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How to make a pollinator pal
Written by Wildflower photographs by Wildflower.
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Spring 2007 VOL. 23, NO. 3.

Step 1

Purchase a pack of red, brown, black, green and yellow 10-inch chenille from your local craft store. Use scissors to cut chenille to desired length.


Step 2

So that your pollinator pal resembles a familiar pollinator, shape yours into a hummingbird, bee or butterfly.


Step 3

Choose color combinations that best resemble your pollinator; yellow and black for bees or multiple colors for hummingbirds and butterflies.


Step 4

Make a looped "handle" from brown or black chenille. Reserve the extra end of chenille to form the beak, antennae or tongue of your pollinator.


Step 5

Twist or loop your colored chenille around the handle until you make the general shape of your pollinator.


Step 6

Take your new pollinator pal out into the garden and compare the shape of the pollinator mouthpart to the flower to be pollinated. Have fun pollinating!

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