Step by Step Guides

How to turn bowling balls into yard art
Written by Deryn Davidson and Anne Linville photographs by Philip Hawkins.
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Winter 2009 VOL. 26, NO. 2.

Step 1

Gather bowling ball (no cracks); cement mix; 2.8 oz. Clear GE II Silicone Window & Door Sealer; 5 pounds of iridescent, flat floral marbles; paint; acetone; sandpaper; stand.


Step 2

Fill finger holes with cement mixture, remove any excess and let dry over night. Sand plugs smooth before it hardens completely in fewer than eight to12 hours.


Step 3

Sand ball to disturb wax and create a rough surface for paint to stick. Wipe clean. Spray with Krylon Fusion Paint for Plastics that matches the color of marbles.


Step 4

Dab silicone onto each marble and press straight onto ball close together. Check frequently that marbles donít slide before setting up. Finish half, let dry over night.


Step 5

Turn over, finish attaching marbles. Occasionally wipe completed surface with acetone to remove any residue. Allow ball to cure inside for a few days.


Step 6

Display gazing ball in your garden on an old wrought-iron candle stand or other base. In cold climates, bring inside for the winter. Enjoy for years to come!

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