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The Wildflower Center's Seed Bank was established in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Seeds of Success (SOS) program in concert with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Millennium Seed Bank Program (MSBP). The purpose of the Seed Bank is to collect, conserve, and develop native plant materials for stabilizing, rehabilitating and restoring lands in Texas and the United States.

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LBJWC-189 INTRODUCED 2007-07-02 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-25A INTRODUCED 2006-07-24 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1010 ABAM2 Abronia ameliae 2007-04-05 LBJWC Brooks Texas 20989
LBJWC-36 ABFR3 Abutilon fruticosum 2006-06-02 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-515 ABIN Abutilon incanum 2007-07-09 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1047 ACBE Acacia berlandieri 2007-06-15 LBJWC Starr Texas
LBJWC-1304 ACFA Acacia farnesiana 2013-07-03 LBJWC Val Verde Texas
LBJWC-MLE-14 ACRI Acacia rigidula 2010-06-07 LBJWC Val Verde Texas
LBJWC-MEM-1 ACRO Acacia roemeriana 2009-06-26 LBJWC Mason Texas
LBJWC-1095 ACSC2 Acacia schaffneri 2007-08-19 LBJWC Starr Texas
LBJWC-185 ACPH3 Acalypha phleoides 2007-11-04 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1217 ACOPR Acmella oppositifolia var. repens 2008-11-01 LBJWC Brazoria Texas
LBJWC-1117 ADIN Adolphia infesta 2007-10-04 LBJWC Presidio Texas
LBJWC-595 AGED Agalinis edwardsiana 2007-09-18 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1130 AGFA2 Agalinis fasciculata 2002-10-21 LBJWC Harrison Texas
LBJWC-169 AGHE4 Agalinis heterophylla 2007-10-21 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1051 AGMA3 Agalinis maritima 2007-06-17 LBJWC Cameron Texas
LBJWC-PM-22 AGMI Agastache micrantha 2010-11-18 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-MLE-30 AGHA Agave havardiana 2009-07-02 LBJWC Jeff Davis Texas
LBJWC-630A AGHA4 Ageratina havanensis 2007-11-05 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-MLE-29 ALAU Aletris aurea 2010-08-07 LBJWC Tyler Texas
LBJWC-203 ALCAF Allium canadense var. fraseri 2008-06-04 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1155 ALDR Allium drummondii 2008-04-08 LBJWC Blanco Texas
LBJWC-64 ALHO4 Allowissadula holosericea 2006-08-23 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-1070 AMGR2 Amaranthus greggii 2007-06-30 LBJWC Cameron Texas
LBJWC-PM-20 AMCO3 Ambrosia confertiflora 2010-10-28 LBJWC Brewster Texas
LBJWC-MM-707 AMTRT Ambrosia trifida var. texana 2009-11-16 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-TS-2 AMFR Amorpha fruticosa 2009-07-02 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-MM-791 AMAR5 Ampelopsis arborea 2010-07-02 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-183 ANGL2 Andropogon glomeratus 2007-10-29 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-626 ANGL2 Andropogon glomeratus 2007-11-01 LBJWC Mason Texas
LBJWC-1000 ANTE2 Andropogon ternarius 2010-11-29 LBJWC Harrison Texas
LBJWC-67 ANBE Anemone berlandieri 2007-04-01 LBJWC Travis Texas
LBJWC-JHJ-2 ARPE4 Arabis petiolaris 2009-05-24 LBJWC Hays Texas
LBJWC-MLE-18 ARAE Argemone aenea 2010-05-19 LBJWC Val Verde Texas
LBJWC-32 ARALT Argemone albiflora ssp. texana 2006-06-19 LBJWC Travis Texas
Results 1 through 36 of 636

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