Step by Step Guides

How to make a rooting chamber
Written by Deryn Davidson and Paul Reinartz photographs by In Churl Yo.
Adapted from Wildflower Magazine Fall 2009 VOL. 26, NO. 1.

Step 1

Gather a 2-liter bottle with lid, clean 6-oz. yogurt cup, light-sterile potting medium, rooting hormone (from local nursery), utility knife, scissors, clear tape.


Step 2

Cut bottle in half, and cut a 1 v on four sides of the top of bottle for a better fit into the base. Poke drainage holes in bottom of cup.


Step 3

Cut a 3 to 5-inch section of plant youd like to propagate. Remove lower leaves from stem, keeping top leaves for the plant to photosynthesize.


Step 4

Fill cup with moistened potting soil. Poke hole in soil, dip plant in hormone, place plant in hole, gently press soil around cutting making sure it is upright (not leaning).


Step 5

Place cup in base of bottle. Fill base with water to up the side of small cup. Fit top of bottle on base until gaps are closed, secure with tape, record date on lid. Place in indirect light.


Step 6

Leave in chamber for a few weeks to allow roots to grow, and then place outside in light shade to harden-off. When ready, remove soil and plant from cup and plant in your garden.

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