Step by Step Guides

How to store seeds
Written by Andrea DeLong-Amaya photographs by In Churl Yo.
Adapted from Native Plants Magazine Summer 2004 VOL. 20, NO. 4.

Step 1

OBSERVE location, bloom time, and seed ripening dates and mark plants while they are still identifiable.


Step 2

HARVEST seed when mature at full size and beginning to ripen in color.


Step 3

ALLOW seed to dry in a cool, dark, and dry location.


Step 4

CLEAN seed by separating it from chaff or fleshy fruits.


Step 5

STORE the seed in breathable containers like paper bags or envelopes in a cool, dark, dry environment.


Step 6

LABEL seeds with the name of the plant species, the date of harvest, and the location of harvest.

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