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Sculpture In The Wild

This spring the Wildflower Center, in collaboration with Austin Green Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting art focusing on environmental topics, is featuring nature inspired sculptures by various Texas artists in our gardens. This is part of a rotating exhibit program where each show will run for several months to be followed by a new show.

Visitors are encouraged to see how the gardens change over the seasons and how this affects the context of the art. By hosting temporary exhibits, we hope to attract visitors over and again to see what is new. Our objective is to present art that is nature related, figurative, or abstract, and uses natural materials such as stone, wood, clay, etc. See below for more information about the current artists and their works. For purchase information, please inquire at the Store.







Title of Sculpture: Skyline II

Artist: Julia Ousley

Medium: Cedar from her old deck

Location at Wildflower Center: Front Cistern

Price: $15,000

Julie's first career was in the healthcare field which left her with a strong interest in human form and condition.  She became an architect and urban planner and that instilled in her a love of the grid as the underlying structure of cities and buildings alike.  Julie has said that most often her art concerns that place where the human condition and the urban environment intersect.

Her sculpture, Skyline II, resembles faceless masses of figures which refers to the anonymous nature of people in the urban environment and their reduction to symbols of the individual.   While the figures are flat, blank cutouts, they are also textured and complex.  They stand like statues at various heights like urban dwellers in a "skyline" of architectural non-architecture.  These groups represent homage to the "everyman" inherent in our democratic culture.

Skyline II is constructed to be outdoors, are slotted grids that fit together and can come apart.  They are consistent with Julie's architectural interest in economy of means and her desire to make sculpture that is easily installed and moved.  This sculpture is part of a series of different materials and at different scales, from tabletop size to this, the largest.


Title of Sculpture: TBD

Artist: Lucas Sliwa

Medium: TBD

Location at Wildflower Center: South Meadow

Price: TBD

Title of Sculpture: Calligraphy

Artist: Colleen McCulla-Thomas

Medium: Limestone

Location at Wildflower Center: Café Garden

Price: $40,000

Colleen received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Sam Houston State University, specializing in sculpture under Charles Pebworth.  She was inspired by sculpture at an early age while residing and traveling in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Her visits to St. Paul Cathedral, the Hagia of Sofia, the Oracle of Apollo and the Byzantine mosaics of Constantinople influenced her search into the meaning of images and their relationship to humans.

Presently Colleen is working in stone, wood and bronze together with two-dimensional images in paint, pastel and paper.  She also builds garden features and carves tomb stones.


Title of Sculpture: Response

Artist: Rachman Ulmer

Medium: Stone (Sisterdale Limestone and Sandstone Base)

Location at Wildflower Center: Café Garden

Price: $5,000






Title of Sculpture: Ethereal Terrains: Inguri River Dreams

Artist: Roger Colombik

Medium: Bronze and aluminum

Location at Wildflower Center: Children's Berm

Price: $40,000

The Inguri River, like many rivers, divides more than geography.  In this case, the waters separate The Republic of Georgia from Abkhazia in the Caucasus.  The civil wars of the 1990's and the ongoing tensions with Russia continue to divide this region.  Lost amongst the political machinations and the aid agencies are the families that can cast a distant gaze across the river to a former homeland that is only accessible through dreams.  In 2003, I met with some of the children and I continue to carry their dreams.

Sculpture, writing, documentary photography and oral histories are all woven into my work. For the past decade I have immersed myself in the turbulent world of Eastern Europe to listen, learn and document the lives of those whose society is undergoing dramatic cultural and economic transformations. In my own way, I am trying to experience the world before it slips away.



Title of Sculpture: Windswept I

Artist: Roger Colombik

Medium: Bronze, stone (42" x 20" x 20)

Location at Wildflower Center: Weber Butterfly Garden

Price: $5,500


Title of Sculpture: Vessel II

Artist: Roger Colombik

Medium: Bronze, red stone, steel (38" x 14" x 14")

Location at Wildflower Center: Weber Butterfly Garden

Price: $4,500


Title of Sculpture: Vessel IV

Artist: Roger Colombik

Medium: Bronze (green patina), stone (2" x 20" x 10")

Location at Wildflower Center: Weber Butterfly Garden

Price: $3,500

The vessels are an ongoing series of works that I return to every few years, particularly when I am in need of immersing myself in the quiet reflection that the imagery and the construction of the imagery provides.















Title: The Negotiated Invention of Coincidence (pictured)

Artist: Danville Chadbourne

Medium: stoneware, stone

Location at Wildflower Center: Color Garden (north)

Price: $8,000


Title of Sculpture: Desire at the Risk of Mimicry (not pictured)

Artist: Danville Chadbourne

Medium: stoneware, stone

Location at Wildflower Center: Color Garden (south)

Price: $9,000                           

Danville Chadbourne was born in Bryan, Texas.  He received a BFA from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas and an MFA from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.  He taught studio art and art history for 17 years at the college level and in 1989 quit teaching to devote himself full-time to his art.  He works primarily in clay and wood but also uses a range of materials, in both two and three dimensional formats.  He has lived in San Antonio, Texas since 1979.

Danville has said that his work is concerned with the evocation of spiritual or primal states, using simple organic forms, often in suggestive conjunctions that elaborate metaphorically primary issues of ambiguity, morality, accident/intention, contradiction or even existence.  He is concerned with the intellectual speculation that we make regarding other cultures, especially primitive or ancient ones based on our observation of the artifacts.  This anthropological perception is a key issue in his work.


Not yet on display:

Title of Sculpture: Swirly

Artist: Randy Jewart

Medium: Limestone

Location at Wildflower Center: TBD

Price: TBD





Title of Sculpture:

Artist: Willie Ray Parish


Location at Wildflower Center: TBD

Price: TBD

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