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How to make homemade paper
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Adapted from Native Plants Magazine Spring 2006 VOL. 22, NO. 3.

Step 1

Secure window screen over a picture frame with duct tape.


Step 2

Blend ripped-up paper, plant materials, and water until your blender is full and you have a smooth, thick paste. Let it set for two minutes.


Step 3

Mix 4 inches of water, 2 tablespoons of white glue, and the paper mixture in a large tub. Add leaves, flowers, or seeds to personalize your paper.


Step 4

Scoop the frame under the surface of water and slowly lift. Repeat if the screen is not covered evenly. Allow the water to completely drain out.


Step 5

Place the frame with the paper mixture in a dry spot. Once the paper has dried, carefully remove it from the frame.


Step 6

Use an iron, on the hottest setting, to steam out your paper. Your handmade paper can be used in a variety of fun and useful projects.

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