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Special Collections

Special Value to Native Bees

Recognized by pollination ecologists as attracting large numbers of native bees. This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Clarkia cylindricaSpeckled Clarkia
Clarkia dudleyanaDudley's Clarkia
Clarkia epilobioidesCanyon Clarkia
Clarkia imbricataVine Hill Clarkia
Cleome isomerisBladderpod Spiderflower
Clematis lasianthaPipestem Clematis
Chaparral Clematis
Clematis ligusticifoliaWestern White Clematis
Virgin's Bower
Pepper Vine
Hierba De Chivo
Cleome luteaYellow Spiderflower
Yellow Spider-flower
Yellow Beeplant
Yellow Caper
Golden Caper
Clarkia pulchellaDeerhorn Clarkia
Beautiful Clarkia
Ragged Robin Clarkia
Ragged Robin
Pink Fairies
Clarkia purpureaWinecup Clarkia
Clarkia rhomboideaDiamond Clarkia
Clarkia rubicundaRuby Chalice Clarkia
Cleome serrulataRocky Mountain Beeplant
Clarkia speciosaRedspot Clarkia
Clarkia unguiculataElegant Clarkia
Elegant Fairyfan
Mountain Garland
Claytonia virginicaVirginia Springbeauty
Clarkia williamsoniiFort Miller Clarkia
Clarkia xantianaGunsight Clarkia
Xantus Clarkia
Collinsia bartsiifoliaWhite Blue Eyed Mary
Conoclinium coelestinumBlue Mistflower
Wild Ageratum
Blue Boneset
Cornus drummondiiRoughleaf Dogwood
Drummond's Dogwood
Rough-leaf Dogwood
Cornus floridaFlowering Dogwood
Virginia Dogwood
Florida Dogwood
White Cornel
American Boxwood
False Box
St. Peter's Crown
Corona De San Pedro
Collinsia grandifloraBlue Lips
Blue-lips Blue-eyed Mary
Giant Blue Eyed Mary
Collinsia heterophyllaPurple Chinese Houses
Harlequin Blue-eyed Mary
Chinese Houses
Coreopsis lanceolataLanceleaf Coreopsis
Lance-leaved Coreopsis
Lanceleaf Tickseed
Sand Coreopsis
Collinsia linearisNarrowleaf Blue Eyed Mary
Cornus obliquaSilky Dogwood
Pale Dogwood
Swamp Dogwood
Coreopsis palmataStiff Tickseed
Stiff Coreopsis
Finger Coreopsis
Cosmos parviflorusSouthwestern Cosmos
Southwest Cosmos
Collinsia parvifloraMaiden Blue Eyed Mary
Maiden Blue-eyed Mary
Collinsia sparsifloraSpinster's Blue Eyed Mary
Collinsia tinctoriaSticky Chinese Houses
Collinsia torreyiTorrey's Blue Eyed Mary
Coreopsis tripterisTall Tickseed
Tall Coreopsis
Collinsia vernaSpring Blue Eyed Mary
Spring Blue-eyed Mary
Crataegus aestivalisMayhaw
May Hawthorn
Crataegus brainerdiiBrainerd's Hawthorn
Crataegus chrysocarpaFireberry Hawthorn
Crataegus chrysocarpa var. piperiPiper's Hawthorn
Columbia Hawthorn
Crataegus crus-galliCockspur Hawthorn
Cockspur Thorn
Newcastle Hawthorn
Newcastle Thorn
Hog Apple
Crataegus dilatataBroadleaf Hawthorn
Crataegus douglasiiBlack Hawthorn
Crataegus dodgeiDodge's Hawthorn
Dodge Hawthorn
Crataegus erythropodaCerro Hawthorn
Crataegus flabellataFanleaf Hawthorn
Crataegus flavaSummer Hawthorn
Yellow-leaf Hawthorn
Yellowleaf Hawthorn
Crataegus greggianaGregg's Hawthorn
Gregg Hawthorn
Crataegus holmesianaHolmes' Hawthorn
Crataegus intricataCopenhagen Hawthorn
Thicket Hawthorn
White Hawthorn
White Thorn
Scarlet Hawthorn
Scarlet Haw
Scarlet-fruited Hawthorn
