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How to make a nature journal
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Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Summer 2007 VOL. 23, NO. 4.

Step 1

Purchase a quality pocketbook-sized journal. Collect binoculars, drawing pencils, tissue paper, compass and backpack for your hikes.


Step 2

Choose a natural area in your region that most inspires you. Itís nice to pick a trail that best reflects your eco-region.


Step 3

Once you have ventured a distance along a trail, stop, look and listen. Record inspirational thoughts. Illustrate a plant or scenic view.


Step 4

Collect a plant part that best describes your journey. Press it in your journal between small sheets of tissue paper for later observation.


Step 5

Orient yourself and record your location along the trail with a compass or other way-finding device. Use this to physically revisit a special location at a later date.


Step 6

When you are finished with your travels, recollect your inspirational journey with friends or by yourself by thumbing through your nature journal.

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