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The Native Plant Network is devoted to the sharing of information on how to propagate native plants of North America (Canada, Mexico, and US).

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Lewisia pygmaeaAlpine Lewisia
Pygmy Bitterroot
Lewisia redivivaBitter Root
Oregon Bitter-root
Leymus triticoidesBeardless Lyme Grass
Beardless Wildrye
Creeping Wildrye
Liatris asperaTall Blazing Star
Tall Gayfeather
Tall Liatris
Rough Blazing Star
Rough Gayfeather
Rough Liatris
Button Snakeroot
Lindera benzoinNorthern Spicebush
Wild Allspice
Linnaea borealisTwinflower
American Twinflower
Lilium canadenseCanada Lily
Canadian Lily
Wild Yellow Lily
Liatris ligulistylisRocky Mountain Blazing Star
Rocky Mountain Gayfeather
Rocky Mountain Liatris
Meadow Blazing Star
Meadow Gayfeather
Meadow Liatris
Lilium michiganenseMichigan Lily
Turk's Cap Lily
Lilium philadelphicumWood Lily
Liatris punctataDotted Blazing Star
Dotted Gayfeather
Dotted Liatris
Liatris pycnostachyaPrairie Blazing Star
Prairie Gayfeather
Prairie Liatris
Kansas Blazing Star
Kansas Gayfeather
Kansas Liatris
Cat-tail Blazing Star
Cat-tail Gayfeather
Cat-tail Liatris
Hairy Button-snakeroot
Liatris spicataDense Blazing Star
Dense Gayfeather
Dense Liatris
Marsh Blazing Star
Marsh Gayfeather
Marsh Liatris
Liatris squarrosaScaly Blazing Star
Scaly Gayfeather
Scaly Liatris
Liquidambar styracifluaSweetgum
American Sweetgum
Red Gum
White Gum
Star-leaved Gum
Starleaf Gum
Alligator Tree
Satin Walnut
Liriodendron tulipiferaTulip Tree
Tulip Poplar
Yellow Poplar
Lloydia serotinaCommon Alplily
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower
Lomatium dissectumFernleaf Biscuitroot
Fernleaf Desert-parsley
Lonicera hispidulaPink Honeysuckle
Hairy Honeysuckle
California Honeysuckle
Western Honeysuckle
Pink Chaparral Honeysuckle
Lobelia inflataIndian Tobacco
Lonicera involucrataTwinberry Honeysuckle
Black Twinberry Honeysuckle
Black Twinberry
Bearberry Honeysuckle
Four-line Honeysuckle
Lotus scopariusCommon Deerweed
Lonicera utahensisUtah Honeysuckle
Red Twinberry
Lupinus albifronsSilver Lupine
White-leaf Bush Lupine
Evergreen Lupine
Lupinus arboreusYellow Bush Lupine
Bush Lupine
Tree Lupine
Lupinus arcticusArctic Lupine
Lupinus argenteusSilvery Lupine
Silver-stem Lupine
Lupinus bicolorMiniature Lupine
Miniature Annual Lupine
Pygmy-leaved Lupine
Lupinus havardiiBig Bend Bluebonnet
Big Bend Lupine
Havard Bluebonnet
Chisos Bluebonnet
Luzula parvifloraSmallflowered Woodrush
Lupinus sericeusSilky Lupine
Luzula spicataSpiked Woodrush
Lupinus versicolorBluff Lupine
Manycolored Lupine
Varicolored Lupine
Magnolia acuminataCucumbertree
Cucumber Tree
Mountain Magnolia
Maianthemum canadenseCanada Mayflower
False Lily-of-the-valley
Marah fabaceusCalifornia Manroot
Mahonia fremontiiFremont's Mahonia
Desert Oregon-grape
Fremont Barberry
Holly Grape
Maianthemum racemosumFeathery False Lily Of The Valley
False Solomon's Seal
Feathery False Solomon's Seal
False Spikenard
Solomon's Plume
Mahonia repensCreeping Barberry
Creeping Oregon-grape
Maianthemum stellatumStarry False Lily Of The Valley
Starry False Solomon's Seal
Star-flowered Solomon's Seal
Magnolia virginianaSweetbay
Sweetbay Magnolia
Southern Sweetbay
Swamp Magnolia
