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The Library & Archive maintains a database of the original Wildflower Newsletter published quarterly from 1984 to 1998. The newsletters track the history of the Wildflower Center and include letters from Lady Bird Johnson and other stories of cultural and historical significance.

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1990 VOL. 7, NO.4Research Update, Wild-Collecting Endangers Natives, Director's Report, Maryland Wildflower Project Rooted in History, Information Thrives in Clearinghouse Habitat, Naturalistic Landscaping Forces Ordinance Changes, Planning for Fall Native Plant PlantingCarnegiea gigantea (Saguaro)
Cypripedium acaule (Moccasin flower)
Achillea millefolium (Common yarrow)
Artemisia frigida (Prairie sagewort)
Symphyotrichum ascendens (Pacific aster)
Echinacea angustifolia (Black samson)
Erigeron pumilus (Shaggy fleabane)
Gaillardia aristata (Common gaillardia)
Helianthus pumilus (Little sunflower)
Liatris punctata (Dotted blazing star)
Machaeranthera canescens (Hoary tansyaster)
Ratibida columnifera (Mexican hat)
Solidago missouriensis (Missouri goldenrod)
Tetradymia canescens (Spineless horsebrush)
Cleome serrulata (Rocky mountain beeplant)
Dalea candida (White prairie clover)
Lupinus argenteus (Silvery lupine)
Linum lewisii (Wild blue flax)
Sphaeralcea coccinea (Scarlet globemallow)
Oenothera pallida (Pale evening-primrose)
Argemone hispida (Rough pricklypoppy)
Eriogonum jamesii (James' buckwheat)
Trillium grandiflorum (White wake-robin)
Elinor Crank
David Northington
Beth Anderson
Annie Gillespie
1990 VOL. 7, NO.5Naturalistic Landscaping Takes Careful Planning, Director\'s Report, Breaking the Wildflower Record at Toddy Pond, Education Plays Leading Role at Center, Wildflower Outlook Berlandiera betonicifolia (Texas greeneyes)
Polanisia dodecandra (Clammyweed)
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium ssp. obtusifolium (Blunt-leaf rabbit-tobacco)
Liatris aspera (Tall blazing star)
Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed susan)
Echinacea purpurea (Eastern purple coneflower)
Elinor Crank
David Northington
Peggy Budd
1990 VOL. 7, NO.6Members Respond to Grasslands Appeal, Wildflower Center Opening Midwest Regional Office, Director\'s Report, Landscaping for Bird Habitat, Garden Club of America Supplying Native Plant Slides and Information, Hassle-Free Holiday Shopping Available Through Gift Shop, Plant Ecologist Alison Hill Joins Botany Staff, Wildflower Outlook, Recycling News Lupinus texensis (Texas bluebonnet)
Penstemon baccharifolius (Rock penstemon)
Castilleja indivisa (Texas indian paintbrush)
David Northington
Annie Gillespie
1991 VOL. 8, NO.1New Board President Dana Leavitt Named for Center, Stop Pests Naturally, Diversity an Essential Element of Native Landscapes, Healthy Soil The Key to Healthy Plants, Composting Recycles Organic Materials, Research Department Unlocks the Secrets of Native Plants, Book Suggestions, Call to Update Wildflower Handbook Echinacea purpurea (Eastern purple coneflower)
Thymophylla tephroleuca (Ashy pricklyleaf)
Annie Paulson Gillespie
John Averett
Bonnie Crozier
Marcia Hermann
1991 VOL. 8, NO.2Wildflower Outlook, Photography Seminars Offered, Ten Favorite Wildflower Areas, Schoolchildren Activities, Volunteer News, Native Plant Nurseries Involve More than Just Plants, Regional Slide Shows Now Available, Call to Update Wildflower HandbookMahonia trifoliolata (Agarita)
Opuntia rufida (Blind prickly pear)
Phlox pilosa (Downy phlox)
Ratibida columnifera (Mexican hat)
Elinor Crank
Nash Castro
Richard Smith
Beth Anderson
1991 VOL. 8, NO.3Native Plants Provide a Wealth of Foods and Fibers, Letter from the President, Aggressive Russian Olives Invading Midwest and Plains, Midwest Update, Membership Department History, Book Review Wildflowers All Year Long, Fungi Enlisted to Aid Mountain Laurel, Wildflower Outlook, Wildflower Photography Workshop AnnouncementSagittaria latifolia (Broadleaf arrowhead)
Zizania palustris (Northern wildrice)
Shepherdia argentea (Silver buffaloberry)
Camassia scilloides (Atlantic camas)
Sophora secundiflora (Texas mountain laurel)
Eschscholzia californica (California poppy)
Bonnie Crozier
Dana Leavitt
1991 VOL. 8, NO.4A National Environmental Research Plan, Director's Report, Discover the Secrets of the Wildflower Center, Responsible Native Plant Collecting is a Necessity, Native Plant Books Recommendations, 1991 Readership SurveyThymophylla tephroleuca (Ashy pricklyleaf)
Taxus brevifolia (Pacific yew)
Beth Anderson
David Northington
Marcia Hermann
Bonnie Crozier
William Feldman
1991 VOL. 8, NO.5Fall is the Time to Appreciate the Beauty of Native Grasses, Wildflower Center Launches Capital Campaign, Director's Report, Basics of Identifying Grasses, Native Plant Landscaping as Alternative in Dry California, Wildflower Outlook, Midwest Regional Office has Moved ()
Alison Hill
David Northington
1991 VOL. 8, NO.6Wildflower Seeds and Germination, Special Intern Appeal Enjoys Great Success, Director's Report, Evolving Coastal Environments Provide Harsh Homelands for Dune Plant Communities, Christmas Trees and Dune Revegetation, Holiday Gift Ideas Bloom at the Wildflower Center - Send a Bouquet of Wildflowers All Year Long, Wildflower OutlookAmmophila breviligulata (American beach grass)
Uniola paniculata (Sea oats)
Panicum amarum (Bitter panicgrass)
Sesuvium portulacastrum (Shoreline seapurslane)
Elinor Crank
David Northington
Beth Anderson
1992 VOL. 9, NO.1Research Update, Creating Native Lawn with Sod, Director's Report, What Makes Plants Rare or Common, Wildflower Outlook, Planned Giving for the Wildflower Center, Books for California, Southwest Landscaping Publication AvailableThymophylla tephroleuca (Ashy pricklyleaf)
Bouteloua rigidiseta (Texas grama)
Bouteloua dactyloides (Buffalograss)
Salvia pentstemonoides (Big red sage)
Thymophylla tephroleuca (Ashy pricklyleaf)
Limonium carolinianum (Carolina sealavender)
Cornus florida (Flowering dogwood)
Epigaea repens (Trailing arbutus)
Rhododendron maximum (Great laurel)
Kalmia latifolia (Mountain laurel)
Ilex verticillata (Common winterberry)
Ilex opaca (American holly)
Ilex glabra (Inkberry)
Elinor Crank
David Northington
John Averett
Margaret Johnson

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81 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page