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Wildflower Hour

Wildflower hour 8 am Saturday with Tom Spencer on News Radio 590AM

Things get a little wild on Saturday mornings at KLBJ News Radio 590. That’s when Wildflower Hour is on the air featuring expert gardening advice with an emphasis on native plants. The format includes Mr. Smarty Plants, the season’s best native plants and occasional experts from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. It’s always informative and entertaining--every Saturday morning at 8:00 o'clock on Newsradio 590. Listen to past shows on www.590klbj.com.

Wildflower Hour Schedule

May 30 Guerrero, Elias
Mealy blue sage (Salvia farinacea)
June 6 Guerrero, Elias
Mexican elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis)
June 13 Guerrero, Elias
Heart-leaf skullcap (Scutellaria ovata ssp. bracteata)
June 20 Guerrero, Elias
Rattlesnake master (Eryngium yuccifolium)
June 27 Guerrero, Elias
Chisos Mountain false Indianmallow (Allowissadula holosericea)

Wildflower Hour Archive

May 23 Guerrero, Elias
Great blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica)
May 16 Guerrero, Elias
Lance-leaf coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)
May 9 Guerrero, Elias
Yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica)
May 2 Guerrero, Elias
Cat-tail gayfeather (Liatris pycnostachya)
April 25 Guerrero, Elias
Resinbush (Viguiera stenoloba)
April 18 Guerrero, Elias
Montell bractspike (Yeatesia platystegia)
April 11 Clippard, Lee
Three hard-to-find natives at this weekend's Plant Sale.
April 4 Guerrero, Elias
Prairie phlox (Phlox pilosa)
March 28 Guerrero, Elias
Mountain pink (Centaurium beyrichii)
March 21 Guerrero, Elias
Cutleaf globeberry (Ibervillea tenuisecta)
March 14 Guerrero, Elias
Texas bluebell (Eustoma exaltatum ssp. russellianum)
March 7 Guerrero, Elias
Woolly bee brush (Aloysia macrostachya)
February 28 Guerrero, Elias
Mexican olive (Cordia boissieri)
February 21 Guerrero, Elias
Limmoncillo (Hedeoma drummondii)
February 14 Guerrero, Elias
Clustered bushmint (Hyptis alata)
February 7 Guerrero, Elias
American germander (Teucrium canadense)
January 31 Guerrero, Elias
Joe Pye weed (Eupatoriadelphus maculatus)
January 24 Guerrero, Elias
Rusty blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum)
January 17 Guerrero, Elias
Littleleaf mock orange (Philadelphus microphyllus)
January 10 Guerrero, Elias
Tickle tongue (Zanthoxylum hirsutum)
January 3 Guerrero, Elias
Leatherstem (Jatropha dioica)
December 27 Guerrero, Elias
San Angelo yucca (Yucca reverchonii)
December 20 Guerrero, Elias
Green hawthorn (Crataegus viridis)
December 13 Guerrero, Elias
Blue wild indigo (Baptisia australis)
December 6 Guerrero, Elias
Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens)
November 29 Guerrero, Elias
Branched dicliptera (Dicliptera brachiata)
November 22 Guerrero, Elias
Prairie rose (Rosa arkansana)
November 15 Guerrero, Elias
Cardinal catchfly (Silene laciniata)
November 8 Guerrero, Elias
snakeherb (Dyschoriste linearis)
November 1 Guerrero, Elias
Small coastal germander (Teucrium cubense var. cubense)
October 25 Guerrero, Elias
Texas sage (Salvia texana)
October 18 Guerrero, Elias
Parsley leaf hawthorn (Crataegus marshallii)
October 11 Guerrero, Elias
White buckeye (Aesculus glabra var. arguta)
October 4 Guerrero, Elias
Yellow pricklypoppy (Argemone mexicana)
September 27 Guerrero, Elias
Heath aster (Symphyotrichum ericoides)
September 20 Guerrero, Elias
Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
September 13 Guerrero, Elias
Mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus montanus)
September 6 Guerrero, Elias
Kentucky coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioicus)
August 30 Guerrero, Elias
Carolina wolfberry (Lycium carolinium)
August 23 Guerrero, Elias
Mountain torchwood (Amyris madrensis)
August 16 Guerrero, Elias
Foothill beargrass ( Nolina erumpens)
August 9 Guerrero, Elias
Escarpment black cherry (Prunus serotina)
August 2 Guerrero, Elias
River primrose (Oenothera jamesii)
July 26 Guerrero, Elias
Cardinal beardtongue (Penstemon cardinalis)
July 19 Guerrero, Elias
Berlandier’s nettlespurge (Jatropha cathartica)
July 12 Guerrero, Elias
Marsh obedient plant (Physostegia intermedia)
July 5 Guerrero, Elias
Softhair marbleseed (Onosmodium bejariense)
June 28 Guerrero, Elias
Red mulberry (Morus rubra)
June 21 Guerrero, Elias
cowpen daisy (Verbesina encelioides)
June 14 Olivia Ross
Lindheimer’s beebalm (Monarda lindheimeri)
June 7 Alice Jansen
Nature Nights
May 31 Elias Guerrero
Foxglove (Penstemon cobaea)
May 24 Olivia Sievers Ross
Scarlet clematis (Clematis texensis)
May 17 Elias Guerrero
Brown-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirtav)
May 10 Elias Guerrero
Texas yellow star (Lindheimera texana)
May 3 Elias Guerrero
Fragrant gaillardia (Engelmannia persistenia)
April 26 Elias Guerrero
Engelmann Daisy (Engelmannia persistenia)
April 19 Elias Guerrero
Corepsis (Coreopsis basilis)
April 12 Elias Guerrero
Smooth bidens, Joaquin sunflower (Berlandiera pumila)
April 5 Elias Guerrero
Soft green eyes (Berlandiera pumila)

About the Host

Tom Spencer, the host of Wildflower Hour on News Radio 590AM

Tom Spencer, the host of Wildflower Hour, is one of Austin’s celebrated media personalities and an inspired gardener. Spencer, who also hosts Central Texas Gardener on KLRU, is an award-winning documentary producer who excels in introducing new gardening topics.


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