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Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden is a perfect place to ponder a garden’s subtleties… enjoy the quiet here, the stream’s gentle flow, and the many textures, colors, and shapes of native trees, shrubs and vines.

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The Woodland Garden serves as a woody plant classroom where nearly 120 species of Hill Country woody plants and many of their associated forbs are arranged and modeled after actual plant communities. And, don't forget the vines. The arbor in the woodland Garden plays host to Pepper vine, Rattan, and Coral honeysuckle.

The Woodland Garden is a great example of a shade garden. Homeowners can find inspiration here when dealing with low-light situations in their own landscapes.

If you make your way to the back of the garden, at the head of the stream you’ll come to a chalky limestone area which supports Sumacs, Snowbells and the rare Texas madrone. The wildflowers typically found in this special geologic layer of the Glen Rose Limestone are specialists that thrive in or tolerate tight, heavy, chalky, and often shallow clays in more open areas. Some well-loved plants such as Mountain pink will not thrive in typical rich garden soils.

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