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How to make a container koozie

Design by Wendy Redding • Photos by Philip Hawkins
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Winter 2010 VOL. 27, NO. 2.

Step 1

Find an unwanted 100 percent wool sweater, tape measure, chalk pencil, scissors, straight pins, embroidery thread and needle.


Step 2

Machine wash the sweater in hot water on a long cycle. This will help “felt” and shrink the sweater. Dry completely.


Step 3

Measure pot height and circum- ference of the base to get the dimensions. Add one inch on short side for the seam allowance.


Step 4

Draw a rectangle using your dimensions with the chalk pencil onto one layer thickness of sweater. Cut out rectangle.


Step 5

Overlap the short sides of the felt- ed sweater one inch. Pin in place. With needle and thread, stitch the two sides together.


Step 6

Stretch the coozie over, starting from the pot’s bottom. Keep all of your pot- ted plants a little warmer this winter with a coozie!


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