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How to make a hypertufa pot
Written by Wendy Redding (Adapted from Martha Stewart Living magazine, March 2010 Issue photographs by Philip Hawkins.
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Fall 2010 VOL. 27, NO. 1.

Step 1

Gather Portland cement, perlite, coconut coir, plastic tub, garden fork, rubber gloves, dust mask, eye goggles, watering can, box cutter, ruler, pen, cooking spray, plastic bag, empty milk carton and creamer carton.


Step 2

Cut the milk carton to measure four inches in height from its bottom. Spray the inside of the milk carton and the outside of the creamer carton with cooking spray. Set aside.


Step 3

Wearing protective gear, combine equal parts of the Portland cement, perlite and coconut coir in the plastic tub. Stir in water gradually and mix until it has a cottage cheese consistency.


Step 4

Place cap in cartonís center to hold space for the potís drainage hole. Pack in mixture around it to create the bottom of the pot. Center the creamer carton in the milk carton.


Step 5

Slowly fill in the mold and press in the mixture evenly on all sides. Hold the creamer so it doesnít shift from the center. Place the mold in a plastic bag for two days.


Step 6

Remove mold from plastic bag. Wearing gloves again, tear away outer carton. Wiggle out the inner carton and tap the cap out to reveal drain hole. Let the pot cure for two weeks before use.

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