Woodland Garden

As visitors sit or stroll along the shaded pathways, they will find a perfect place to ponder all the subtleties of a peaceful, nature-inspired garden. A small stream flows through the garden, just one of the many shapes and textures among the medley of vines, trees and shrubs. The Woodland Garden features Hill Country woody plants, many arranged based on the occurrence of plant communities in nature. Along the arbor one can follow the lines of rattan, pepper vine and coral honeysuckle. The garden is also a great classroom for gardeners and homeowners to learn about shade gardening, or planting for low-light situations within a landscape. Toward the back of the garden, a chalky limestone area supports sumacs, snowbells and the rare Texas madrone. These species are specialists, thriving in (or at least tolerating) heavy, chalky and often shallow clays. The well-loved mountain pink, for instance, will not thrive in the rich soils typical to planned gardens.

What You’ll See in This Garden

  • Examples of shade-tolerant plants
  • Examples of limestone dwelling plants
  • The Hill Country Stream, sometimes hosting a ribbonsnake, guppies, or strands of toad eggs


Strands of Toad Eggs In the Hill Country Stream


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