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Taylor's Encyclopedia of Garden Plants : The Most Authoritative Guide to the Best Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs for North American Gardens

Author(s): Tenenbaum, F.

Year: 2003

Publisher: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co.

ISBN: 0618226443

Subject: Gardening, Landscaping, Plant Identification

Comments: From At the heart of every garden are the plants, which enhance our land and engage our souls. For gardeners, no matter how new or how advanced, whether we cultivate for ourselves or for landscaping clients, plants are the sine qua non. They intrigue us and inspire us. And the more we learn about them, the more they add to our pleasure in gardening. For all of these reasons, every gardener needs a good plant encyclopedia. And, as the only plant encyclopedia written exclusively for North American gardeners, Taylor"s Encyclopedia of Garden Plants will be as useful twenty years from now as it is today. If a plant can"t be grown on this continent, you won"t find it here. Readers will use this book in a number of ways: as a resource for identifying plants, as a guide to purchasing the best species and cultivars for particular gardening locations and growing conditions, and as an important way to save the cost and disappointment of buying plants that won"t thrive or will overwhelm a garden. Choosing just the right tree or shrub can add the crowning touch to your landscape plan. Here you"ll find expert information about more than a thousand species of trees, shrubs, roses, bulbs, perennials, annuals, and ground covers. Illustrated with 1,200 color photos and hundreds of line drawings, the encyclopedia includes instructions on how to grow the plants and even on how to propagate many of them. An extensive glossary and a common name index make this book accessible to beginners as well as longtime gardeners. Like gardening itself, Taylor"s Encyclopedia of Garden Plants will bring its readers immediate pleasure as well as long-term rewards.

Last Updated: 2007-01-01

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