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Arizona/New Mexico Mountains

As its name suggests, this EPA Level III ecoregion lies mostly in Arizona and New Mexico, barely reaching into two Texas counties (Culberson and Hudspeth) in the Guadalupe Mountains. In Texas, this ecoregion lies within the area included in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Departmentís Trans-Pecos vegetative region. This collection lists only those taxa found in the Texas portion of the Arizona/New Mexico Mountains ecoregion.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Corydalis curvisiliquaCurvepod
Curvepod Fumewort
Golden Smoke
Scrambled Eggs
Corydalis curvisiliqua ssp. curvisiliquaCurvepod Fumewort
Cooperia drummondiiEvening Rain Lily
Evening Star Rain Lily
Coryphantha echinusRhinoceros Cactus
Convolvulus equitansTexas Bindweed
Commelina erectaDayflower
Widow's Tears
White-mouth Dayflower
Whitemouth Dayflower
Condalia ericoidesJavelina Bush
Conoclinium greggiiGregg's Mistflower
Palmleaf Thoroughwort
Palm-leaf Mistflower
Palm-leaf Thoroughwort
Purple Palmleaf Mistflower
Purple Palmleaf Eupatorium
Coreopsis lanceolataLanceleaf Coreopsis
Lance-leaved Coreopsis
Lanceleaf Tickseed
Sand Coreopsis
Coryphantha macromeris var. macromerisNipple Beehive Cactus
Big Needle Cactus
Big Nipple Cory-cactus
Dona Ana
Long Mamma
Cologania pallidaPale Cologania
Corallorhiza striataHooded Coralroot
Striped Coralroot
Bigelow's Coral Root
Macrae's Coral Root
Madder Stripes
Cryptantha angustifoliaPanamint Cryptantha
Croton fruticulosusBush Croton
Hierba Loca
Croton lindheimerianusThreeseed Croton
Cryptantha mexicanaMexican Cryptantha
Cryptantha minimaLittle Cryptantha
Cryptantha oblataRough Cryptantha
Cryptantha palmeriPalmer's Cryptantha
Croton pottsiiLeatherweed
Croton pottsii var. pottsiiLeatherweed
Cucurbita foetidissimaStinking Gourd
Buffalo Gourd
Missouri Gourd
Stink Gourd
Wild Gourd
Cuscuta indecoraBigseed Alfalfa Dodder
Largeseed Dodder
Pretty Dodder
Cuscuta umbellataFlatglobe Dodder
Santa Fe Dodder
Cystopteris bulbiferaBulblet Bladder Fern
Cyperus esculentusYellow Nutsedge
Chufa Sedge
Yellow Nut-grass
Cyphomeris gypsophiloidesRed Cyphomeris
Cylindropuntia imbricataTree Cholla
Walking Stick Cholla
Cylindropuntia imbricata var. imbricataCane Cactus
Teddy-bear Cholla
Tree Cholla
Walkingstick Cholla
Cylindropuntia kleiniaeCandle Cholla
Klein's Pencil Cactus
Cylindropuntia leptocaulisTasajillo
Christmas Cactus
Pencil Cactus
Christmas Cholla
Desert Christmas Cactus
Cyperus odoratusFragrant Flatsedge
Fragrant Sedge
Cynanchum pringleiPringle's Swallow-wort
Cyperus retroflexusOneflower Flatsedge
Cystopteris utahensisUtah Bladderfern
Dalea aureaGolden Dalea
Golden Prairie Clover
Dalea bicolor var. argyreaSilver Prairie Clover
Silver Dalea
Silver Bush Dalea
Dalea candidaWhite Prairie Clover
Dalea candida var. oligophyllaFewleaf White Prairie Clover
White Prairie Clover
Western White Prairie Clover
Dalea formosaFeatherplume
Feather Dalea
Dalea frutescensBlack Dalea
Black Prairie Clover
Dalea jamesiiJames's Prairie Clover
Dalea lachnostachysGlandleaf Prairie Clover
Dalea lanataWoolly Prairie Clover
Dasylirion leiophyllumGreen Sotol
Smooth-leaved Sotol
Smooth-leaf Sotol
Desert Candle
Dalea nanaDwarf Prairie Clover
Dwarf Dalea
Dalea nana var. carnescensDwarf Prairie Clover
Dalea pogonatheraBearded Prairie Clover
Bearded Dalea
Dalea purpureaPurple Prairie Clover
Dasyochloa pulchellaDesert Fluffgrass
Low Woollygrass
Low Tridens
Fluff Grass
Desert Fluff-grass
Dalea purpurea var. purpureaPurple Prairie Clover
Violet Prairie Clover
Dasylirion wheeleriCommon Sotol
Desert Spoon
Desert Candle
Dalea wrightiiWright's Prairie Clover
Desmanthus glandulosusGlandular Bundleflower
Desmanthus illinoensisIllinois Bundleflower
Prairie Bundle Flower
Illinois Desmanthus
Prairie Mimosa
Descurainia pinnataWestern Tansymustard
Desmodium psilophyllumBeggar's Ticks
Simpleleaf Ticktrefoil
Wright's Tickclover
Desmanthus velutinusVelvet Bundleflower
Dichanthelium acuminatumTapered Rosette Grass
Dichondra argenteaSilver Ponyfoot
Silver Ponysfoot
Dichondra brachypodaNew Mexico Ponysfoot
Digitaria californicaArizona Cottontop
California Cottontop
California Crab Grass
Dicranocarpus parviflorusPitchfork
Dichanthelium pedicellatumCedar Rosette Grass
Corm-based Panicgrass
Digitaria pubifloraCarolina Crabgrass
Distichlis spicataSaltgrass
Coastal Salt Grass
Inland Salt-grass
Dimorphocarpa wislizeniTouristplant
Spectacle Pod
Draba cuneifoliaWedgeleaf Draba
Draba platycarpaBroadpod Draba
Broad-pod Draba
Broadpod Whitlowgrass
Broadpod Whitlow-grass
Dyssodia papposaDogweed
Fetid Marigold
Echinocereus coccineusScarlet Hedgehog Cactus
Claret Cup
Echinocereus coccineus var. coccineusScarlet Hedgehog Cactus
Claret Cup
Echinocereus coccineus var. paucispinusScarlet Hedgehog Cactus
Claret Cup
Echinocereus dasyacanthusTexas Rainbow Cactus
Spiny Hedgehog Cactus
Spiny Hedgehog
Golden Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus
Golden Rainbow Hedgehog
Yellow Pitaya
Echinocereus fendleriPinkflower Hedgehog Cactus
Pink-flower Hedgehog Cactus
Strawberry Cactus
Fendler Hedgehog
Pink Flower Hedgehog
Echinocactus horizonthaloniusDevilshead
Eagle Claws
Turk's Head
Devil's Head
Echinocactus horizonthalonius var. horizonthaloniusDevilshead
Turk's Head
Devil's Head
Manca Caballo
Bluebarrel Cactus
Visnaga Meloncillo
Echinomastus intertextusWhite Fishhook Cactus
Echinochloa muricataAmerican Barnyard Grass
Rough Barnyard Grass
Barnyard Grass
American Cockspur Grass
Wild Millet
Echinocereus stramineusStrawberry Hedgehog Cactus
Echinocereus viridiflorusNylon Hedgehog Cactus
Green Pitaya
Echinocereus viridiflorus var. cylindricusGreen-flowered Hedgehog Cactus
Green-flowered Hedgehog
Nylon Hedgehog Cactus
Nylon Hedgehog
Echinomastus warnockiiWarnock's Fishhook Cactus
Elymus canadensisCanada Wild Rye
Canadian Wildrye
Prairie Wildrye
Nodding Wildrye
Elymus elymoidesSquirreltail
Bottlebrush Squirreltail
Elymus elymoides ssp. brevifoliusSquirreltail
Long-leaf Squirrel-tail
Eleocharis montevidensisSand Spikerush
Spike Rush
Eleocharis rostellataBeaked Spikerush
Leap Frog Spike Rush
Elymus trachycaulusSlender Wheatgrass
Elymus trachycaulus ssp. trachycaulusSlender Wheatgrass
Engelmannia peristeniaEngelmann's Daisy
Engelmann Daisy
Cutleaf Daisy
Encelia scaposaOnehead Brittlebush
Ephedra antisyphiliticaMormon Tea
Ephedra asperaRough Jointfir
Epipactis giganteaStream Orchid
Chatterbox Orchid
Giant Hellebore
Epithelantha micromerisPingpong Ball Cactus
Button Cactus
Ephedra torreyanaTorrey's Jointfir
Torrey Joint-fir
Ephedra trifurcaEphedra
Mormon Tea
Longleaf Jointfir
Longleaf Teabush
Tea Weed
Epixiphium wislizeniBalloonbush
Net-cup Snapdragon Vine
Balloon-sepal Snapdragon Vine
Equisetum laevigatumSmooth Horsetail
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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870 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention