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Welcome to the online version of the Store at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The Store sells many items - gifts, books, apparel, kitchenware, toys, and more - which celebrate the beauty of wildflowers, other native flora, and helpful native fauna. All of your purchases from the Store benefit the research and educational programs at the Wildflower Center.

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The Wildflower Center does not sell seeds but we highly recommend Native American Seed in Junction, Texas. Native American Seed helps translate the Wildflower Center's mission by selling seeds native to Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Use the list below to learn more about material available at Native American Seed and look for links to their online catalog on selected species. Native American Seed donates a portion of all web referrals to the Wildflower Center.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Eriochloa sericeaTexas cupgrass
Eragrostis trichodesSand love grass
Sand lovegrass
Eryngium yuccifoliumButton eryngo
Button snakeroot
Rattlesnake master
Bear's grass
Eustoma exaltatum ssp. russellianumTexas bluebells
Texas bluebell
Showy prairie gentian
Prairie gentian
Gaillardia aestivalisLanceleaf blanketflower
Winkler gaillardia
Gaura calcicolaTexas beeblossom
Limestone Gaura
Gaura lindheimeriLindheimer's beeblossom
White gaura
Butterfly gaura
Gaillardia pinnatifidaBlanket flower
Red dome blanketflower
Red-dome blanket-flower
Yellow gaillardia
Gaillardia pulchellaFirewheel
Indian Blanket
Gaillardia suavisPerfumeballs
Pincushion daisy
Fragrant gaillardia
Rayless gaillardia
Glandularia bipinnatifida var. bipinnatifidaPrairie verbena
Purple prairie verbena
Dakota mock vervain
Dakota vervain
Helianthus angustifoliusSwamp sunflower
Narrowleaf sunflower
Narrow-leaved sunflower
Helianthus annuusCommon sunflower
Heterotheca canescensGray golden-aster
Hoary false goldenaster
Herbertia lahuePrairie nymph
Helianthus maximilianiMaximilian sunflower
Max sunflower
Hesperostipa neomexicanaNew Mexico feathergrass
Hilaria belangeri var. belangeriCurly-mesquite
Ipomopsis rubraStanding cypress
Texas plume
Red Texas star
Red gilia
Iva annuaAnnual marshelder
Lantana urticoidesTexas lantana
Calico bush
West Indian shrub-verbena
Leptochloa dubiaGreen sprangletop
Linum lewisiiWild blue flax
Prairie flax
Lewis flax
Liatris mucronataCusp gayfeather
Blazing star
Narrow-leaf gayfeather
Texas gayfeather
Cusp blazing star
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Results 73 through 96 of 163