Step by Step Guides

How to transplant perennials
Written by Julie Krosley photographs by In Churl Yo.
Adapted from Native Plants Magazine Winter 2004 VOL. 21, NO. 2.

Step 1

PREPARE a hole suitable for the plant you wish to transplant.


Step 2

BE SURE the plant is moist but not soggy. If dry, water it and wait 1-5 hours depending on soil texture and drainage rate.


Step 3

USE a shovel to slice the soil in a circle surrounding the plant. Cuts should be made no closer to the stem than the dripline of the plant.


Step 4

GENTLY lift the rootball of the plant out of the ground with the shovel.


Step 5

PLACE the plant into the pre-dug hole. Simultaneously add water and return soil to the hole.


Step 6

CHECK that the stem of the plant is at the same soil level in the new location as it was in the original and adjust accordingly.

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