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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Acleisanthes obtusaBerlandier's trumpets
Vine four o'clock
Ampelopsis arboreaPeppervine
Ampelopsis cordataHeartleaf peppervine
Heart-leaf ampelopsis
Anisacanthus linearisBig Bend Anisacanthus
Narrowleaf Desert Honeysuckle
Dwarf Anisacanthus
Chisos Anisacanthus
Apios americanaGroundnut
Wild potato
Indian potato
Aristolochia californicaCalifornia dutchman's pipe
Aristolochia coryiCory's dutchman's pipe
Aristolochia erectaSwanflower
Aristolochia macrophyllaPipevine
Dutchman's pipe
Aristolochia pentandraMarsh's dutchman's pipe
Aristolochia tomentosaWoolly Dutchman's pipe
Common Dutchman's pipe
Berchemia scandensAlabama supple-jack
Alabama supplejack
Bignonia capreolataCrossvine
Calystegia macrostegiaIsland false bindweed
Woody morning glory
Island morning glory
California morning glory
Calystegia sepiumHedge false bindweed
Hedge Bindweed
Celastrus scandensAmerican bittersweet
Cissus trifoliataGrape ivy
Possum grape
Cow-itch vine
Arizona grape ivy
Clematis columbianaRock clematis
Clematis crispaSwamp leatherflower
Curly clematis
Blue jasmine
Clematis drummondiiDrummond's clematis
Old man's beard
Texas virgin's bower
Goat's beard
Clematis glaucophyllaWhiteleaf Leather-flower
Clematis lasianthaPipestem clematis
Chaparral clematis
Clematis ligusticifoliaWestern white clematis
Virgin's bower
Pepper vine
Hierba de chivo
Clitoria marianaAtlantic pigeonwings
Butterfly Pea
Clematis occidentalisWestern blue virginsbower
Clematis occidentalis var. occidentalisPurple clematis
Western blue virginsbower
Clematis pitcheriPurple clematis
Purple leatherflower
Clematis texensisScarlet clematis
Scarlet leatherflower
Texas clematis
Clematis viornaVasevine
Clematis virginianaDevil's darning needles
Virgin's Bower
Old Man's Beard
Cocculus carolinusCarolina snailseed
Carolina coralbead
Carolina moonseed
Red berried moonseed
Carolina red berried moonseed
Cocculus diversifoliusCorrehuela
Decumaria barbaraDecumaria
Climbing hydrangea
Funastrum cynanchoidesFringed twinevine
Climbing milkweed vine
Funastrum cynanchoides ssp. heterophyllumHartweg's twinevine
Vine milkweed
Funastrum torreyiSoft twinevine
Soft twine vine
Galium trifidumThreepetal bedstraw
Gelsemium rankiniiSwamp jessamine
Rankin's trumpetflower
Rankin's jessamine
Swamp yellow jasmine
Gelsemium sempervirensCarolina jessamine
Yellow jessamine
Evening trumpetflower
Poor man's rope
Ipomoea cordatotriloba var. cordatotrilobaTievine
Sharp-pod Morning Glory
Purple Bindweed
Tie Vine
Ipomoea pes-capraeRailroad vine
Goat-foot morning glory
Beach morning glory
Lathyrus splendensPride of California
Campo pea
Lathyrus vestitusPacific pea
Wild sweetpea
Canyon pea
Lonicera albifloraWestern white honeysuckle
Texas honeysuckle
White honeysuckle
White shrub honeysuckle
White limestone honeysuckle
Lonicera ciliosaOrange honeysuckle
Lonicera hispidulaPink honeysuckle
Hairy Honeysuckle
California honeysuckle
Western honeysuckle
Pink chaparral honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirensCoral honeysuckle
Trumpet honeysuckle
Maurandella antirrhinifloraSnapdragon Vine
Roving sailor
Climbing snapdragon
Little snapdragon vine
Matelea bifloraPurple Milkweed Vine
Star milkvine
Matelea reticulataGreen milkweed vine
Net vein milkvine
Netted milkvine
Pearl milkweed Vine
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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