Sweet Magnolia
Small Magnolia
Laurel Magnolia
White Bay
White Laurel
Swamp Laurel
Beaver Tree
Manfreda virginicaFalse Aloe
Rattlesnake Master
Meehania cordataMeehan's Mint
Melica imperfectaSmallflower Melic Grass
Coast Range Melic Grass
Smallflower Melic
Coast Range Melic
Melampyrum lineareNarrowleaf Cow-wheat
Narrow-leaved Cow-wheat
Cow Wheat
Menodora longifloraShowy Menodora
Mertensia oblongifoliaOblongleaf Bluebells
Menyanthes trifoliataBuckbean
Mertensia virginicaVirginia Bluebells
Mitella breweriBrewer's Miterwort
Mimulus cardinalisScarlet Monkeyflower
Crimson Monkeyflower
Mimulus guttatusYellow Monkeyflower
Golden Monkeyflower
Seep Monkeyflower
Common Monkeyflower
Mimulus lewisiiPurple Monkeyflower
Great Purple Monkeyflower
Lewis Monkeyflower
Lewis's Monkeyflower
Mitella nudaNaked Miterwort
Minuartia obtusilobaAlpine Stitchwort
Cushion Sandwort
Twinflower Sandwort
Minuartia rubellaBeautiful Sandwort
Morella californicaPacific Wax Myrtle
California Wax Myrtle
Pacific Bayberry
California Bayberry
Morella ceriferaWax Myrtle
Southern Wax Myrtle
Southern Bayberry
Eastern Bayberry
Tallow Shrub
Monarda fistulosaWild Bergamot
Morella pensylvanicaNorthern Bayberry
Monardella villosaCoyote Mint
Muhlenbergia montanaMountain Muhly
Muhlenbergia porteriBush Muhly
Muhlenbergia wrightiiSpike Muhly
Nassella leucotrichaTexas Wintergrass
Texas Speargrass
Nassella viridulaGreen Needlegrass
Nicotiana attenuataCoyote Tobacco
Notholithocarpus densiflorusTan Oak
Oenothera biennisCommon Evening-primrose
King's Cure-all
Oenothera caespitosaTufted Evening Primrose
Gumbo Evening Primrose
Gumbo Lily
Fragrant Evening Primrose
Oemleria cerasiformisIndian Plum
Oenanthe sarmentosaWater Parsely
Water Parsley
Oligoneuron rigidumStiff Goldenrod
Hard-leaf Goldenrod
Oligoneuron rigidum var. rigidumStiff Goldenrod
Olneya tesotaDesert Ironwood
Palo De Hierro
Oplopanax horridusDevil's Club
Orthocarpus luteusYellow Owl's-clover
Osmorhiza berteroiSweetcicely
Mountain Sweet-cicely
Osmunda cinnamomeaCinnamon Fern
Osmorhiza claytoniiClayton's Sweetroot
Hairy Sweet-cicely
Sweet Jarvil
Osmorhiza longistylisLongstyle Sweetroot
Wild Licorice
Osmunda regalisRoyal Fern
Ostrya virginianaEastern Hop-hornbeam
American Hop-hornbeam
Woolly Hop-hornbean
Eastern Ironwood
Roughbark Ironwood
Oxydendrum arboreumSourwood
Sorrel Tree
Oxytropis borealis var. viscidaViscid Locoweed
Oxytropis campestrisField Locoweed
Northern Field Oxytrope
Northern Yellow Locoweed
Oxyria digynaAlpine Mountainsorrel
Mountain Sorrel
Oxytropis lambertiiPurple Locoweed
Oxalis oreganaRedwood-sorrel
Oregon Wood Sorrel
Oregon Woodsorrel
Oxytropis sericeaWhite Locoweed
Silky Locoweed
Oxytropis splendensShowy Locoweed
Paeonia californicaCalifornia Peony
Papaver californicumFire Poppy
Western Poppy
Packera fendleriFendler's Ragwort
Parnassia fimbriataFringed Grass Of Parnassus
Fringed Parnassia
Parkinsonia floridaBlue Paloverde
Parthenium integrifoliumWild Quinine
American Fever-few
Parkinsonia microphyllaYellow Paloverde
Foothill Paloverde
Littleleaf Paloverde
Paxistima myrsinitesOregon Boxleaf
Myrtle Boxwood
Mountain Lover
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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859 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention