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Seed Grant Program Application

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in partnership with Native American Seed awards grants of seed (Seed Grants) to Texas schools (K-12) that support the Wildflower Center’s mission to increase the sustainable use and conservation of native wildflowers, plants and landscapes. Seed grants can be used to establish wildflower demonstration areas, to enhance existing wildflower sites, or in other educationally directed projects. 

Complete the application form to submit your request for a Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Seed Grant. Applications will be considered year round provided there are funds in the Seed Grant program. Seed Grant recipients will receive a gift certificate of “Seed Money” to purchase seed from Native American Seed valued at $100. Improperly submitted applications will not be considered for Seed Grants.


Seed Grant Application Form

*Applicant Name   
* School Official   
Provide name and title of school official signifying approval of your application.
School Type   
* School Name   
* Street Address   
* City   
* State   
* Zip Code   
* Contact Email   
* Phone   

* Give a brief description of your school and its surrounding community.Include demographics such as number, age and intent of people participating in the project?


* How will the area be managed or maintained short term? Long term? What will be done to prevent invasive non-native plants from out-competing the native plants?


* How will the project enhance educational use of the area? What are the short and long-term goals of the project? How will the site be used?


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