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Chihuahuan Desert

This EPA Level III ecoregion encompasses all or part of 16 counties in the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. The Chihuahuan Desert extends across southern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and northern Mexico. In Texas, this ecoregion covers roughly the same area as the Texas Parks & Wildlife Departmentís Trans-Pecos vegetative region. This collection lists only those taxa found in the Texas portion of the Chihuahuan Desert ecoregion.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Chenopodium albumLambsquarters
Chamaesyce angustaBlackfoot Sandmat
Narrow-leaf Spurge
Chrysothamnus baileyiBailey's Rabbitbrush
Chaetopappa bellidifoliaWhiteray Leastdaisy
Dwarf White Aster
Edwards Lazy Daisy
Chaetopappa bellioidesManyflower Leastdaisy
Chenopodium berlandieriPitseed Goosefoot
Lambs Quarters
Chamaesyce capitellataHead Sandmat
Chamaesyce chaetocalyx var. triligulataBristlecup Sandmat
Chamaesyce cinerascensAshy Sandmat
Chamaesaracha coniodesGray Five Eyes
False Nightshade
Ground Saracha
Prostrate Ground-cherry
Chamaesaracha coronopusGreenleaf Five Eyes
Green False Nightshade
Chloris cucullataHooded Windmill Grass
Hooded Windmillgrass
Choisya dumosaMexican Orange
Starleaf Mexican Orange
Fragrant Starleaf
Chaetopappa ericoidesRose Heath
Chamaecrista fasciculataPartridge Pea
Sensitive Plant
Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculataPartridge Pea
Showy Partridge-pea
Cheilanthes feeiSlender Lipfern
Chamaesyce fendleriFendler's Sandmat
Fendler's Spurge
Fendler's Carpetweed
Fendler's Euphorb
Chamaesyce glyptospermaRibseed Sandmat
Rib-seeded Sand Mat
Chamaesyce golondrinaBoquillas Sandmat
Swallow Spurge
Chaetopappa hersheyiGuadalupe Leastdaisy
Cheilanthes horridulaRough Lipfern
Chamaesyce hyssopifoliaHyssopleaf Sandmat
Chenopodium incanumMealy Goosefoot
Chamaesyce lataHoary Sandmat
Hoary Euphorbia
Chenopodium leptophyllumNarrowleaf Goosefoot
Cheilanthes lindheimeriFairy-swords
Chilopsis linearisDesert Willow
Flowering Willow
Willow-leaved Catalpa
Willowleaf Catalpa
Bow Willow
Flor De Mimbre
Chamaesyce maculataSpotted Spurge
Spotted Euphorbia
Spotted Sandmat
Milk Purslane
Prostrate Spurge
Chrysactinia mexicanaDamianita
Chamaesyce missuricaPrairie Sandmat
Missouri Spurge
Chamaecrista nictitansSensitive Partridge Pea
Sensitive Pea
Chamaecrista nictitans ssp. nictitansSensitive Partridge Pea
Partridge Pea
Chamaesyce nutansNodding Spurge
Chamaesaracha pallidaPale Five Eyes
False Nightshade
Averett Pale Five Eyes
Chamaesyce parryiParry's Sandmat
Chenopodium pratericolaDesert Goosefoot
Chamaesyce prostrataProstrate Spurge
Prostrate Sandmat
Ground Spurge
Chrysothamnus pulchellusSouthwestern Rabbitbrush
Rubber Rabbit Brush
Chamaesyce serpensMatted Sandmat
Prostrate Spurge
Creeping Spurge
Chamaesyce serrulaSawtooth Sandmat
Chenopodium simplexMapleleaf Goosefoot
Chamaesaracha sordidaHairy Five Eyes
False Nightshade
Chloracantha spinosaSpiny Chloracantha
Mexican Devil-weed
Chaerophyllum tainturieriHairyfruit Chervil
Southern Chervil
Chloris texensisTexas Windmill Grass
Chaptalia texanaTexas Silverpuff
Nodding Lettuce
Silver Puff
Cheilanthes tomentosaWoolly Lipfern
Chloris verticillataTumble Windmill Grass
Chamaesyce villiferaHairy Sandmat
Chloris virgataFeather Fingergrass
Showy Chloris
Chamaesaracha villosaTranspecos Five Eyes
Woolly False Nightshade
Cheilanthes wrightiiWright's Lip Fern
Cicuta maculataSpotted Water Hemlock
Beaver Poison
Cirsium ochrocentrumYellowspine Thistle
Cirsium texanumTexas Thistle
Cissus trifoliataCow-itch Vine
Cow Itch Vine
Grape Ivy
Possum Grape
Arizona Grape Ivy
Cirsium turneriCliff Thistle
Cirsium undulatumWavyleaf Thistle
Plumed Thistle
Clematis drummondiiOld Man's Beard
Drummond's Clematis
Texas Virgin's Bower
Goat's Beard
Cleomella longipesChiricahua Mountain Stinkweed
Cladium mariscus ssp. jamaicenseJamaica Swamp Sawgrass
Jamaican Saw-grass
Clematis pitcheriPurple Leatherflower
Purple Clematis
Bellflower Clematis
Pitcher's Clematis
Cnidoscolus texanusTexas Bullnettle
Bull Nettle
Spurge Nettle
Conopholis alpina var. mexicanaMexican Cancer-root
Alpine Squawroot
Corispermum americanumAmerican Bugseed
Cologania angustifoliaLongleaf Cologania
Corydalis aureaScrambled Eggs
Golden Corydalis
Coreopsis basalisGoldenmane Tickseed
Conoclinium betonicifoliumBetonyleaf Thoroughwort
Betony-leaf Mistflower
Cocculus carolinusCarolina Snailseed
Carolina Coralbead
Carolina Moonseed
Red Berried Moonseed
Carolina Red Berried Moonseed
Conyza canadensisHorseweed
Canadian Horseweed
Corydalis curvisiliquaCurvepod
Curvepod Fumewort
Golden Smoke
Scrambled Eggs
Corydalis curvisiliqua ssp. curvisiliquaCurvepod Fumewort
Commelina dianthifoliaBird-bill Dayflower
Birdbill Dayflower
Commelina dianthifolia var. dianthifoliaBirdbill Dayflower
Cooperia drummondiiEvening Rain Lily
Evening Star Rain Lily
Coryphantha echinusRhinoceros Cactus
Convolvulus equitansTexas Bindweed
Commelina erectaDayflower
Widow's Tears
White-mouth Dayflower
Whitemouth Dayflower
Condalia ericoidesJavelina Bush
Commelina erecta var. angustifoliaWhitemouth Dayflower
Narrow-leaf Dayflower
Widow's Tears
Conoclinium greggiiGregg's Mistflower
Palmleaf Thoroughwort
Palm-leaf Mistflower
Palm-leaf Thoroughwort
Purple Palmleaf Mistflower
Purple Palmleaf Eupatorium
Condalia hookeriBluewood Condalia
Purple Haw
Capul Negro
Coreopsis lanceolataLanceleaf Coreopsis
Lance-leaved Coreopsis
Lanceleaf Tickseed
Sand Coreopsis
Corallorhiza maculataSummer Coralroot
Spotted Coralroot
Speckled Coral Root
Large Coral Root
Many-flowered Coral Root
Coryphantha macromeris var. macromerisNipple Beehive Cactus
Big Needle Cactus
Big Nipple Cory-cactus
Dona Ana
Long Mamma
Cosmos parviflorusSouthwestern Cosmos
Southwest Cosmos
Cologania pallidaPale Cologania
Cooperia pedunculataHill Country Rain Lily
Prairie Lily
Rain Lily
Flor De Mayo
Cordia podocephalaTexas Manjack
White Cordia
Coryphantha ramillosaWhiskerbrush
Condalia spathulataKnifeleaf Condalia
Corallorhiza striataHooded Coralroot
Striped Coralroot
Bigelow's Coral Root
Macrae's Coral Root
Madder Stripes
Coryphantha sulcataNipple Cactus
Pineapple Cactus
Colubrina texensisTexas Hog Plum
Texas Snakewood
Texas Colubrina
Hog Plum
Coreopsis tinctoriaPlains Coreopsis
Golden Tickseed
Condalia viridisGreen Snakewood
Green Condalia
Cryptantha angustifoliaPanamint Cryptantha
Croton capitatusHogwort
Texas Goatweed
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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1,725 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention