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The Wildflower Center's Seed Bank was established in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Seeds of Success (SOS) program in concert with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Millennium Seed Bank Program (MSBP). The purpose of the Seed Bank is to collect, conserve, and develop native plant materials for stabilizing, rehabilitating and restoring lands in Texas and the United States.

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LBJWC-MLE-10 BRDE2 Brickellia dentata 2009-11-11 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1238 BRLA6 Bromus lanatipes 2008-10-26 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-1080 BROV4 Brunnichia ovata 2007-08-30 LBJWC Marion Texas
LBJWC-1300 CALA2 Cakile lanceolata 2013-06-06 LBJWC Brazoria Texas
LBJWC-577 CAAM2 Callicarpa americana 2007-09-16 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-34 CAPE23 Callirhoe pedata 2006-05-24 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-MLE-1 CABE6 Calylophus berlandieri 2009-06-13 LBJWC Lampasas Texas
LBJWC-MM-793 CAVI2 Calyptocarpus vialis 2010-11-16 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-561 CAANG Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum 2007-09-03 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1111 CAHA13 Cardiospermum halicacabum 2007-08-17 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-1025 CACH3 Carex cherokeensis 2007-05-02 LBJWC Liberty Texas
LBJWC-1170 CACO9 Carex complanata 2008-06-06 LBJWC Harrison Texas
LBJWC-MLE-31 CAGL5 Carex glaucescens 2010-09-04 LBJWC Hardin Texas
LBJWC-1179 CALO6 Carex louisianica 2008-07-01 LBJWC Montgomery Texas
LBJWC-1166 CAOK Carex oklahomensis 2008-05-26 LBJWC Anderson Texas
LBJWC-MLE-13 CATE12 Carex tenax 2010-06-02 LBJWC Hardin Texas
LBJWC-1021 CATE29 Carex tetrastachya 2007-05-11 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-1055 CATR6 Carex triangularis 2007-06-18 LBJWC Harrison Texas
LBJWC-1298 CACA18 Carpinus caroliniana 2013-09-16 LBJWC Montgomery Texas
LBJWC-1271 CAER3 Castela erecta 2013-05-19 LBJWC Starr Texas
LBJWC-1282 CAIN13 Castilleja indivisa 2013-04-26 LBJWC Brazoria Texas
LBJWC-1309 CALA24 Castilleja lanata 2013-07-10 LBJWC Brewster Texas
LBJWC-MM-754 CAPUP5 Castilleja purpurea var. purpurea 2010-07-14 LBJWC Hamilton Texas
LBJWC-1059 CEEH Celtis ehrenbergiana 2007-05-23 LBJWC Cameron Texas
LBJWC-RLU-3 CESP4 Cenchrus spinifex 2009-09-05 LBJWC Burnet Texas
LBJWC-645 CEAM2 Centaurea americana 2008-06-17 LBJWC Burnet Texas
LBJWC-533 CEBE Centaurium beyrichii 2007-07-29 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-0137 CETE2 Centaurium texense 2007-07-03 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1114 CEVI2 Centrosema virginianum 2007-09-17 LBJWC Harrison Texas
LBJWC-658 CEOC2 Cephalanthus occidentalis 2008-07-02 LBJWC Burnet Texas
LBJWC-1152 CEBR3 Cerastium brachypodum 2008-03-04 LBJWC Guadalupe Texas
LBJWC-MLE-8 CESI Cevallia sinuata 2009-09-02 LBJWC Terrell Texas
LBJWC-83 CHTA Chaerophyllum tainturieri 2007-04-30 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-0010 CHAS Chaetopappa asteroides 2006-04-21 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-0149 CHFA2 Chamaecrista fasciculata 2007-09-04 LBJWC Texas
LBJWC-218 CHLA5 Chasmanthium latifolium 2008-10-06 LBJWC Travis Texas
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