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Native Plant Bibliography

The National Native Plant Bibliography was compiled to make it easier to find floras, field guides, and other native plant publications appropriate for your area. Use the search bar below to find a specific reference.

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Aquatic and Wetland Plants of the Western Gulf CoastStutzenbaker, C. D.Wildlife
Arboretum America: A Philosophy of the ForestBeresford-Kroeger, D.Landscaping
Natural History
Useful Plants
Arizona FloraKearney, T. H. & R. H. PeeblesPlant Identification
Arizona Wildflowers: A Year-Round Guide to Nature's BloomsDesert Botanical Garden Staff, Arizona Highways StaffWildflowers
Arizona's Natural Environment:landscapes and habitatsLowe, C.H.Natural History
ARKANSAS SPRING: Dogwoods, Waterfalls and Wildflowers [Photography]Ernst, T.Wildflowers
Arkansas Trees & Wildflowers: An Introduction to Familiar Species (State Nature Guides) Kavanagh, J.Wildflowers
Arkansas WildflowersKurz, D.Wildflowers
Armitage's Native Plants for North American GardensArmitage, A. M.Gardening
Atlantic Coastal Plain Wildflowers : A Guide to Common Wildflowers of the Coastal Regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Northeastern FloridaNelson, G.Wildflowers
Atlas of North American AstragalusBarneby, Rupert C.Astragalus spp.
Atlas of North American Astragalus Volume 2Barneby, Rupert C.Astragalus spp.
Atlas of the Flora of the Great PlainsBarker, W. T.; T. M. BarkleyPlant Identification
Atlas of the Vascular Plants of TexasTurner, B. L.; H. Nichols; G. Denny; O. DoronNatural History
Atlas of the Vascular Plants of UtahAlbee, B.J. et al.Plant Identification
Atlas of the Wisconsin Prairie and Savanna Flora (Technical bulletin)Cochrane, T. S. and Iltis, H. H.Plant Identification
Atlas of Virginia FloraHarvill, B., et alPlant Identification
Attracting Birds to Southern GardensPope, T. E.; N. G. Odenwald; C, FrylingWildlife
Attracting Birds to Your Backyard : 536 Ways To Turn Your Yard and Garden Into a Haven For Your Favorite BirdsRoth, S.Gardening
Attracting Birds: From the Prairies to the AtlanticDavison, V.E.Wildlife
Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher: Birdfeeders and Bird GardensBurton, R.; S. W. KressWildlife
Autumn Leaves: A Guide to the Fall Colors of the NorthwoodsLanner, R.M.Natural History
Plant Identification
Autumn, Leaves & Winter Berries in ArkansasHunter, C. G. Plant Identification
Backyard Bird Habitat: Create Your Own Thriving Bird SanctuaryCurtis, W. & J. CurtisWildlife
Basic Essentials: Edible Wild Plants and Useful HerbsMeuninck, J.Edible Plants
Useful Plants
Berry Finder: A Guide to Native Plants with Fleshy Fruits for Eastern North AmericaMiller, D. S.Edible Plants
Useful Plants
Best Garden Plants for Missouri Joggerst, A. and Williamson, D.Gardening
Best Garden Plants for TennesseeHamilton, S. & Peters, L.Gardening
Best Plants for New Mexico Gardens and Landscapes: Keyed to Cities and Regions in New Mexico and Adjacent AreasMorrow, B. H. Gardening
Best Spring Ever: Why El Nino Makes The Desert BloomC. Goodpasture; J. E. BowersNatural History
Betrock's Florida Plant Guide Gilman, E.Sustainable Landscaping
Betrock's Reference Guide to Florida Landscape Plants Broschat, T.K. & Meerow, A.W.Plant Identification
Big Bluestem: Journey into the Tall GrassSmith, A.Natural History
Big Trees: The Florida RegisterWard, Daniel B.; Ing, Robert T.Natural History
Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United StatesCoombs, E. M. , J. K. Clark , G. L. Piper; A. F. CofrancescoInvasive Plants
Biology and Cultivation of Edible MushroomsChang, S.T. & W.A. Hayes (eds.)Edible Plants
Biology of Mangroves, The.Hogarth, Peter J.Natural History
Useful Plants
Birding in the San Juan IslandsLewis, M.G. and Sharpe, F. A. Wildlife
Birdscaping Your Garden: A Practical Guide to Backyard Birds and the Plants That Attract ThemAdams, G. M.Gardening
Black Drink: A Native American TeaHudson, Charles M.Useful Plants
Blue Ridge 2020: An Owner's ManualNash, S.Natural History
Bogs of the NortheastJohnson, J.; I. A. WorleyNatural History
Bogs, Meadows, Marshes, and Swamps: A Guide to 25 Wetland Sites of Washington StateChurney, M. & S. WilliamsNatural History
Book of Field and Roadside: Open-Country Weeds, Trees, and Wildflowers of Eastern North AmericaEastman, J.Plant Identification
Book of Forest and Thicket: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers of Eastern North AmericaEastman, J.Natural History
Plant Identification
Book of Swamp and Bog: Trees, Shrubs and Wildflowers of the Eastern Freshwater WetlandsEastman, J. & A. HansenPlant Identification
Natural History
Botanica North America: An Illustrated Guide to Native Plants: Their Botany, Their History, and the Way They Have Shaped Our WorldHarris, M.Natural History
Plant Identification
BotanyBrewer, W. H., S. Watson and A. GrayCalifornia botany
Botany & Healing: Medicinal Plants of New Jersey & the RegionStill, C.C.Medicinal Plants
Botany for GardenersCapon, B.Gardening
Natural History

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1,618 Results:   10  25 50 100 per page