Scarlet-fruited Haw
Crataegus jonesiaeMiss Jones' Hawthorn
Crataegus macrospermaBigfruit Hawthorn
Large-seeded Hawthorn
Crataegus marshalliiParsley Hawthorn
Parsleyleaf Hawthorn
Crataegus mollisDowny Hawthorn
White Thorn
Scarlet Hawthorn
Scarlet Haw
Red Haw
Downy Thorn
Crataegus opacaMayhaw
Western Mayhaw
May Hawthorn
Riverflat Hawthorn
Crataegus phaenopyrumWashington Hawthorn
Crataegus pruinosaWaxyfruit Hawthorn
Crataegus punctataDotted Hawthorn
White Thorn
Dotted Haw
Crataegus reverchoniiReverchon's Hawthorn
Reverchon Hawthorn
Crataegus rivularisRiver Hawthorn
Crataegus ×rubrocarneaHawthorn
Crataegus scabridaRough Hawthorn
Crataegus spathulataLittlehip Hawthorn
Pasture Hawthorn
Smallfruit Hawthorn
Crataegus submollisQuebec Hawthorn
Crataegus suborbiculataCaughuawaga Hawthorn
Crataegus succulentaFleshy Hawthorn
Crataegus sutherlandensisSutherland Hawthorn
Spiny Sutherland Hawthorn
Crataegus texanaTexas Hawthorn
Crataegus tracyiTracy's Hawthorn
Tracy Hawthorn
Mountain Hawthorn
Crataegus turnerorumTurner's Hawthorn
Crataegus unifloraDwarf Hawthorn
One-flowered Hawthorn
Crataegus viridisGreen Hawthorn
Southern Hawthorn
Crataegus viridis var. desertorumDesert Hawthorn
Smooth Western Hawthorn
Green Hawthorn
Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa var. acanthocarpaBuckhorn Cholla
Staghorn Cholla
Cylindropuntia bigeloviiTeddybear Cholla
Cylindropuntia fulgida var. fulgidaJumping Cholla
Chain-fruit Cholla
Cylindropuntia imbricataTree Cholla
Walking Stick Cholla
Cylindropuntia imbricata var. argenteaTree Cholla
Cylindropuntia imbricata var. imbricataCane Cactus
Teddy-bear Cholla
Tree Cholla
Walkingstick Cholla
Cylindropuntia leptocaulisTasajillo
Christmas Cactus
Pencil Cactus
Christmas Cholla
Desert Christmas Cactus
Cylindropuntia spinosiorWalkingstick Cactus
Cane Cholla
Cylindropuntia tunicataThistle Cholla
Cylindropuntia whippleiWhipple Cholla
Whipple's Cholla
Dalea aureaGolden Dalea
Golden Prairie Clover
Dalea bicolor var. argyreaSilver Prairie Clover
Silver Dalea
Silver Bush Dalea
Dalea candidaWhite Prairie Clover
Dalea candida var. candidaWhite Prairie Clover
White Prairie-clover
Dalea compactaCompact Prairie Clover
Purple Prairie Clover
Dalea compacta var. pubescensCompact Prairie Clover
Purple Prairie Clover
Dalea emarginataWedgeleaf Prairie Clover
Dalea enneandraNine-anther Prairie Clover
Dalea feayiFeay's Prairie Clover
Globe-headed Prairie Clover
Dalea formosaFeatherplume
Feather Dalea
Dalea frutescensBlack Dalea
Black Prairie Clover
Dasiphora fruticosa ssp. floribundaShrubby Cinquefoil
Golden Hardhack
Dalea greggiiGregg Dalea
Gregg's Prairie Clover
Trailing Indigo Bush
Indigo Bush
Dalea halliiHall's Prairie Clover
Hall's Dalea
Dalea jamesiiJames's Prairie Clover
Dalea lachnostachysGlandleaf Prairie Clover
Dalea lanataWoolly Prairie Clover
Dalea lasiatheraPurple Dalea
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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1,438 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention