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The Wildflower Center's Seed Bank was established in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Seeds of Success (SOS) program in concert with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Millennium Seed Bank Program (MSBP). The purpose of the Seed Bank is to collect, conserve, and develop native plant materials for stabilizing, rehabilitating and restoring lands in Texas and the United States.

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LBJWC-MLE-46 VAAR Vaccinium arboreum 2010-11-03 LBJWC Hardin Texas
LBJWC-82 VAAM2 Valerianella amarella 2007-04-30 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1019 VATE2 Varilla texana 2011-04-27 LBJWC Starr Texas
LBJWC-0105 VECA5 Verbena canescens 2007-06-04 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-99 VEHA Verbena halei 2007-05-30 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1285 VERU Verbena runyonii 2013-06-09 LBJWC Brazoria Texas
LBJWC-1301 VESC Verbena scabra 2013-10-19 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-1213 VEXU Verbena xutha 2008-10-19 LBJWC Montgomery Texas
LBJWC-1241 VEOR Verbesina oreophila 2012-10-27 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-186 VEVI3 Verbesina virginica 2007-11-19 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-634 VEVI3 Verbesina virginica 2007-12-10 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-MM-796 VELI3 Vernonia lindheimeri 2010-11-14 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-MLE-33 VIDE Viburnum dentatum 2010-09-05 LBJWC Newton Texas
LBJWC-76 VILU Vicia ludoviciana 2007-04-30 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1194 VILU3 Vigna luteola 2008-08-11 LBJWC Gaveston Texas
LBJWC-216 VIDE3 Viguiera dentata 2008-10-06 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1017 VIMI3 Viola missouriensis 2007-05-23 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-1174 VIV13 2008-04-25 LBJWC Morris Texas
LBJWC-0013 WETE Wedelia texana 2006-05-16 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-JHS-4 XATED2 Xanthisma texanum ssp. drummondii 2009-06-25 LBJWC Llano Texas
LBJWC-633 XASTC Xanthium strumarium var. canadense 2007-12-09 LBJWC Blanco Texas
LBJWC-1136 XAGY Xanthocephalum gymnospermoides 2007-10-18 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-1255 XYBA Xyris baldwiniana 2012-11-06 LBJWC Anderson Texas
LBJWC-1200 XYLAI Xyris laxifolia var. iridifolia 2008-08-30 LBJWC Montgomery Texas
LBJWC-1196 YUCA Yucca campestris 2012-08-21 LBJWC Ward Texas
LBJWC-MJM-1 YUCO Yucca constricta 2009-08-26 LBJWC Llano Texas
LBJWC-1110 YUFA Yucca faxoniana 2007-08-17 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-MLE-28 YULO Yucca louisianensis 2010-07-02 LBJWC Hardin Texas
LBJWC-MLE-3 YUPA Yucca pallida 2009-08-25 LBJWC Lampasas Texas
LBJWC-MLE-35 YURE Yucca reverchonii 2010-08-24 LBJWC Sutton Texas
LBJWC-1103 YURU Yucca rupicola 2007-09-15 LBJWC Blanco Texas
LBJWC-1074 YUTH Yucca thompsoniana 2007-07-05 LBJWC Brewster Texas
LBJWC-1268 YUTR Yucca treculeana 2013-05-19 LBJWC Starr Texas
LBJWC-1073 ZACL Zanthoxylum clava-herculis 2007-08-02 LBJWC Harris Texas
LBJWC-1060 ZAFA Zanthoxylum fagara 2007-07-09 LBJWC Cameron Texas
LBJWC-755 ZAHI2 Zanthoxylum hirsutum 2010-07-16 LBJWC Travis Texas
Results 601 through 636 of 636

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