigua Desert Globemallow, Apricot Globe-mallow, Desert Mallow, Globe Mallow, Apricot Mallow Perennial Herb Sun Dry
Sporobolus airoides Alkali Sacaton, Zacate Alcalino Perennial Grass/Grass-like Part-shade Moist
Stylomecon heterophylla Wind Poppy Annual Herb Part-shade
Styrax redivivus Chapparal Snowbell, Drug Snowbell, Snowdrop Bush Perennial Shrub Part-shade Dry
Symphoricarpos mollis Creeping Snowberry Perennial Subshrub Dry
Trichostema lanatum Woolly Bluecurls, Romero Perennial Shrub Sun Dry
Tsuga mertensiana Mountain Hemlock Perennial Tree Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist
Umbellularia californica California Laurel, California Bay, Oregon Myrtle, Pepperwood Perennial Tree Part-shade Moist
Vaccinium ovatum California Huckleberry, Evergreen Blueberry, Evergreen Huckleberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Vaccinium parvifolium Red Blueberry, Red Huckleberry Perennial Shrub Sun, Shade, Part-shade Moist, Dry
Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm, Desert Palm, Petticoat Palm Perennial Tree Sun Moist
Yucca baccata Banana Yucca, Blue Yucca, Fleshy-fruited Yucca, Datil Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun Dry
Yucca brevifolia Joshua Tree, Tree Yucca, Cactus-yucca, Yucca-palm Perennial Cactus/Succulent Sun