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California-Northern Recommended

Commercially available native plant species suitable for planned landscapes in Northern California. Visit our Suppliers Directory to locate businesses that sell native plants or seeds or provide professional landscape or consulting services in this state. Visit the Organizations Directory to locate native plant societies, conservation groups, governmental agencies, botanical gardens, arboreta, and other plant-related organizations in this state.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Eriogonum arborescensSanta Cruz Island Buckwheat
Santa Cruz Island Wild Buckwheat
Eriogonum giganteumSt. Catherine's Lace
Erigeron glaucusSeaside Fleabane
Seaside Daisy
Eriogonum grande var. rubescensSan Miguel Island Buckwheat
Redflower Pacific Island Wild Buckwheat
Redflower Buckwheat
Large Redflower Buckwheat
Ericameria nauseosa ssp. nauseosa var. nauseosaRubber Rabbitbrush
Eriogonum umbellatumSulphur-flower Buckwheat
Sulphur-flower Wild Buckwheat
Sulphur Buckwheat
Eschscholzia caespitosaTufted Poppy
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia Poppy
California Gold Poppy
Festuca californicaCalifornia Fescue
Festuca idahoensisBlue Bunchgrass
Bunchgrass Fescue
Idaho Fescue
Festuca occidentalisWestern Fescue
Fritillaria affinisChecker Lily
Chocolate Lily
Fremontodendron californicumCalifornia Flannelbush
Northern Flannelbush
Northern Fremontia
California Slippery Elm
Frangula californica ssp. californicaCalifornia Buckthorn
Fragaria vescaWoodland Strawberry
California Strawberry
Wood Strawberry
Garrya ellipticaWavyleaf Silktassel
Wavy-leaf Silktassel
Silk-tassel Bush
Coastal Silktassel
Gaultheria shallonSalal
Gilia capitataBlue Gilia
Blue-head Gily-flower
Bluehead Gilia
Globe Gilia
Gilia tricolorBird's-eye Gilia
Heteromeles arbutifoliaToyon
California Christmasberry
California Holly
Helenium bigeloviiBigelow's Sneezeweed
Heuchera maximaIsland Alumroot
Jill Of The Rocks
Heuchera micranthaCrevice Alumroot
Common Alumroot
Heuchera pilosissimaHairy Alumroot
Seaside Alumroot
Shaggy Alumroot
Hesperoyucca whippleiOur Lord's Candle
Chaparral Yucca
Foothill Yucca
Quixote Yucca
Holodiscus discolorOcean Spray
Hillside Ocean-spray
Cream Bush
Mountain Spray
Ipomopsis aggregataScarlet Gilia
Scarlet Standing-cypress
Iris douglasianaDouglas Iris
Mountain Iris
Western Iris
Iris innominataDel Norte County Iris
Iris missouriensisRocky Mountain Iris
Western Blue Flag
Iris tenuissimaLongtube Iris
Juglans californicaCalifornia Black Walnut
Southern California Walnut
Juniperus californicaCalifornia Juniper
Desert White Cedar
Juniperus communisCommon Juniper
Juniperus occidentalisWestern Juniper
Keckiella cordifoliaHeartleaf Keckiella
Heart-leaf Bush-beardtongue
Climbing Penstemon
Heartleaf Penstemon
Koeleria macranthaPrairie Junegrass
Prairie Koeler's Grass
Lavatera assurgentifloraIsland Mallow
Tree Mallow
Lasthenia glabrataYellowray Goldfields
Yellow-ray Goldfields
California Sunshine
Layia platyglossaCoastal Tidytips
Leptosiphon androsaceusFalse Babystars
Lepechinia calycinaWoodbalm
California Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Sage
Lewisia cotyledonBroadleaf Lewisia
Siskiyou Bitter-root
Siskiyou Lewisia
Leucothoe davisiaeSierra Laurel
Sierran Doghobble
Western Leucothoe
Lepechinia fragransIsland Pitchersage
El Tigre Pitcher Sage
Fragrant Pitcher Sage
Ledum glandulosumWestern Labrador Tea
Trapper's Tea
Leptosiphon grandiflorusLarge-flower Desert-trumpets
Largeflower Linanthus
Mountain Phlox
Leymus triticoidesBeardless Lyme Grass
Beardless Wildrye
Creeping Wildrye
Linnaea borealisTwinflower
American Twinflower
Limnanthes douglasiiDouglas Meadowfoam
Douglas' Meadowfoam
Lilium humboldtiiHumboldt Lily
Linum lewisiiWild Blue Flax
Prairie Flax
Lewis Flax
Lewis's Flax
Linum lewisii var. lewisiiBlue Flax
Prairie Flax
Lilium pardalinumLeopard Lily
Tiger Lily
Panther Lily
Lobelia cardinalisCardinal Flower
Lonicera involucrataTwinberry Honeysuckle
Black Twinberry Honeysuckle
Black Twinberry
Bearberry Honeysuckle
Four-line Honeysuckle
Lotus scopariusCommon Deerweed
Lupinus albifronsSilver Lupine
White-leaf Bush Lupine
Evergreen Lupine
Lupinus arboreusYellow Bush Lupine
Bush Lupine
Tree Lupine
Lupinus bicolorMiniature Lupine
Miniature Annual Lupine
Pygmy-leaved Lupine
Lupinus densiflorusWhitewhorl Lupine
Lupinus densiflorus var. aureusGolden Lupine
Whitewhorl Lupine
Lupinus grayiSierra Lupine
Lupinus nanusOcean-blue Lupine
Sky Lupine
Lupinus polyphyllusBigleaf Lupine
Blue-pod Lupine
Meadow Lupine
Bog Lupine
Lupinus succulentusHollowleaf Annual Lupine
Hollow-leaf Annual Lupine
Arroyo Lupine
Succulent Lupine
Lupinus vallicolaOpen Lupine
Mahonia aquifoliumHolly-leaved Barberry
Holly-leaf Oregon-grape
Maianthemum dilatatumFalse Lily Of The Valley
May Lily
Canada Mayflower
Madia elegansCommon Madia
Elegant Madia
Mahonia nervosaCascade Barberry
Cascade Oregon-grape
Dwarf Oregon-grape
Mahonia neviniiNevin's Barberry
Mahonia pinnataWavyleaf Barberry
Shinyleaf Mahonia
California Barberry
Maianthemum racemosumFeathery False Lily Of The Valley
False Solomon's Seal
Feathery False Solomon's Seal
False Spikenard
Solomon's Plume
Mahonia repensCreeping Barberry
Creeping Oregon-grape
Melica imperfectaSmallflower Melic Grass
Coast Range Melic Grass
Smallflower Melic
Coast Range Melic
Mentzelia laevicaulisSmoothstem Blazingstar
Giant Blazingstar
Evening Star
Stick Leaf
Mentzelia lindleyiLindley's Blazingstar
Evening Star
Mimulus bicolorYellow-and-white Monkeyflower
Mimulus cardinalisScarlet Monkeyflower
Crimson Monkeyflower
Mimulus guttatusYellow Monkeyflower
Golden Monkeyflower
Seep Monkeyflower
Common Monkeyflower
Mimulus kelloggiiKellogg's Monkeyflower
Mimulus lewisiiPurple Monkeyflower
Great Purple Monkeyflower
Lewis Monkeyflower
Lewis's Monkeyflower
Mimulus primuloidesPrimrose Monkeyflower
Yellow Creeping Monkeyflower
Creeping Yellow Monkeyflower
Morella californicaPacific Wax Myrtle
California Wax Myrtle
Pacific Bayberry
California Bayberry
Monardella odoratissimaAlpine Mountainbalm
Coyote Mint
Mountain Monardella
Mountain Pennyroyal
Monardella villosaCoyote Mint
Muhlenbergia rigensDeergrass
Meadow Muhly
Deer Muhly
Nemophila maculataFivespot
Nemophila menziesiiBaby Blue Eyes
Menzies Baby Blue Eyes
Notholithocarpus densiflorusTan Oak
Oenothera caespitosaTufted Evening Primrose
Gumbo Evening Primrose
Gumbo Lily
Fragrant Evening Primrose
Oenothera elata ssp. hookeriHooker's Evening-primrose
Giant Evening-primrose
Oxalis oreganaRedwood-sorrel
Oregon Wood Sorrel
Oregon Woodsorrel
Penstemon centranthifoliusScarlet Bugler
Penstemon heterophyllusBunchleaf Penstemon
Bunchleaf Beardtongue
Foothill Penstemon
Foothill Beardtongue
Penstemon pseudospectabilisDesert Penstemon
Desert Beardtongue
Rosy Desert Penstemon
Rosy Desert Beardtongue
Canyon Penstemon
Canyon Beardtongue
Mohave Penstemon
Mohave Beardtongue
Penstemon spectabilisShowy Penstemon
Showy Beardtongue
Royal Penstemon
Royal Beardtongue
Phacelia bolanderiBolander's Phacelia
Flowered Grape Leaf
Physocarpus capitatusPacific Ninebark
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

285 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention