Step by Step Guides

How to press wildflowers
Written by Deryn Davidson photographs by In Churl Yo.
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Fall 2006 VOL. 23, NO. 1.

Step 1

Search your garden for fresh flowers that you would like to press and arrange in keepsake items.


Step 2

Lay the intact flowers or individual petals down on a sheet of newspaper, avoiding overlap.


Step 3

Trim thick flowers with a razor blade to 1/16 of an inch or thinner so they will lie flat and dry evenly.


Step 4

Place a second newspaper sheet on top of the flowers; make sure no plant parts stick out of the paper.


Step 5

Sandwich the newspaper between several heavy books for 2-3 weeks or until all moisture is removed.


Step 6

Use glue to adhere the dried flowers to paper and allow to dry. Enjoy your beautiful keepsakes or give as gifts.

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