Step by Step Guides

How to to collect rainwater
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Adapted from Native Plants Magazine Fall 2005 VOL. 22, NO. 1.

Step 1

USE a large plastic garbage can or plastic barrel with a well-fitting lid.


Step 2

CUT a hole 12 in diameter in the lid and a small hole near the base of the barrel just big enough for your faucet to fit snugly.


Step 3

ATTACH a fine screen over the hole with PVC glue. This will help filter out debris and keep mosquitoes out.


Step 4

INSERT the faucet into the hole at the base of the barrel. Place a rubber washer over the faucet threads from the inside of the barrel.


Step 5

SLIDE a metal washer directly behind the rubber washer and place a locknut behind the washer and tighten.


Step 6

POSITION the rain barrel under a downspout from the roof. Attach a hose to the faucet or fill a watering can and begin watering your garden.

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