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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Address: 1500 North College Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Region: California

Phone: (909) 625-8767
Fax: (909) 626-7670
Web: www.rsabg.org

Organization Structure: Private Non Profit
Organization Scope: State/Regional
Organization Type: Botanic Garden

Services this organization provides

  • Inventory and/or monitor endangered/rare species
  • Work on restoration projects
  • Natural habitat management
  • Wildflower or native habitat display on property
  • Support research with grants, awards, etc.
  • Conducts research
  • Publish research
  • Provide educational programming
  • Open to the public
  • Membership program
  • Offer public programs, trips, seminars, etc.
  • Propagate native plants
  • Native plant sales

Native Plant Focus: California native flora--RSABG conservation programs play a major role in saving species and protecting natural habitats for future generations. The Conservation Botany Program includes the Seed Conservation Program, plant growth facilities, field studies, and laboratory studies.

Publications: Garden Variety (quarterly newsletter); Aliso (academic journal); various research monographs, seasonal plant guides, and educational brochures.

Description: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) is the largest botanic garden dedicated to California native plants. Founded by Susanna Bixby Bryant in 1927, RSABG promotes botany, conservation and horticulture to inspire, inform and educate the public and the scientific community about California\'s native flora. The Garden is devoted to the collection, cultivation, study and display of native California plants, and to graduate training and research in plant systematics and evolution. The Garden grounds encompass 86 acres.

Last Update: 2013-09-06
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