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Seeds: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Successfully from Seed

Author(s): McVicar, J.

Year: 2003

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 1585748749

Subject: Plant Propagation

Comments: From f you have ever been frustrated by alpine seeds that refused to germinate, or basil seedlings that failed to thrive, or simply wanted to know how to grow specimens from seeds taken from your garden plants, the clear and straightforward instructions found in SEEDS will increase your chances of success every time. SEEDS offers practical advice to help both first-time growers and experienced gardeners alike reap the benefits of nature's most miraculous process. In addition to basic information about different types of seeds, how they are pollinated and fertilized, and advice about when to harvest, and how to sort and store seeds, there is detailed information on over five hundred genera, encompassing entries for alpines, annuals, grasses, trees, herbs and vegetables. Simple step-by-step planting methods emphasize a hands-on approach to growing based on organic principles, and planting directions include all the equipment and materials you will need, as well as the ideal time and conditions for sowing. These tried and tested techniques will give gardeners the confidence and knowledge they need to raise the plants they love. SEEDS is a vital guide for anyone who wants to make their growing space a lasting source of pleasure and satisfaction.

Last Updated: 2007-01-01

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