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The communications office of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University of Texas at Austin provides media with timely, accurate information about the Wildflower Center. Below are recent press releases related to Center events and to staff expertise on conservation practices, native plant gardening, nature education, and native plant resources and research findings. For more information or photos beyond those on the newsroom site, please contact:

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Barbra Rodriguez

May 26, 2011

Flowers Nature Painting Exhibit

Artist Catherine Beatty Flowers presents her paintings on silk featuring flora and fauna from Texas and across the United States in VIBRANT BLOOMS, an exhibit at The University of Texas at Austin’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Flowers’ VIBRANT BLOOMS exhibit features detailed portraits of revered and exotic plants, such as the regal Crown Imperial and the distinctive Lillium Superbum, animals such as engaging, bright-eyed tree frogs and natural scenes. Flowers uses a unique layering process that begins with outlining her drawings in gutta, a waxy latex made from the rubber tree plant, and then slowly layers dye upon dye to achieve vivid color and subtle variations in hue and shade.

“I admire Catherine’s artistic capacity to magnify and celebrate the intricacies of flowers on a unique medium like silk,” says Joseph Hammer of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. “Because of the vibrant colors, scale, and detail of her portraits and other works, her art heightens our experience with nature.”

Color, form and texture play leading roles in Flower's creative aesthetic as she often embellishes her works with a variety of quilting techniques, fabric accents, glass beads and sequins, adding a third dimension to her larger-than-life designs.

“I find that using these techniques add a new dimension to my work and what I am conveying to audiences,” Flowers said. “Whether we’re out hiking, working in our gardens or enjoying flowers in our homes, we experience them in three dimensions. I want my art to go beyond a flat portrait, so that you see and feel the texture, color and perhaps even the smell of unique blossom.”   
The summer-long show at the Wildflower Center in the McDermott Learning Center continues through August 21. It features Flower's whimsical collection of images that represent the bright colors of nature and its inhabitants with an array of beaded layers. Showcase paintings include the Crown Imperial, Yellow Frog, and Lillium Superbum.

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