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West Virginia Recommended

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Achillea millefolium
Common yarrow
View 43 images
Acer negundo
Box elder
View 23 images
Acer pensylvanicum
Striped maple
View 2 images
Acer rubrum
Red maple
View 30 images
Acer saccharum
Sugar maple
View 44 images
Aesculus flava
Sweet buckeye
View 1 images
Aesculus glabra
Ohio buckeye
View 28 images
Ageratina altissima
White snakeroot
View 1 images
Amelanchier arborea
Common serviceberry
View 10 images
Amelanchier canadensis
Canadian serviceberry
View 2 images
Aquilegia canadensis
Eastern red columbine
View 62 images
Aralia spinosa
Devil's walking stick
View 14 images
Asclepias incarnata
Swamp milkweed
View 23 images
Asimina triloba
View 36 images
Betula lenta
Sweet birch
View 3 images
Betula nigra
River birch
View 17 images
Carpinus caroliniana
American hornbeam
View 21 images
Carya cordiformis
Bitternut hickory
View 4 images
Carya glabra
Pignut hickory
View 13 images
Carya ovata
Shagbark hickory
View 15 images
Castanea pumila
Allegheny chinquapin
View 9 images
Campsis radicans
Trumpet creeper
View 50 images
Carya tomentosa
Mockernut hickory
View 2 images
Ceanothus americanus
New jersey tea
View 23 images
Cercis canadensis
Eastern redbud
View 46 images

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