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Bastrop County Native Grasses

This is a list of the grass species native to Bastrop County, Texas.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Eragrostis intermediaPlains Lovegrass
Plains Love Grass
Eragrostis lugensMourning Lovegrass
Mourning Love Grass
Eragrostis pectinacea var. pectinaceaTufted Lovegrass
Tufted Love Grass
Erioneuron pilosumHairy Woollygrass
Hairy Tridens
Eragrostis refractaCoastal Lovegrass
Coastal Love Grass
Eragrostis secundifloraRed Lovegrass
Red Love Grass
Eragrostis sessilispicaTumble Lovegrass
Tumble Love Grass
Eragrostis spectabilisPurple Lovegrass
Purple Love Grass
Purple Plains Lovegrass
Petticoat Climber
Festuca versutaTexas Fescue
Glyceria septentrionalisFloating Mannagrass
Northern Mannagrass
Eastern Mannagrass
Gymnopogon ambiguusBearded Skeletongrass
Hilaria belangeriCurly Mesquite Grass
Curly Mesquite
Hordeum pusillumLittle Barley
Leptochloa dubiaGreen Sprangletop
Leptochloa fuscaMalabar Sprangletop
Leptochloa fusca ssp. fascicularisBearded Sprangletop
Leersia hexandraSouthern Cutgrass
Leersia lenticularisCatchfly Grass
Oatmeal Grass
Leersia oryzoidesRice Cutgrass
Rice Cut Grass
Leptochloa paniceaMucronate Sprangletop
Red Sprangletop
Needle Sprangletop
Leersia virginicaWhitegrass
Limnodea arkansanaOzark Grass
Muhlenbergia capillarisGulf Muhly
Hair-awn Muhly
Hairy-awn Muhly
Hair Grass
Pink Muhly
Muhlenbergia lindheimeriLindheimer's Muhly
Lindheimer Muhly
Big Muhly
Blue Muhly
Nassella leucotrichaTexas Wintergrass
Texas Speargrass
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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158 Results:   10 25 50  100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention