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The Native Plant Network is devoted to the sharing of information on how to propagate native plants of North America (Canada, Mexico, and US).

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Elymus trachycaulusSlender Wheatgrass
Elymus virginicusVirginia Wild Rye
Virginia Wildrye
Empetrum nigrumBlack Crowberry
Epilobium anagallidifoliumPimpernel Willowherb
Ephedra nevadensisNevada Jointfir
Nevada Joint-fir
Ephedra viridisMormon Tea
Erythronium albidumWhite Troutlily
White Dogtooth-violet
White Fawnlily
Erythronium americanumYellow Trout-lily
American Trout-lily
Eastern Trout-lily
Yellow Dogtooth Violet
Adder's Tongue
Erigenia bulbosaHarbinger Of Spring
Eriophyllum confertiflorumGolden Yarrow
Yellow Yarrow
Erigeron compositusCutleaf Daisy
Dwarf Mountain Fleabane
Alpine Daisy
Eriogonum flavumAlpine Golden Buckwheat
Yellow Buckwheat
Erythronium grandiflorumYellow Avalanche-lily
Yellow Fawn-lily
Yellow Dogtooth Violet
Glacier Lily
Eriogonum heracleoidesParsnip-flower Buckwheat
Wyeth's Buckwheat
Erigeron humilisArctic Alpine Fleabane
Eriogonum jamesiiJames' Buckwheat
James' Wild Buckwheat
Eritrichium nanumArctic Alpine Forget-me-not
Alpine Forget-me-not
Ericameria nauseosa ssp. nauseosa var. nauseosaRubber Rabbitbrush
Eriogonum ovalifoliumCushion Buckwheat
Erigeron peregrinusSubalpine Fleabane
Coastal Fleabane
Mountain Daisy
Erigeron philadelphicusPhiladelphia Fleabane
Fleabane Daisy
Eriogonum racemosumRedroot Buckwheat
Red-root Wild Buckwheat
Erythronium rostratumYellow Troutlily
Dog-tooth Violet
Yellow Fawnlily
Beaked Troutlily
Eriophorum scheuchzeriWhite Cottongrass
Eriogonum shockleyiShockley's Buckwheat
Shockley's Wild Buckwheat
Erigeron simplexOnestem Fleabane
Eragrostis spectabilisPurple Lovegrass
Purple Love Grass
Purple Plains Lovegrass
Petticoat Climber
Erigeron speciosusAspen Fleabane
Showy Fleabane
Eriophyllum stoechadifoliumSeaside Woolly Sunflower
Erigeron subtrinervisThree-nerve Fleabane
Hairy Showy Daisy
Eragrostis trichodesSand Lovegrass
Sand Love Grass
Eriogonum umbellatumSulphur-flower Buckwheat
Sulphur-flower Wild Buckwheat
Sulphur Buckwheat
Eryngium yuccifoliumRattlesnake Master
Button Eryngo
Button Snakeroot
Bear's Grass
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia Poppy
California Gold Poppy
Euthamia graminifoliaFlat-top Goldentop
Grass-leaved Goldenrod
Eurybia macrophyllaBigleaf Aster
Large-leaf Wood-aster
Eurybia meritaSubalpine Aster
Eupatorium perfoliatumCommon Boneset
Eupatorium serotinumWhite Boneset
Lateflowering Thoroughwort
Late Boneset
Late-flowering Boneset
Fagus grandifoliaAmerican Beech
White Beech
Red Beech
Ridge Beech
Beechnut Tree
Fallugia paradoxaApache Plume
Festuca campestrisRough Fescue
Festuca idahoensisIdaho Fescue
Bunchgrass Fescue
Blue Bunchgrass
Festuca rubraRed Fescue
Festuca saximontanaRocky Mountain Fescue
Floerkea proserpinacoidesFalse Mermaidweed
Fraxinus americanaWhite Ash
American Ash
Cane Ash
Smallseed White Ash
Biltmore White Ash
Biltmore Ash
Frangula californicaCalifornia Buckthorn
California Coffeeberry
Frangula carolinianaCarolina Buckthorn
Carolina False Buckthorn
Yellow Buckthorn
Indian Cherry
Frasera caroliniensisAmerican Columbo
Green Gentian
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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859 Results:   10  25 50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention